Monday, February 4, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Meeting & Presidential Primary

Reminder, the Township Committee will be meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM. They usually meet in the Judges Chamber (side door room to the left). 

You will need to bring your own egg timer along with your list of questions. If you find your question isn't answered, and the mayor says your time has elapsed (3 min), tell her you will not sit down till your question is answered. Don't be intimidated!!

I have included a few questions you may want to ask.

Ask them if they are evicting the Fire Commission and Sewer Authority and if they thought of the inconvenience this will cause our senior citizens who usually pay their Sewer Fee when they pay their Property Tax. Also ask if this eviction will increase the operating expenses for the Fire Commission and Sewer Authority. Jim Daly, Sewer Bd member, should be able to answer for the Authority.
Ask for copies of the approved Township Committee Minutes (open & closed).
Ask about the 2008 Budget and its progress. When will they introduce it?

My second subject tonight is the Presidential Primary.

Please vote tomorrow. I know that it may take an extra 15 minutes from your day but 14 of those minutes are spent speaking with your neighbors who are voting with you or are working at the polls. Treat those Poll Workers kindly, they started around 5:30AM and will not finish until 8:30PM. That is a lon-----g day.
Thanks Poll Workers, I know you get paid  big $$$,$$$.$$----------- just kidding.

Oh, I can't resist this one last comment. Remember how our Wonderful State Legislators have been trying to control state spending, well check out the cost of holding two primary elections in one year. Thats right, two. The Presidential primary tomorrow and the primary to be held in June, for the rest of the State, County and Local Offices.

The Legislators could have included the Fire District Elections with tomorrows primary to save on the cost (Fire District Elections are held the Saturday before President's Day) but they didn't. They are truly looking out for our tax dollar. 


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averagejoe said...

someone should ask how will they make up the difference in the budget from the "rent" money the EPSA gives.