Friday, September 19, 2008

Edgewater Park Reporter's Thoughts on KH's Facts or Lack Of

This picture, sums up KH's comments and arguments about how the Beverly Free Library Board is being slandered by this Blog. 

He hopes that if he talks around the facts enough, people will believe him. 

He certainly claims to be much more intelligent than anyone who disagrees with him.
The picture also represents my thoughts as to how well you are being served by your City Council and the group that controls it. The smell is a result of their rule for the past 20 some years.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can you guess what City Councilman this is?

Can you guess the identity of this Beverly Councilman?
Please send your comment.
Beverly Guest Tax Payer

Lets see where this guest post takes us. I have removed the email account name due to threats made against this blog via the mail box. I am not concerned but I understand that someone in Beverly is trying to create an atmosphere of fear, so that people don't look into the actions or question the actions of certain elected officials. Boy this sounds like Edgewater Park.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why what happens in Beverly Effects Edgewater Park

I received several emails ( that complained about the Posts concerning the Beverly Free Library. The emailers said that this Blog is supposed to be about Edgewater Park not Beverly. We (blog owners) decide what gets published. If you don't like it start your own blog and we will link to it.

It is very naive to think what happens in Beverly doesn't effect us here in Edgewater Park. 

If you are observant to the decay of the once very nice homes that lined Cooper Street from the Railroad to Oak Street (Beverly), you should see how this decay, is having a negative influence on the Cooper 
Street homes in Edgewater Park. 
There are maybe four or five well maintained
 homes in the Railroad to Oak Street stretch of Cooper Street (Beverly). If you don't agree, then send me the pictures to prove me wrong. 

Why is the Beverly City Council allowing this to happen? Could it be that the foxes (check out who are members) are watching the hen house? If you don't understand the last statement then I hope you are not registered to vote.

This brings me to the issue of the Library Board renting out the old pharmacy. The Library Board is a Beverly landlord and as a landlord, is responsible to keep the property in a well maintained condition under Beverly City Ordinances as well as the 2005 Mortgage terms between the City of Beverly and the Beverly Free Library. 

Have you looked at the condition of the old pharmacy? 

In all honesty, is this building being being well maintained? What did the Beverly Free Library do with the $17,402.00 dollars they borrowed (Mortgage) in 2005, that was to be used for rehabilitation under the terms of the 2005 mortgage? If you know, please email me. 

If the City of Beverly hasn't enforced the terms of this 2005 Rental Housing Rehabilitation Mortgage, then I wonder how many other properties who's owners received Mt. Laurel money, are not fulfilling the terms of their Mt. Laurel Agreement Mortgages? Probably a lot judging by the decay of housing quality taking place.

Since some members of the Library Board are also members of the Beverly City Low Income Housing Over site Committees, then why should we be surprised that the terms of the Rehab Mortgages are not being enforced! 

If this lack of over site and enforcement is not changed by your Beverly City Council, then you Beverly City residents need to change  your members of City Council or expect Beverly City to continue its quality of life decline and what for most of you is your largest asset, your home, to continue its decline in value. 

Your city will never attract any quality developers whose developments could help bring your city back as a desirable place to live and raise a family, unless you change your leadership and/or stop allowing your leadership to appoint people who have vested interest in the areas they were appointed to oversee. This atmosphere will keep the quality developers from looking at Beverly as a good place to build. You will only attract the bottom fishing scumbag developers, who like dealing with governing bodies that make deals that are not in the best interest of their community, but for themselves. 

What happens in Beverly will not stay in Beverly, it will effect us here in Edgewater Park. If you doubt this, just look at what has happened to Pennsauken because of Camden's influence.

By the way, who does appoint the Beverly Free Library Board Members? Themselves? 

Why does the Library Board who receives public tax money, think they do not have to open their records to the public? 

I can't believe that members of the Beverly Free Library Board think this attitude will promote public confidence, in the decisions made by this board. I have asked an expert in the area of public financing to look into this, and will report the findings in a future Post.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Edgewater Park Mayor Said that Business Abatement Needed for RV Dealership

The Mayor stated during last nights Township meeting that the Abatement Ordinance was needed to allow businesses to freshen-up like the RV place because it is looking tired. That hopefully the Business Abatement Ordinance will encourage existing businesses to expand and attract new businesses to move here. 

I don't disagree, she is right. I question why the Mayor and Committee didn't do this long ago. The Mayor and Committee chose not to join with the County to jointly market Edgewater Park or to follow the recommendations made by the County to encourage the commercial development of Edgewater Park's Rt 130 Corridor. Instead the Mayor and Committee pushed for building high density residential housing. 

Thank god that deal died. But wait did it die, or is this Abatement Ordinance a way to bring the high density residential project back to life? I don't trust our existing Township Committee and Administrator to do the right thing for the taxpayers of Edgewater Park because of their past shenanigans. For an example just look at the Coat Factory Give-a-way Tax Abatement deal and the misuse of the Open Space Tax for maintenance of existing fields. By the way, did you know that the township is only receiving $115,001.00 dollars from the Coat Factory in-lu-of taxes this year? What a great deal for us taxpayers, and remember this is the same group that now wants to make similar deals with other businesses.

The Beverly Free Library Board will hold a public meeting tomorrow night, 7PM at the Library on Cooper St. Do you think that the Pharmacy will be repainted after the Political Party using the building is finished using it? Or will this become part of the local color for Cooper St. I admit you can't hurt the Cooper St. atmosphere much more than what you have there now. What a great gateway to welcome people to your town.

The Edgewater Park Reporter