Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Edgewater Park Happenings Guest Post

I  am starting a new idea today. I plan to have a guest post each Wednesday. This will allow for a different perspective and hopefully spawn comments to the post. Tonight will be the first and if you would like to contribute, please send you blog posting to;
On to my guest Howard S. post,
The Edgewater Park Reporter
Much like the Beverly Bee, the former Soviet Union had TASS, the State run newspaper informing the residents of all the news that was first censored and fit to print. 
Madame Comrade Mayor for life Hall indoctrinates her citizens winning their harts and minds through her monthly articles much like Fidel and Stalin did many years ago. Anyone that opposes her, gets a visit from the secret police (Code Enforcement) for reeducation, they also may be scolded in the next issue of the Bee. If they are really defiant Madame Comrade Mayor for Life has her minions write letters to the editor condemning you. 
Since we the tax payers are paying for this periodical shouldn't we have a say in what goes into our newspaper Comrade Mayor? But it seems that your Minister of Propaganda denies the will of the people so she can be focused in articles that are written by authors that go un-identified. Maybe in 08 the Iron Wall will fall in Edgewater Park and democracy will be reborn. Vivia the Revolution!


Howard S.

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