Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edgewater Park Voters Rewarded for keeping 5 Democrats on Committee!

This chart shows how the 'One Party Rule Team' has shown their appreciation with your tax money!

I can't wait to see next years tax increase.

Isn't it wonderful that we Edgewater Park voters, just rewarded our elected officials who raised our taxes 87.5% during the past ten years as well as reducing municipal services and increasing the municipal debt at the same time.

Just contrast our local tax increase and services record with that of our Burlington County Freeholders for the same time period.

The contrasts between these records are shown in the chart above and is the difference between good and bad management.

Can you tell who we voted for and rewarded with our trust? No it is not the Freeholders who kept our taxes within the rate of inflation but the township committee who raised our taxes 87.5%.

Kind of mind boggling isn't it. Four hundred plus Edgewater Park voters think this is a good record and a good job by the elected officials who have run Edgewater Park in nine of the past ten years.

I say we residents get a petition going to merge Edgewater Park with Willingboro and Beverly, because those towns have done such a good job with increasing their taxes and cutting services with their one party rule. By merging towns we can bring ourselves down to their level and have their housing values. What a goal!

Good job with your educated 1,300 votes and congratulations Amy and John, on your victory. Be prepared for your indoctrination by the Administrator who after all really runs the show in Edgewater Park.
One last point! With Chris Christie as our new Governor, I don't think you can expect him to approve any more 'Willingboro Bad Governing Type Bailouts' so pucker-up and get the KY jelly out because nothing is going to change. Just take your present municipal tax bill and apply the 87.5% tax increase and you will see what you will be paying in ten years for your municipal taxes. Can you afford that kind of a tax increase?

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

EPR you are so right,what are the people in EP thinking? come on down Cooper street to Beverly , and you can see a real mess with the brain power we will have on our city council elect..the integrity and IQ match your voters, but somehow I thought things would change, alas it was false hope..Those three trips to NJ by Obama sure did help Corzine and the triple play Republican win in Va are a message for Obaminism socialism to the democrats in national office...Beverly and EP voters just didnt get it although the vote count in Beverly did show that some people have some sense but not enough to out number the lemmings....Beverly resident

Anonymous said...

It is quite clear that the democrat voters in Edgewater Park are just as brain dead as those in Beverly and Willingboro.
They don't care what the issue is or what platform the candidates campaign on. EP now will have two new committee persons who told everyone that they were for NEW DEVELOPMENT,something that a majority of clear thinking people don't want, and they were elected anyway, just because they were in the D column.
Its a shame that people can't look around at all the towns and cities that have democrats in charge and see how much trouble they are in.
We now must endure at least 3 more years of gov't by the administrator
thanks to the lemmings.

William said...

Have hope, Ms. Belgard didn't get to where she is in life by being a follower. Hopefully since she has small children she may actually make prudent decisions and stand up for their futures as well as the taxpayers along with Mr. Johnson and Mr.Booker whom both seem like educated people to me. Although I'm still waiting for them to distinguish thmselves. We need people that will create change and not just go along with EP machine of the Pullion and Tucker days. Mrs. Hall is gone, Mrs. Mount is off committee although will probably hang around for her ego massage. Get rid of Mr. Pullion like the residents of this state did to Corzine and maybe these newer blood members in tune with reality may actually be able to turn things around instead of worrying more about their inflated egos and a "What's in it for me" mentality. Kevin, Darrell, Aimee, it only takes 3 of you to turn things around in an administration that has become a dictatorship with assistants doing all the work. Seek and you shall find is all I have to say. Good luck going up against "business as usual" government style but somebody has to take a stand for all the taxpayers in EP no matter what party if any we may align ourselves with.