Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you think Beverly Mayor Cook is asking Jim to pay his child support?

If Jim has not paid the total Court ordered child support, then how is it possible for him to be outside the Beverly City Municipal Court/Police Station and not be arrested for failure to pay. 

Isn't he in contempt of court or is he under the protection of Mayor Cook and Council President Five Finger King Louie? 

Five Finger King Louie knows lots about protection from legal issues that are a result of his actions. Can we say boom!

FYI Beverly City Tax Payers, Five Finger King Louie verses TP isn't going away and Your King is going to cost you in legal fees with his bone headed actions. 

When is City Council going to wake up? 

If you Beverly City voters continue to elect these same people to council, then you deserve to pay the cost for the incompetence of the decisions made by the current council members and the responsibility for the continued down fall of Beverly City! 

Just look around, is Beverly better off today then when this crop of incompetents were elected?  

The Edgewater Park Reporters   

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Six senior citizens (4 from Edgewater Park) have created Meals of Love

Unsure if you would want to inclue an article on Meals of Love.  Six senior citizens (4 from Edgewater Park) have created Meals of Love.  An outreach for those who are having financial difficulties.  We offer a free meal and some free shopping from our donations.  We are working through Beverly United Methodist Church and all six are members.  Would you like to feature our opening dinner?  Sept. 19 (Monday) 4 to 6 pm. 

Attached is a press release with more information.

I can be contacted at 609-526-2399 (h) if you would like moreinformation.

Love and peace,
Linda Dippold
Meals of Love Coordinator
Beverly United Methodist Church
133 Warren Street
Beverly, NJ

Beverly United Methodist Church, Rev. David Yun
133 Warren Street, Beverly, NJ 08010


Making Hunger Go Away
The scourge of hunger lingers in plain sight and never seems to go away.  Beverly United Methodist Church, 133 Warren Street, Beverly, NJ is putting a human face on hunger.  Many people don’t like to think about our hungry neighbors who are struggling every day.  It never ceases to amaze how quickly trickle-down economic depression can send people into financial need, even those who were well situated a few months ago. 

With this in mind, God has called us to a new ministry.  Starting mid-September, “Meals of Love” will provide to members of our community and surrounding communities a complimentary meal.  We will also distribute, free of charge, personal hygiene items, such as toiletries and other essential items as these items become available. 

Because the hungry will always be with us and we wish to turn no one away, on September 19 (Monday) between the hours of 4:00 – 6:00 pm our doors will be open to our neighbors.  Our goal is to provide a meal for individuals and families who are experiencing an inability to financially provide for all of their needs.  Our research has led us to begin with a monthly dinner (the third Monday of each month) with the hope of increasing our ministry to once a week.

“Meals of Love” is going to need everybody’s help, including yours.  We are asking you to join us in this endeavor by partnering with us through a financial gift or donate supplies applicable for this project (such as food items, paper goods, toiletries, etc.).  Do not hesitate to contact David Yun, Pastor, Beverly United Methodist Church (201) 870-0023 if you have any questions or concerns.  Committee representatives are also available to come to your church or social group to share “Meals of Love” goals and aspirations.

Please share this information with anyone in need of assistance.  If you are looking to find a fulfilling way to reach out to and help others, we hope you will come and get to know us.

Contact: Linda Dippold, Beverly United Methodist Church
609.526-2399 (H) - 609.217.8011 (C)