Thursday, February 28, 2008

NJ DOT Rt 130 Pedestrian Improvement Recommendations

This information was sent to me from John Boyle of Edgewater Park. John is very active in bicycling circles. John has his own blog site the Philadelphia Bicycle News
I think you will find that it contains a lot of good and interesting information on the Philadelphia/South Jersey area other then Bicycling, and that you will find it very helpful with all things pertaining to bicycling.
The following is information John received from Sheree J. Davis, Bicycle & Pedestrian Manager, New Jersey DOT. John's e-mail started with; 
"Hi EP Reporter, Sheree Davis NJ DOT State Bicycle and Pedestrian Manager sent me this email. The DOT and the County conducted a safety audit at the intersection 130 and Woodlane and made recommendations following the death of Maria Carrion who was struck by vehicles while crossing the street Valentine's Day."

From Sheree;
"John: Just as an update to your concern about Route 130 and Levitt Parkway. Staff visited the site an have made recommendations for improvements. The recommendations are being forwarded to our Rapid Design Unit and once they are finished, the work will be done by our Region South Maintenance Crew. Recommendations include: moving the signal pole and the barrier back to make room for new crosswalk (across Rt 130), a new crosswalk on the Southeast and Southwest corners, count down pedestrian signals and signage.
Please know that our rapid design unit is very backed up, but we have the work in cue. No time frame can be given at this time.
Thanks again for your concern about this intersection and for bringing it to my attention.
Sheree J. Davis"
John is very much concerned about pedestrian and bike safety, and I am glad that he is on the case.
I just want to add that this past Sat. I was driving north on Rt. 130, and was stopped at the light at Levitt Parkway, when a car with PA tags made a U-turn as the light changed green. If a car was making a right turn from Woodlane, there would have been an accident. I think the running of lights and the illegal turns taking place on 130 are going to cause more serious accidents along this stretch  of 130. The count down pedestrian signals are a great idea and we should have them at every location that presently have the old type.
Thanks John
The Edgewater Park Reporter

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Anonymous said...

I think all the jughandles into EP/BEVERLY?DELANCO are dangerous. The one flaw is they are on the wrong side. Instead of driving past the road you want & entering the road (and your lane) easily, you have to cross Willingboro traffic coming up to the light. Thanks to the marketplace on weekends the lights are even more crowded at Levitt & Charleston. Cooper street is terrible when the coat factory lets out, yet the road is still just two lanes. Holiday Lakes light will one day be the site of a major accident as traffic backs down and blocks the right lane. And the idiot town councils want to build lots of houses on any open space that is left and that will mean even more cars using these roads. Look what Wawa & Delanco developement have done to the H Lakes light. But developers will say,you need more houses for tax revenue. BULL ____!!