Friday, February 8, 2008

Poking Fun at a Serious Subject, Intimidation by Township Officials

I guess by now you have seen enough of the picture humor staring some of our Township Officials. I have chosen this type of humor to illustrate the intimidation tactics that are used by these officials.
I received my first response from Carol M. and Anonymous, the day after I published the E.P. Selective Ordinance Enforcement Post. Carol stated in her E-mail to me, that the blog had been brought to her attention, otherwise she would not have known about it. 
I suspect Carol was contacted by the mayor, administrator or both. They have done this before.

If you are wondering why some people can do whatever they want, and not have to answer for it, it is because they are of use to township officials. Guess how.

I am enjoying the scurrying taking place, in the attempt to find out who I am. 

Well, Township Officials, I am a neighbor, a taxpayer, a friend, a relative and a critic. I am a young person and I am a seasoned senior citizen. I can think of no better way then this blog to get information out to the Edgewater Park residents.

Hope you are listening,

The Edgewater Park Reporter who is posting this blog from his new hiding spot. 

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