Sunday, February 10, 2008

Personal Derogatory Comments and Edgewater Park Twp Meetings

Hi, just got back from a weekend trip and found several derogatory comments about people that were the subjects of several of my postings. 

I will not post any comments that are derogatory in nature or comments that I know to be false.

I want to encourage as many comments as possible about the subjects in my post, so please refrain from derogatory comments.

Township events coming up this week are , the Sewer Authority will meet Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 6:15 PM. They will be having their reorganization. Good time to see about the eviction.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


The Ponie's Mother said...

As a past "NJ Senate" candidate, I noticed the "polling" for E.P Township Committee persons, and am surprised at the "low marks" that are given to these hard working persons. Do you know that they spend hundreds of hours each year on "behalf of you"? Do you know they get criticized and never praised for the effort they put out? For those who have sent in a negative vote toward any Township Council members, no matter if it be Republican or Democrat, Do you understand that it's a "thankless" job, many hours, many headaches, many late night phone calls! WE all should be proud of our township committee persons, no matter who they are, and if you don't like what they are "doing", put your money where your mouth is, and sign the petition to run for the office! C. LokanMoore, Resident

Anonymous said...

Everyone likes to run their mouth and complain, no one likes to take action

E. Franklin Guy said...

Hard working persons??? Our committee members may be loading their pockets at the taxpayer expense, but that doesn't mean Edgewater Park has people working hard for it.

Unfortunately, I do not recieve the preferential treatment of the governing body, like Ms. Moore does.

Perhaps if I put a sign out praising the Mayor, I wouldn't have to follow all the rules.

I voted that they aren't doing a good job. And you know what, they aren't. That is my right.

heavychevie said...

Hay Carol

When did Judy or Linda call you about the blog story about the preferential treatment you get?

I can see you are working very hard to praise them, and you should.
"Ponie's Mother" Keep up the dirty work for our current elected officials and administrator