Monday, November 23, 2009

Beverly City Council President doesn't have to follow building inspection laws

623 Broad Street (Block 46, Lot 8) is the blue half of the twin house and 625 (Block 46, Lot 9) is the white half of the twin. (Check the date on the photo)

If you go to the Burlington County Web site, click on Departments, then click on Board of Taxation, then click on Tax Record Search you enter the District via the drop down menu as well as the Block and Lot numbers for the properties to verify the information published or click on the following links, Crespo and Crispo.

You will see that Beverly City Council President Louis Crespo owns 623 Broad St and Co-owns 625 Broad St with Council Woman Elect Barbara Kelly even though Louis's last name is spelled different (Crispo instead of Crespo).

Now if you look closely at the addition that has been built on the back of the two properties, you will note that the addition does not have a party wall between the two properties. This lack of a fire party wall is a violation of the NJ building codes as well as a problem for the mortgage holders. It is also known that a doorway has been cut between the two homes without a building permit.

Mr Crespo was taken to municipal court (case was held in EP because of Mr. Crespo being on Council) and was found guilty of not applying for a building permit and was fined.

Mr Crespo then filed for a building permit but after two years has not called for an inspection and closeout. This means that the City of Beverly has not received any additional tax for the improvement and no inspectors have verified the workmanship, safety or conformance to building codes for the work done by Mr. Crespo.

Why has this flaunting of the Beverly City Zoning and Building codes being allowed?

Because Mr Crespo can do what he wants and there is no one in Beverly who will hold him accountable. Now that Mr. Crespo has won re-election and his co-owner of 625 Broad St is about to be sworn in as a new Councilwoman, just think of what other laws he will exempt himself from.

Those of you in Beverly that have run afoul of Beverly City Council President Louis Crespo in the past, better look out. In fact you may want to move quickly because he is about to make his new neighbor JB the Police Chief.

What is hard to understand, why are the rest of the City Council going along with Louis's antics. Many of the Council Members are fine upstanding, law abiding residents who would never think to abuse their authority like Louis.

We will be asking for copies of the outstanding building permits for 623 and 625 Broad Street as well as any public records. We will publish copies of them for your information.

One last comment! Just you try and build an addition on your house and see if you can get away with what Louis Crespo ala Luis Crispo has! Oh I forgot, he won re-election and so he is now King Luis or is it King Louis?

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, November 5, 2009

News Flash-Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad Members Removing Political Signs on Warren St with Ambulance

I received a report today, November 5th at 4:00 pm, that Mr Daly, President of the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad as well as other squad members were removing election signs from a former township committeeman's property on Warren Street. They were placing the signs into the ambulance.
Nice use of paid EMT's and taxpayer funded equipment. The Township Committee budgeted $32,000 tax dollars for the Emergency Squad, who now charges for emergency calls.
I wonder how much they charged Doc for removing the political signs from his lawn?
All kidding aside, this is an example of how our tax dollars are being misused. I hope no one was in need of the squad at that time.
New Edgewater Park Township Committee members, I hope you look into this and take appropriate action. I know Mr. Daly is a former committeeman and current member of your political parties county committee, but he and the Emergency Squad's Board of Directors need to see that this type of activity never happens in the future and disciplinary action is taken against Mr Daly, who knows better.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edgewater Park Voters Rewarded for keeping 5 Democrats on Committee!

This chart shows how the 'One Party Rule Team' has shown their appreciation with your tax money!

I can't wait to see next years tax increase.

Isn't it wonderful that we Edgewater Park voters, just rewarded our elected officials who raised our taxes 87.5% during the past ten years as well as reducing municipal services and increasing the municipal debt at the same time.

Just contrast our local tax increase and services record with that of our Burlington County Freeholders for the same time period.

The contrasts between these records are shown in the chart above and is the difference between good and bad management.

Can you tell who we voted for and rewarded with our trust? No it is not the Freeholders who kept our taxes within the rate of inflation but the township committee who raised our taxes 87.5%.

Kind of mind boggling isn't it. Four hundred plus Edgewater Park voters think this is a good record and a good job by the elected officials who have run Edgewater Park in nine of the past ten years.

I say we residents get a petition going to merge Edgewater Park with Willingboro and Beverly, because those towns have done such a good job with increasing their taxes and cutting services with their one party rule. By merging towns we can bring ourselves down to their level and have their housing values. What a goal!

Good job with your educated 1,300 votes and congratulations Amy and John, on your victory. Be prepared for your indoctrination by the Administrator who after all really runs the show in Edgewater Park.
One last point! With Chris Christie as our new Governor, I don't think you can expect him to approve any more 'Willingboro Bad Governing Type Bailouts' so pucker-up and get the KY jelly out because nothing is going to change. Just take your present municipal tax bill and apply the 87.5% tax increase and you will see what you will be paying in ten years for your municipal taxes. Can you afford that kind of a tax increase?

The Edgewater Park Reporter