Friday, March 28, 2008

Edgewater Park News

Pay Up "I need to spend your money to make money" Quote from Committeeman Tom Pullion's Bee Article several years ago.

The Sewer Authority is moving from the Municipal Building because the Township Committee and Administrator/Clerk want the space for the Mayor's Office. This will increase the Operation cost to the authority and will require the Authority to raise sewer rates. 

The Township will lose the $12,000 dollars in income which represents a little less than 1/2¢ on the tax rate. Does this decision, represent good finical management during a year when the Committee is going to raise taxes 18¢ to 28¢ per $100 dollars of assessment? 

Now local taxpayers are facing a huge increase in the Municipal Tax, an increase of 8¢ on the School Tax and on top of these increases your Sewer Tax will increase. The only tax that is decreasing is the County Tax. The Fire Tax is staying the same. The same group (Edgewater Park Royal Families) is running the Sewer Authority.

The Township Committee held the first Budget meeting that was open to the Public this past Tuesday, and guess what, they are blaming everyone else for the increase in taxes. 

Instead of blaming others, why didn't Committee start working on cutting cost, late last year when they knew the State was cutting aid. This is example of the botched job Committee has done along with the Administrator/Clerk, managing our Township. 

Just adding an insult to our tax increase, this Township Committee has borrowed an additional $1,000,000 (million) dollars (Bonds) in borrowing just this past year. Ask the Mayor how much borrowing, has the Township has done during her term of office. She probably doesn't know, but after reading this Blog she will get the answer.  

Talk about "the Mortgage," and it now looks like because of all the borrowing, the Township will be forced to put any future capital projects on hold (street re-paving, infrastructure repairs), but they are spending tax money to paint, re-carpeting the Municipal Building and will build a new Office for the Mayor. Is this spending necessary during a year when Committee knew the state is cutting aid?

Just remember after you get your new tax bill in July, how hard this Committee and Administrator/Clerk worked to responsibly handle the finances of our Township. Remember how little they care about how their irresponsibly caused your taxes to increase greatly, during a year when you are finding it difficult to pay for the increases in food, gas, utilities and childcare. 

You can make a difference, by attending the Township Budget hearings and expressing you concerns. If they don't listen, repay the favor in November by voting the bums out. It won't change the majority on Committee, but at least there would be two watch dogs on Committee.

Quickly on to another subject, I received a tip that the City of Burlington was trying to force the Main Street Project Board of Directors to hire a "Edgewater Park Committeewoman" as the replacement director. I was told that the Board politely told the Burlington Mayor and Council to pound sand.

There also are changes at the Sewer Authority. I understand that the authority hired a new Acting Administrator, who is according to Authority Board members comments, is also acting as the Authorities Operator, and not the Willingboro MUA. The Acting Administrator/Operator was given a six week contract for $700 dollars per week, according to what I was told. The Authorities Administrator is out on sick leave, also according to comments made to me. I have not been able to get any more information on the illness of the Administrator.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guest Post from Albert Straser "Clean up your act"

Please note that I deleted the email address and mailing address from Albert's email. EPR

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Albert Strasser
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 12:13:25 PM
Subject: Clean up your act

I find your comments very informative and, at times, even interesting.
However you can do yourself (and me) a great service by using your
spell checker and remembering some of the rules of grammar you learned
in school.

One particularly outstanding screamer is the uneducated use "your" when
you mean "you're" as in "you are." It makes you look ignorant.

Another deplorable error is the excessive and unnecessary use of commas
that you indiscriminately sprinkle throughout your essays. It's
something the unschooled do to make themselves appear more educated.
What would your old English teachers say?

American usage places the period after a sentence when followed by
quotation marks. British usage does the opposite. Are you English?

While typos afflict most of us from time to time, your comments are
rife with them. This is simply slovenly laziness and greatly lessens
the impact of your thoughts. Remember, "you're" using our common
language to communicate "your" thoughts and careless usage implies
careless thinking. No one wants to read the thoughts of an ignoramus.

Nothing stops most thinking people in their tracks than the misuse of
language and grammar in what ought to be a thought-provoking item. It's
like making a thoughtful speech with a piece of spinach on your teeth.

Albert Strasser

Edgewater Park

P.S. Carole Moore is the last person to comment on writing. Her
"writings" are so replete with all kinds of errors that it would be
laughable if not so embarrassingly awful. She is famous in her own

Thanks for the suggestions Albert. I don't claim to be a writer, and know my spelling is bad, but I was taught to get the idea on paper then go back to make corrections. I will work to improve the spelling of my posted comments.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Delran Welcomes Edgewater Park Committee Members

Delran Township Welcome Sign for the Present Edgewater Park Committee

Delran residences and taxpayers, can't wait to follow the leadership of the Edgewater Park Committee.
The Edgewater Park Committee has been trained in the Willingboro Township School of  Government, and majored in, How To Run Your Town Into The Ground, they are now looking to expand their experience and knowledge to Burlington County's well run towns. 

Willingboro U, also has Post Graduate Programs with subjects in; tax increases, poor schools, financial scandals, incompetency and graft

The Edgewater Park Committee holds a Bachelor of Science Degrees from Willingboro U, and will so impress the taxpayers of Delran, those residents will welcome the Edgewater Committee with open arms. After all, what community can resist the temptation of having their town run like Willingboro.

With the E.P. Township Committee's wonderful leadership and financial planning, our community will be proudly moving into Beverly City's class. 

I know it is a great achievement for Edgewater Park and Committee. Who would have thought they could achieve this goal in seven short years, but we are well on our way. 

Edgewater Park Taxpayers, be proud of what our Committee has accomplished during the seven years, running (or is that ruining) Edgewater Park. I can't wait to see how quickly we establish our Beverly City ranking as a community.

You can just tell from my expression, my feelings about our Committee's leadership and our future, as planned by them. Oh my!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, March 24, 2008

Edgewater Park's mayortom needs your vote this November

Mayortom is counting on your vote this November, so that he can continue the runaway municipal spending and runaway Property Tax increases. Mayortom is counting on the fact that the voter registration in Edgewater Park is overwhelmingly Democrat and that most Democrat Voters will vote straight party lines in a Presidential Election.

Mayortom showing his appreciation for your support in electing him to Township Committee
Now he counting on your vote this November

Do not let mayortom's strategy of taking your vote for granted keep him in office, to continue his policies that are causing your property tax to increase at a rate far greater than the rate of inflation.

Mayortom will tell you of all the great things he has done for the town. He will tell you how he attracted the Super Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, Jonathan Motors Used Cars, Auto Zone, Burlington Coat Factory, and Silver Park Phase 2 & 3.

What mayortom doesn't want you to know is that with all of these wonderful ratables, our taxes still increased faster then any time in our town's history. Now he will tell you the only way to stabilize or lower the tax rate is for the town to encourage residential development. Mayortom will tell you new residential development will lower your taxes, but lets examine the facts.

Did your taxes go down when mayortom gave the Burlington Coat Factory the 30 year sweetheart tax deal? Did your taxes go down after the completion of the 160 homes in Silver Park? Did your taxes go down after the completion of the Super Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, Jonathan Motors or Auto Zone? The answer is no!

Now mayortom is pushing for a developer to build 350 Condo/Town Houses that will have rental units included. This project is slated for the old Drive Inn, Old Kings site and Commercial Lots along the entrance to Silver Park. Do you think this 350 residential will lower our taxes based on the tax history after Silver Park was completed?

Don't be taken in by mayortom's strategy, you can split your vote in November and vote for your parties presidential candidate.

Mayortom has been on Township Committee since 1999 and the only accomplishments he can point to, are the bad deals he pushed and voted for. Not one of his ideas lowered your taxes. You can send a message to mayortom, the Township Committee and the Township Administrator that you will no longer support this type of government, by not reelecting mayortom.

Jim Daly is supposedly moving to Delran, and/or hiring himself as the Administrator of the Emergency Squad, so he may not run for re-election. Jim Daly is as responsible for the tax increases as mayortom because he is supportive of the same policies.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Edgewater Park, What is your problem with an additional 12¢ tax increase?

You need to spend tax money to make money. Didn't mayortom tell you that in his Bee Article.
I also agree with Jim Daly, you need the new 350 townhouse/condo project to keep your taxes down. Didn't your taxes drop after the 160 Silver Park Senior was completed? No! Well, it must be because of  all of the Barack Obama  and evil Republican supporters who used to be on Committee. It depends on what your definition of tax increase is.

Get a life if you don't like the way the town is run and move. 

Surprise Guest

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Weasels

New Township Committee Seal

Weasel \'we˜-z∂l'\n : a word used in order to mislead a person or to avoid a straight answer

 When I ask Committee why they keep hiring new people when our population is dropping, they try and duck the question with weasel words, saying, " We don't have the highest tax rate, we can't control State funding, 'Define 'Large Tax Increase' ".

Below is a photo rendering of the Township Municipal Building's New Township Committee Office Cubicle. This will be located in the Edgewater Park Sewer Office, when they are evicted in August.

When you ask a question at a Township Meeting, watch the 'Weasel Words'.

Below, is what we can pay our 2008 tax increase with.

Happy Easter 

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Need more Clerical Help

Township Committee approved at the March 18th General Session, the Minutes of the September 18th, 2007 General Session Meeting. That means that the clerk Linda Dougherty, is five months behind on the meeting minutes for Township Committee.

The Township Committee's solution is to hire an additional clerk.
Now maybe I am a  little slow on the uptake, but how is it that we have a Municipal Clerk (Linda Dougherty paid 60+K highest in the county for our size ), and 2  Assistant Clerks to help Linda and they can't keep up with the meeting minutes. Now keep in mind that years ago the township had a higher population and the Clerks were able to produce the minutes for the following meeting. Not only could they do this, is was done with half the Clerical Staff that the township presently has.
Keep in mind, you tax increases of the past several years, and the potential this year of an additional  large tax increase, and our committee continues to hire. Does this make sense in a year when we are looking at a large decrease in State Aid, large increases for items like gas for the police cars and Public Works vehicles, Gas and Electric and Personal wage increases?
If there is anything that shows the lack of accountability, management, and concern for the taxpayer, it is this action.
Something is very wrong with the management of our township government, and if changes are not made soon to correct this, we may have a serious exodus of our seniors, who help make this town a great place to live, along with our young families, both who are struggling to pay their bills and taxes. 
There is no reason to hire additional people to do the work that our highly paid Clerk should be doing. All it will do is add to the tax burden and will not get the minutes typed any sooner.
The Township Committee is having the first 2008 budget meeting next Tuesday, March 25th, I assume at 7PM (the date & time are not listed on the Twp Web Site), but call the Twp. to confirm. Ask the committee this question. Why do we have twice the number of Clerks (3+1), less population in town, and still can't get the work completed, that was done by 1  Full Time Clerk and 1 Part Time Clerk? 
If you keep voting for this Click, then don't complain about your taxes, or the way you are treated by the Township Inspectors. I know, if you are a personal friend of township committee members, you don't have to worry about the Inspectors, but you still have to pay the higher property taxes. Remember that Silver Park Residents when you ask why your taxed so much.
The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guest Post Fw: The Sign at The Dunks Ferry Inn at Whitebriar & The Farm On Cooper Street

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Carole Moore <>
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>;
Sent: Friday, March 7, 2008 11:09:36 PM
Subject: The Sign at The Dunks Ferry Inn at Whitebriar & The Farm On Cooper Street

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

    Although I find your "blog" a wonderful asset to the folks in Edgewater park, who cannot get to Township work sessions, etc, I do feel that you have a responsibility to the Public to "get your facts" correct before printing them.  You have given out alot of "incorrect information", and I fear that is why you are "Mysterious".

The sign I placed out front of The Dunk's Ferry Inn at Whitebriar B&B, what you call the "farm" and the "zoo", was challenged at one time in court by E.P. Township, only to have the judge throw it out.   Since the Good Men and Women of the Township Committee know better than to "throw" good money after "bad", the sign has remained as an "expression of my constitutional right" Freedom of Speech.

Although there is no "cost" to "advertise" on the sign, it is "first come, first serve", and the rental cost is:   "A bag of animal food for these abandoned farm creatures" who live on "the farm".   Stop by any time or call 609-871-3859 to see which feed is needed.  We welcome the interaction.

The message on "The Cooper Street Sign" was changed to read: "Anonymous Words Have No Meaning and No Merit".  This sign was directed to you, the Edgewater Park REporter, and to those who "Blog on" Anonomously.  You see, dear friend, you are really doing a "great" service to the community.  Your technique is "wonderful", and you are truly educating the EP public, and this is all a good thing, BUT, by hiding your identity you loose credibility.

Many people know that I am famous for writing letters to the editor of the Courier, the Burl. Co. Times, Inquirer, pro and con, against many controversial issues!  People either love me or hate me, according to the "topic of the editorial", but I have one thing that you do not have, and that is the Courage to put my name at the bottom of my letter.  You really "do" have a good "knack" in writing. You should do it "legitimately".

                         Carole Moore, The Cooper Street FArm Lady.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Edgewater Park School Board Election

Three Board Seats are up for election, The present members are running for re-election, Raymound Rebilas, Lester Holley and Susan Strasser. They have done a good job and deserve to be re-elected to the Board.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, March 17, 2008

Edgewater Park, What is causing us to think the town in headed in the wrong direction?

I found the last Poll results quite informative. The pole question was; "Has Edgewater Park become a better community to raise your family since 2000?"

68 people voted 
89% (61 votes) of the respondences said No 
10% (7 votes) of the respondences said Yes.

The results of this pole follow along with the sediment of most residents I have spoken to during the past 8 months. If this feeling continues to persist, it does not bode well for the future of Edgewater Park. 

We once had a sense of "community" and felt good about living here. As I stated in previous comments, many of us who grew up in Edgewater Park, stayed and raised our families here. Many of our children also stayed to raise their families until recently. This disturbing trend of our children wanting out, is an indication of problems with our town.

What are the problems that are causing families to want to move from Edgewater Park? I would like to hear from you and your thoughts in this. Please email me at I will list them in a future poll.

If we are going to reverse this trend, our elected officials and residents need to deal with the issues that are causing this flight.

At one time the towns of Beverly and Willingboro were lovely communities. What happened to them? Was it taxes, Bad government management, Schools or apathy? Do we want to end up like them?   I hope not.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Edgewater Park "Not my fault" Property Tax Increases

Are you ready to pay more for the privilege of living in Edgewater Park?
To quote our Elected Officials; "We don't have the highest Local Property Tax in Burlington County".
Not yet!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Grave Concerns" and Edgewater Park's Committeeman Jim Daly of the State Police, is on the Hunt for the Reporter

News Flash!!!!! National Cemetery Head Stones found at the Cooper St. Farm. See Action News Video!!!
Click on Orange words above to open links, there are three different links.

The Committee and their minions, are pressing hard to stifle the EP Reporter and the information Posted. Have you noticed how they do not have much to say in public? Just a word to the wise, be careful what you say in the Municipal Building!! You never know who, or what (bugs) are listening.

My kudos and thanks to the Public Works Dept. for the great job with the clean-up of the debris, caused by the Storm last Saturday.

If you go, make sure you ask Jim's better half (School Bd Member), if the moving to Delran rumors are true.

Don't you the taxpayer, feel good about the close "nit" relationships of the three government agencies (Township Committee, School Bd & Sewer Authority) and family members of those agencies? This collusive, incestuous relationship between township agencies helps explain the intolerance of the members, to any viewpoints other then their own, in the decision making of those agencies. These family relationships, also help to keep the decision making process closed, efficient (no other viewpoints need apply), and under the control of the Royal Families of the Kingdom of Edgewater Park.

The results of the incestuous decisions speak for themselves (Tax increases). See below for other results along with the tax results shown in the tax chart on the March 10, 2008, Post.

We know what is best for Edgewater Park, besides other towns have higher taxes, so stop you're complaining. Just remember- "We have to spend your tax money to make money". Quote from Tom Pullion

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Edgewater Park Twp 3/4/08 Meeting Summary from Oki---- (Guest Post)

"Hello EPR,
I wanted to let you know, that I attended the Tuesday Committee meeting, along with six other EP citizens. My first impression of the Committee members was that they are completely "over their heads" in the current political environment that Gov. Corzine has established.
My second impression of the good folks on Committee, was that they actually do care about EP, but seem misguided.
Here are some examples:
The most important issue that was raised, was Corzine cutting aid to towns with under 10,000 person populations (@ $233,00 cut to EP).
This may result in EP merging with other towns to survive (in one form or another). Obviously, a huge problem.
The Mayor had nothing to say about this, but did have a lot to say about a Summer camp for kids being in jeopardy from the cuts, and also expressed a lot of interest in an Easter Egg Hunt.
With the exception of Tom Pullion & Linda Dougherty, nothing was said through most of the meeting at all, on any topic by Committee.
Near the end of the meeting the Committee did show their true EP attitude. A citizen approached the microphone and stated that he had submitted an application for farm status over seven months earlier, and had not heard anything on it. He was told (in a nasty way), that the Committee was "too busy" with other issues to get around to discussing his application. Just disgusting the way they treated that man! Finally, Tom Pullion, asked to have the man's application added to the next meetings business. If it were not for Mr. Pullion, that citizen would have been basically told, we will get to it when we feel like it. The Mayor, Kevin Johnson (who said nothing all meeting), & Donna Atzert would have been happy if the man just walked away, imo.
The reason I mention the later, is that he was the ONLY citizen there that really asked for ANYTHING. I believe that the "EP attitude" is why RT 130 is not developed, we have no commercial tax base, and this town will most likely have to merge with another Township in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.
Maybe it is only fitting that people with "bad attitudes" lose their jobs.
Tom Pullion attempted to justify the job that he has done over the past 8 years, that based on the commercial tax base here, taxes have been kept reasonable low in comparison to other communities. That may be true, but the problem has not been managing the budget imo, it has been in building the town's tax base. That is where Committee has failed the citizens of EP.
Just a little info you might want to pass along to the readers: Last year (2007), the Burlington County Budget had a surplus of $10,600,000. It is my firm belief that the Counties of NJ have been over taxing & not offering enough help to their communities.
With the State now reducing help to small towns, is the County going to step in to help? Who do you think on the Committee will be the first to ask Burlington County for help?
Concerned Citizen
PS Feel free to post if you want."
My thanks to Concerned Citizen for the report and observations of the Township Committee Meeting of March 4, 2008. I have also linked to a story about "NJ's Small Towns Big Fuss over Corzine Aid Cuts" that appeared in the AC Press 3/7/08
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Edgewater Park Pay to Play- See why Your Taxes Are Going Up

The following are some of the Elect Reports from 2003, 2006 and 2007 showing who made contributions to our currently elected township committee members, how much. These are not the final reports showing all contributions for that election, but you can get this information from the NJ Election Law Commission Web Site

After reading this post, ask our elected Township Committee Members how many sporting events they have attended that were paid for by the Engineering Firms who donated to their campaign. How many dinners did they receive free tickets for, from the Professionals who also donated to their campaign.

Now you know why engineering jobs cost so much, and why the firms who have screwed up projects they were responsible for, still get reappointed each year.
Read these reports and weep.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, March 10, 2008

Edgewater Park Municipal Tax Increase 1999-2007 66.3%

Just click on the Chart to enlarge it 

Why Do You Keep Electing Them????
Do You Like The Tax Increases????

Send a message now; We're mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. Get control of the township budget or be retired in November.
The 2008 budget is under consideration now behind closed doors. Help to convince the Township Committee, to bring the budget discussion into the open, for all residents to see and hear. Who knows the Committee may get some good ideas from the public. 

This Township Committee and the Administrator, historically have not discussed any budgets in public. They do not want the public to know how the budgets are arrived at. If you doubt me, just ask anyone who has tried to ask the committee budget questions during past budget hearings. Committee seems to except the numbers given to them by the Administrator for their approval without question. You never hear any members of the committee, asking questions about the increases of each departments requested budgets. All you hear from them are excuses as to why they (Committee) can't do anything, but committee will blame everyone else, the Feds, the State, the Pension, employee contracts, the Storm, and of course the last Committee (2003) who cut your local taxes. 

In tomorrow's blog post, I will show you one reason why your taxes are increasing so much. Stay tuned.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Edgewater Park Taxes

What Me Worry
I love the comment that I received today, about how the taxes in Edgewater Park are reasonable compared to Moorestown or Delran.

How can you even compare Edgewater Park to either town. The number of families that have moved to Delran from Edgewater Park is quite large and includes three ex- township committee members along with their families. There even is a rumor going around the school that Committeeman Daly's son is saying that they are moving to Delran.

Why are long time Edgewater Park families moving out of town? Could it be they are not happy with the direction and the quality of life of our town. These are issues that are so important to raising a family. When families can, they vote with their feet, and have done so in great numbers. Look at the turnover in our town. There was a time when the children of the families who moved here in the 50s, 60s and 70s, stayed or moved back to raise their own families. You don't see that happening now to the extent you used to. I blame the township committee and tax increases along with concerns with the school district as the reasons.

Wait and see how much your taxes increase with the non essential spending our township administration and committee have done over the past 3 years. The amount being borrowed (Bonds) will have an impact on the taxes also. Remember how Mayor Hall talked about "The Mortgage" when she was running for re-election? She was referring to the 2003 Committee who lowered taxes, and the low interest bond they adopted, that combined several bond anticipation notes along with the cost for purchasing the 2 properties that were slated to have apartments and townhouses built on them. Mayor Hall was very critical of this decision. Well check out how much borrowing has been done since 2003. It will gag you.

I think if most families in the development part of town had a choice, they would move to Moorestown or Delran.

You need to get involved in letting the Township Committee know, your are going to hold them responsible for their spending and tax increases.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Edgewater Park Nerve

Looks like I struck a nerve with the last couple of posts. I was trying to point out, the inconsistency of Edgewater Park Township's code enforcement, and the abuse of power by some of our Township Officials.

I know that many of you reading this blog, have very busy lives and that between your job, kids, and the many other items you deal with day in and day out, you find it difficult to stay on top of what your elected officials are up to.

I ask that if there are issues you would like me to look into, please email them to me at; Don't be shy.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, is probably the main concern.
Please remember that our local municipal tax rate is the responsibility of the five elected members of Township Committee. They are the only ones that can effect a change in the tax increases we have experienced in the past 4 years. No one else is to blame.

The scary thing about this year is what the State is planning to do to small communities (under 10K) like Edgewater Park. If you have read any of the papers in the past week you know that State Aid Funding is to be cut to small towns as well as State School Aid. In today's BCT the paper stated that Edgewater Park Municipal Aid will be cut 27.1% from last year, so hold on to your wallet. You couple this with the irresponsible budget management done by our township committee, and you have the formula for a unavoidable large property tax increase this year.

I can hear you asking the following; What can I do about it, Nothing changes? Well, you can do something. You need to make sure you vote in the School Bd election. The school budget will be on the ballot to vote on.

You can't vote on the Municipal Budget, but you can vote out of office, 2 of those responsible (Pullion & Daly), this November.

You need to attend the budget hearings, so you can ask questions about the budget and ask why the cost for certain budget lines items, are increasing at a rate much greater then the rate of inflation.

The tax issue is not about what party controls Township Committee, but how this committee has dealt with the past municipal budgets, and tax increases. After looking at their record you can only conclude they have done a lousy job, except for Kevin Johnson (just elected in Nov).

I will stay on top of both School and Municipal Budgets and keep you informed.

Just remember, if the township committee announces that they will be opening The Cooper Street Zoo, as a way to lower taxes, you heard it here first.
The Edgewater Park Reporter
Correction !
I incorrectly reported that the State was cutting aid to our school district by 27%. The State is not cutting school aid but increasing the state aid by 10% ($608K). The state is cutting municipal state aid by 27%. I appoligize for any missconceptions this may have caused. The post above has been corrected.
The Edgewater Park Reporter 3/7/08

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Guest Post "Carol Moore 2-20-08 email RE: Memorial Field you have on your blog page""

"Dear E.P. Reporter. I think you are doing a fine job. Perhaps a better job than the editor of the Beverly Bee, which often seems "stifled" by the involvement of City/township politics. It is in deed a great service to the community, in making people "wake up" and "get out to meetings", which would be good for everyone.

Since I notice a photograph of the Memorial Field Monument on your blog, I thought perhaps that you didn't know what you were actually looking at, and so I have attached a file which will tell you of the 'History of Memorial Field and it's 'J.O.U.A.M. Passing The Torch Of Freedom' monument, that will soon be decorated with red, white and blue, like is is every year.
Carol Moore, Whitebriar & owner of the Cooper Street Farm
PS.  Thanks also for the idea about the Cooper Street Farm. We've always nick named it's 'Moore's Home for wayward Farm Animals'. Since the Properties at 1028-1029 are 'grandfathered' as 'farm land', animals are acceptible, but we still have to fill out a form each year listing all animals, for the Board of Health, who monitors these events. Since towns can't afford to send 'injured animals' to a vet clinic, we have serviced them with horses that wonder into Beverly & Delanco, and Wild turkey's that get hit in Edgewater Park, for Free. That keeps the animals healthy and taxes down.
I thank you also, if you would tell the folks who are bringing food to the animals 'Thank YOU' in this time of crisis. It appears that the 'corn' which is our basis of food, is being used for Ethanol(gasoline) thus 'supply and demand', making the price of feed to 700% on the pelleted foods for these animals. Add that to the fact that the summer of 2007 drought limited the growth of 'hay' supplies, and the diminished supply is now 'evaporated', until the first week of May, when the spring cutting will be done.
Thank the folks from the 'Pizza Deli' on Cooper Street, who have allowed me to keep a 'clean trash can' there for the animals who enjoy the burnt pizza, and trimmings as a treat to supplement their 'pelleted menu'. Also let me thank the individual 'families' who keep a double grocery bag in the bottom of their refrigerator, and dump all the left overs from dinner (pasta, veges, meat, ect.) and then at the end of the week they drop them over the fence as a 'treat' for the animals. The local grocery stores are sharing their 'left over-trimmings' from the produce department with our 'home for Wayward Farm Animals', and we thank them for helping us fill the gap in 'supply' thru February, March and April. Keep those food stuffs coming. The only food they don't eat is onions and citrus. Everything else, cooked, and uncooked, is welcome. Just toss it over the fence, but don't feed them your fingers. N.J. Law protects all 'farms' that have 'animals' from lawsuits, and a State sign is posted to that effect."

I received this Post from Carol Moore on February 20, 2008. I hope you read it and send in your comments.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Monday, March 3, 2008

Township Of Edgewater Park Work Session Tuesday 3/4/08 7 PM

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I am glad we dodged the Snow predicted for last Friday night. 

If you get a chance, check out the new sign on the Cooper St. farm house. I also loved the message on the mobil sign. Guess who is reading the blog. Organic eggs are still on sale. I wonder who regulates the selling of organic eggs?  

It does my hart glad to see our code enforcement officials hard at work.

I guess the Township re-zoned the block between Green St. and Hendrickson Ave. for Commercial Business. That must be the reason for Township Committee pushing to move the Fire Commission and allegedly (according to the Mayor) the Sewer Authority to the Water Company House on Cooper St. 

I wonder if the township is planning to take some of the farm for parking, or could the Committee be planning to have a municipal zoo at the farm?  

The Township Committee could use the open space tax they have been collecting for the past 7 years to buy it. This must be what the future  revitalization plan for Cooper St. is all about. Just think, our own Disney like theme park on Cooper Street. We already have the "Historic Dunks Ferry Inn", or is that two "Historic Dunks Ferry Inn's". I can't keep track of them. 

We could have a monorail running from Historic Dunks Ferry (Beverly for you less enlightened folks) to the Light Rail Station and then on to the Zoo (see photo in 1/30/08 Post) where the visitors could blend in with Zoo animals.

John Alexander and Committeeman Tom Pullion could use the Historic Dunks Ferry Inn for the catering business. 
Our Mayor could be the "Lunch Lady" at the Historic Dunks Ferry Inn (think of the memories for the past students of Magowan School). 
Our Administrator/Clerk (maybe soon to be Business Administrator CFO) could do ticket sales and keep the books. 
Committeeman Daly would be Zoo Security (he has connections with the State Police and the IRA). 
If John isn't to busy in Burlington City, he could also do the Public Relations. Committeewoman Atzert could sell t-shirts and the Concessions (If the Administrator lets her). Finally, Committeeman Johnson who, because he is nice person, will get the job to clean up the shi----t.    

Just think of the money the Township could make, and how it could reduce our taxes. What a vision for our town, and with the 350 new homes Committeeman Daly said are coming, the zoo wouldn't lack for customers, or exhibits.

Well just a thought,

The Edgewater Park Reporter