Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why what happens in Beverly Effects Edgewater Park

I received several emails (edgewaterparkreporter@yahoo.com) that complained about the Posts concerning the Beverly Free Library. The emailers said that this Blog is supposed to be about Edgewater Park not Beverly. We (blog owners) decide what gets published. If you don't like it start your own blog and we will link to it.

It is very naive to think what happens in Beverly doesn't effect us here in Edgewater Park. 

If you are observant to the decay of the once very nice homes that lined Cooper Street from the Railroad to Oak Street (Beverly), you should see how this decay, is having a negative influence on the Cooper 
Street homes in Edgewater Park. 
There are maybe four or five well maintained
 homes in the Railroad to Oak Street stretch of Cooper Street (Beverly). If you don't agree, then send me the pictures to prove me wrong. 

Why is the Beverly City Council allowing this to happen? Could it be that the foxes (check out who are members) are watching the hen house? If you don't understand the last statement then I hope you are not registered to vote.

This brings me to the issue of the Library Board renting out the old pharmacy. The Library Board is a Beverly landlord and as a landlord, is responsible to keep the property in a well maintained condition under Beverly City Ordinances as well as the 2005 Mortgage terms between the City of Beverly and the Beverly Free Library. 

Have you looked at the condition of the old pharmacy? 

In all honesty, is this building being being well maintained? What did the Beverly Free Library do with the $17,402.00 dollars they borrowed (Mortgage) in 2005, that was to be used for rehabilitation under the terms of the 2005 mortgage? If you know, please email me. 

If the City of Beverly hasn't enforced the terms of this 2005 Rental Housing Rehabilitation Mortgage, then I wonder how many other properties who's owners received Mt. Laurel money, are not fulfilling the terms of their Mt. Laurel Agreement Mortgages? Probably a lot judging by the decay of housing quality taking place.

Since some members of the Library Board are also members of the Beverly City Low Income Housing Over site Committees, then why should we be surprised that the terms of the Rehab Mortgages are not being enforced! 

If this lack of over site and enforcement is not changed by your Beverly City Council, then you Beverly City residents need to change  your members of City Council or expect Beverly City to continue its quality of life decline and what for most of you is your largest asset, your home, to continue its decline in value. 

Your city will never attract any quality developers whose developments could help bring your city back as a desirable place to live and raise a family, unless you change your leadership and/or stop allowing your leadership to appoint people who have vested interest in the areas they were appointed to oversee. This atmosphere will keep the quality developers from looking at Beverly as a good place to build. You will only attract the bottom fishing scumbag developers, who like dealing with governing bodies that make deals that are not in the best interest of their community, but for themselves. 

What happens in Beverly will not stay in Beverly, it will effect us here in Edgewater Park. If you doubt this, just look at what has happened to Pennsauken because of Camden's influence.

By the way, who does appoint the Beverly Free Library Board Members? Themselves? 

Why does the Library Board who receives public tax money, think they do not have to open their records to the public? 

I can't believe that members of the Beverly Free Library Board think this attitude will promote public confidence, in the decisions made by this board. I have asked an expert in the area of public financing to look into this, and will report the findings in a future Post.

The Edgewater Park Reporter



Anonymous said...

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck!
EP Reporter you are right on, to bad most of our Beverly residents are not smart enough to see this. Thats why except for the election of 2006, they keep electing the same people. They keep rewarding incompetenceand because of that this town will never improve. We are just a smaller version of Camden. If you Edgewater Park residents are smart you will have nothing to do with our town and its decline.

Kenton Haaf said...

Here we go again EP reporter. You are a bigger ass than I gave you credit for. AGAIN the board is volenteers! If you are so damn smart (even though I doubt that you are)volenteer to help yourself! You have no more solutions to problems than any other crybaby on this site. Sure Beverly needs help and so does EP cn I get a DUH here or what!!Somehow all you can come up with is childish pictures of pigs and other foolish things I guess you think are cute. Suggestions to get people out of power that you see aren't doing any good. Well let me tell you where I come from that's just whineing and complaining and that gets nothing done! Vote people out with no suggestions of who would be better isn't really a suggestion at all! How about a real solution besides the obvoiuse! Run yourself!! Maybe that would help because all you are is words, pictures and controversy. Another lonley old man that has nothing better to do than start poop. I gave you credit for having something good here at first. Well that is long gone. Do something constructive or shut up! Besides I've done some investigating myself of who YOU are. When I find the proof I will be sure to let everyone know who points the fingers but has no real answers! Then I guess you'll have no reason not to put your actions where your mouth is!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someday you'll put on this blog facts instead of your own fiction! Nothing but simple picture whining and complaining. No credibility at all. No solutions either. Just get people out of office. That's no help! The EP reporter's world is just him and his keyboard. Get a life will ya!

Anonymous said...

Guess you had to start up with this again huh? Guess it was to quiet for you so you figured you had to stir the fire. Well that you did and for that you might just be sorry!

Anonymous said...

The library board is volenteers! I though we had established that!! No credibility AT ALL!!

Kenton Haaf said...

How come you didn't post my other comment Mr Reporter? Didn't like what I said I suppose. That's OK anyone interested can read it in the Burlington County Times. You can censor me here but that's where it stops. They thrive on controversy too. But of coarse they won't print it if it's anonymouse, and we all no EP reporter isn't a name now is it? Guess that's why you had to start this blog just to hide yourself. I'm sure you're just another lonley old man who's whole world is he keyboard and monitor. Maybe someday you'll actually have some suggestions besides the obviouse? But I doubt that you're that smart.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable! You and RG should start your own little commune where fact and fiction become so intertwined you can't tell which is which. This site isn't even worth reading anymore. Seems ashame but it's a fact unlike what you post yourself.

Weren't you told the library boad are volenteers? Wern't you told you can go to the meetings yourself and find out what how the money was used to fix things up? Sure you have, but you would rather lead people to believe there is misconduct going on when the only misconduct is your own posts. This site stinks and so do you mr reporter. We know Beverly and EP need help but you are no help AT ALL!

John said...

obviously kenton haaf isn't too smart either because he has no idea how to spell! Now who's saying "DUH"

I think you all need to get a life and by the way kenton, if the EP Reporter is such a loser and a sorry old man behind his keyboard why the hell are you bothering to read the "crap" you claim he writes????Hmmmm just wondering.....

Kenton Haaf said...

Oh John you crack me up! Never claimed to be a good speller but at least you can't blame it on our school system here in EP. I went to Beverly and Palmyra. But I did get my point across though didn't I.

Secondly I owe no explanation to you if you can't figure out why I got involved in this foolishness. Your name might as well be Coward not "John". Does make me wonder why you're sticking up for the old man though, Could be you're the "reporter" who knows? Get a real name dude and I'll answer any questions you have on where I stand. But I doubt you will. HMMMM I don't have to wonder to much about that!

ashton ave senior said...

kenton, the EP Reporter said that if you have information (facts) that disprove what he reported, then post them. I think your crying and cursing doesn't change the facts as reported. Beverly City is being run into the ground by those we elected and all of your denials won't chang that.

Anonymous said...

Gee Kenton, your attitude is why people don't speak up at meetings. It is truly funny that you complain about the EP Reporter not giving suggestions on how to inprove our fair city, well he has; throw the bums out. Is this suggestion cutting close to home? I think so as you protest to much.

e franklin guy said...

Oh my, the Edgewater Park Reporter better watch out, Kenton and Mr. Anonymous are going to hire the police impersonator to find him.

Oh how sad, with all of the problems Beverly has, your only response is "When I find the proof I will be sure to let everyone know who points the fingers but has no real answers!"

How old are you because you are acting like a 6 year old, but most 6 year olds express themselves much more maturely.

Reporter look out, you might have to move your operations.

E.P. Resident said...

Hey kenton it seems to me you could benefit greatly from some anger management classes.

Lighten up dude! Why all the name calling and cursing? Like John said if this blog has you so worked up and none of it is facts or true why are you wasting your time reading it and then getting all worked up and in a tizzy?

kenton haaf said...

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Kenton Haaf
To: edgewaterparkreporter@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 1:42:31 PM
Subject: one more thing

Due to your lack of responsibility I want you to know that if some person decides to go after the library or my parents due to your posting of financial and personal information (such as addresses, supposed wealth etc.) My lawyer has advised me that YOU sir WILL be liable!! That goes for any kind of law suit, robbery, theft or any other related matter that you put on your blog. You wanted to play hard ball. Hope you're up for the game!

Anonymous said...

Just the facts Kenton just the facts

Kenton Haaf said...

OH GEEZ, more nameless losers heard from. How many times do I have to say that the library board isn't appointed? Guess you really aren't reading anything clearly. Either that or you just believe want you want to believe. So you keep wondering who "appoints" the board. But hear this. I am not here to educate you people. This all started because this "reporter" dude put on his blog things about my family that were slanderous and untrue. Then he add these other "facts" just so people like you have someone to blame things on. Guess what Ashton Ave. senior if you haven't got this yet I'm not saying that Beverly City doesn't need help, but you live there not me so I guess your vote is one to be blamed not mine. So when the reporter starts to print facts about the library I'll be sure to let you know. You can read all about the lies this guy states as fact when I finish my editorial to the BCT! THAT he can't not post!

As far as the other anonymous. NO "throw the bums out" isn't a suggestion on how to make things better. It's the obvious. Vote for "so and so" and here's the reason why for this is what they propose to do. Or maybe with the states help how we get a better negotiator to help with dealing with large companies without getting screwed out of tax revenue for 30 years. Now that would be a suggestions. What are we supposed to do just vote people out with no replacements? WHEW! You are a genius. And maybe you'd like to explain how my "attitude" or anything I have said has ANYTHING to do with people speaking up at meetings? I don't think you can because it doesn't make sense. But by all means you go ahead and blame things on me if that helps you sleep at night. But the bottom line is if you can't put your name where your mouth is than you are no better than the reporter PERIOD! If your picking on me you don't know what the issues really are. Like I should be surprised. I am not protesting anything but lies about the library and the wolf leading the sheep. Gee do you get that? Then again for all I know all of these posts are the "reporter" too. Maybe I'm the one hitting close to home?

Anonymous Beverly Resident said...

I have read the Post done by the Edgewater Park Reporter on the Library and found nothing that comes close to your assertion that the articles were slanderous.
In fact in one story August 26, he praised your parents as being good people. I think you are confusing constructive criticism with slander. You certainly are thin-skinned about the issues and concerns brought to light by the Reporter and others concerning the decisions made by the Library Bd.
I think the person you are angry with is Publius, who's letter to the Reporter was posted on August 18th. I think Publius identity was exposed by people responding to this story and is not the Reporter.
Cool down and understand that you are making threats that will discourage people from speaking out. I do love reading the Beverly Bee each month and the stories about how nice Beverly once was. Beverly now, is not the same Beverly we read about in the Beverly Bee. I think this change is the issue the Reporter is trying to point out.
You need to chill dude and realize that the Library Board needs to as Ricky Recardo said to Lucy, "You got some splaining to do Lucy". The Library Board did make a bad decision with the way they went about handling the rental of the building.
I will also tell you that some of the Library Board members were rude to people asking questions at their board meeting this month. I know, I was there. The rude treatment of people asking questions at a public meeting is totally out out of line by a person holding a position of responsibility for a public institution, i.e. Beverly Free Library.
Based on your comments tonight, I will sign as "Anonymous Beverly Resident"

Anonymous said...

Just a comment on a different subject. I will predict that Riverside will overwhelmingly elect Obama as President. The reason is that 6 Brazilian politicians have officially renamed themselves 'Barack Obama' according to the Drudge Report 9/16/08, and since the State wants every undocumented person to vote it is a slam dunk that Obama wins in Riverside.

Kenton Haaf said...

I hear you anonymous Beverly resident. You are right. I am angry with Publius, and we do know who he is and I will expect an apology when we meet. But notice he has had nothing more to say. My point was, and is, that the "reporter" by publishing what Publius wrote makes him just as guilty. For he is the one who put it on the net. What he posted from Publius you can't tell me isn't slanderous. The owner of the blog is responsible for the content that he posts and will be held liable for it. Even if he doesn't want to let people know who he is. He could have chosen not to publish that none sense at all, but he did. Not only that, just when it seemed like it was all over he brought it up again so now he is the one making sure to keep stirring up trouble. Guess he thrives on that. I don't know. I sure don't see any other posts getting the attention that one did. So there is no threats besides by me except letting people know his real name, and only someone hiding behind a fake name would take that as a threat anyway. The law is on my side. That I already know. I am sure this puts a knot in his panties for he can say anything he wants being known only as the "EP reporter". So yes, he is now my focus.

You are entitled to your opinion about the library board. I don't necessarily agree, but see value in your thoughts none the less. But to let you know I am not thin skinned, and won't be warmed over with a brief mention of my parents.I also can't agree that anything I have to say keeps people from speaking out. If it does they probably had nothing much constructive to say anyway. Again, my opinion. Also I am sorry you feel the board was rude. But when you go there looking for trouble and demanding answers to things that aren't relevant, that's what can happen. You all also need to know that the library isn't public at all. Doesn't even have to have open meetings. Don't believe me? Do some research yourself, not just listen to the administrator of this blog because he clearly doesn't have a single clue to what he is accusing people of. More will be explained in my letter to the BCT for it can't be trusted that the reporter will post my editorial.

In conclusion, you people go right ahead and keep on believing that EP's clerk/administrator "leads the TWP committee around by there noses". That the library is board works for the "public" and is solely supported by tax dollars and it's business is everyones business. Keep listening to the irresponsible, uneducated, accusational, assumptions and un-truths that this guy want you to believe. Well, you might as well move to the China where you are only told what the administrators want you to believe. Because that is exactly what's happening to you! This guy is no good. If you can't figure that out by asking the right people and doing some research on you own I am afraid YOU are the ones being lead around by your noses!

kenton haaf said...

From: Kenton Haaf
To: Edgewaterparkreporter@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 11:50:42 AM
Subject: done

Awww, What's the matter Mr. Reporter dude? I gave you a couple hours to post my comment. Finally decide to do some actual research before you post it or rebut? Guess your afraid to be exposed for the liar and mis-informer that you are. Must have been OK when Mr. Germer was in my sights, but now that it's you it's not so comfortable for you now is it?

Maybe you should stick to things that are really political instead of things you don't understand. Because YOU are the one that ruined your own blog. I also want to inform you that I am done with your site. The jack asses that believe what you put on you blog aren't worth anyones time anyway. I was taught to "never argue with a fool, because listeners can't tell the difference". Might already have jeopardized that, but I had to do something since you were running amok. So you just keep right on putting up silly pictures of your barnyard, rodent, and jungle friends, and slums from who knows where leading the blind that it's Beverly. The fools you lead around will find it amusing I'm sure. Talk about 6 year olds! Also don't get threats mixed up with promises. Not surprising that you and your cronies would take it that way. Simple minds think alike.

See you in the funny papers. Or in this case the BCT because I will expose all the things you state as fact to be false. The truly intelligent people with be done with you too. Clearly you have a personal problem with the people in power now and no one would listen to anything you had to say if they knew who you really are!

Anonymous said...

What the heck is the "Beverly City low income housing over site committee" ? Does that exist?
Beverly City Council allowing what to happen?
Beverly City leadership "appointing" people having a vested interest in what?
Are you saying the housing inspector isn't doing his job? Is he a member of the library board?
The burden of proof is on the accuser in our courts. Seems like the reporter has the "splaining" to do

EP Resident said...

To kenton haaf & his croonies:
GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

Thank goodness you're done with this site and we don't have to read your ranting and raving like a little three year old anymore.

And you're the one who needs to get facts straight. You can keep on threatning the EP Reporter but the truth be told there is a such thing as "First Amendment Rights" and "Freedom of Speech". Maybe you didn't learn about them in school. So keep your threats up. They are just useless, wasted words.

ep dude or anonymous said...

Say kenton or is it anonymous, thought you were done!

Anonymous said...

Well you knew I had to look to see if you had the guts to put up my stuff. So should I be surprised that you don't put up anything you really have to answer to? Nope, not in the least Mr.EP dude or is that one of your many aliases "anonymous"? Took the bait you did LOL! Now I know for sure you must be tracing the IP address to my computer. Aren't you just so cleaver! Now I believe even more that you work alone and answer some of your own posts because no one reading it can trace your address can they? After all you have to keep the blog interesting somehow don't you? Even if you have to make it up. Which a lot of it you certainly do.

So why don't you explain to everyone that there is no "Beverly City low income housing Committee" Or "Beverly's leadership appointing people who have a vested interest" in things since they aren't doing any appointing to what you've eluded to? And that you are really saying that Beverly's housing inspector isn't doing his job? You won't, because you can't. You'll have to show you don't know what you're talking about, and you do make things up. You are such a coward. Beverly's housing inspector a good man and takes his job seriously. Lord knows he should be pissed at you for saying such bull.

The way I figured it I had two choices. Ignore the site because it's full of crap or just keep adding to it. Just to piss of all the anonymous sheep that follow you. I'm thinking I just might choose the later. Then again I have every right to believe that most of these posts are just me and you anyway. You can shut me off here since that seems to be you cowardly way, but that's where it ends. We'll see where it goes from here.

Oh and by the way I understand our first amendment and freedom of speech. It's such a shame when faceless, nameless words abuse it though. And you had the audacity to compare yourself to our fore fathers.You really are full of feces. ( I don't want to curse on you blog) In case you didn't know. That's a waist product expelled though the anus during defecation. Yup I would say that's about all you and you site really is!

Gee doesn't matter how I sign this does it? So I'll choose your cop out way..........................anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted here, but it appears that while many of you have been fighting over your "library cards" the world has been crumbling around you.
Many of you might remember that I posted a long time ago about the dire economic situation that was heading our way? Well, it case YOU ALL have not noticed, it has begun.
It will most likely continue to get WORSE for the next 1 1/2 to 2+ years, from what I am being told by people that are a lot more knowledgeable then me, in these matters.
The view of Beverly & EP will be MUCH different then it looks right now by the time this down cycle is over. Unless you folks don't mind living next to a "little Camden", filled with boarded-up, abandoned crack houses, fed by gang drug activity, I suggest WE ALL pool our mental resources, and WORK TOGETHER to try and stop this. I honestly don't know if we can, but at least I am willing to try.
Maybe a series of "town hall meetings" with both EP & Beverly residents would be a start?
I know many of you are frustrated with the current representation in both communities, but WE NEED TO TRY ANYWAY. I also believe that each and every committee person should be asked their opinion, so we know where they stand.
Better to have tried and failed (and I hope we don't), then to have not tried at all.


We the People said...

I would like to clear up the controversy over the non-existent "Beverly low-income oversight committee". No it does not exist as that name. However, there is a "Beverly Housing Authority" consisting of board members appointed by the city government as well as HUD. ( I may be incorrect on the HUD appointee but there is one member appointed by a state or federal entity.) In either case, there indeed exists a Beverly Housing Authority which oversees "Delacove Homes". Of more interesting note are those who serve on the board. Gary Centinaro, Director. John Schoen. John Haaf. Randy Miller. The ironic thing is that in the book "Beverly: A Local History", published in 1976, reference is made to the "Delacove Homes project" as being one of the biggest stumbling blocks of Beverly's downturn. (Paraphrased) The reason being the lack of equitable taxes collected on the property as well as it (Delacove Homes) being situated on prime waterfront property. Over 30 years have passed since that statement of truth was made. Why has nothing been done? The members of the housing authority are residents of Beverly, with the exception of one. The members have been appointed by Democrats who have had control of this city for years. Maybe it has more to do with what is good for the director, (his $80,000) salary, and the Democrat party (cradle to grave voting block) than it does for the good of Beverly city as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Beverly citizens (who care) need to take back their city! Eliminate the true cancer of this community; SECTION 8 Housing! Not only are we the highest taxed town (per Capita) in all of New Jersey, but are responsible for educating more Special Education students then any other nearby community. Our incompetent, corrupt government needs to be overhauled. I implore all local (Edgewater Park, Delanco) residents to get involved and help remediate this issue, as our town's demise WILL impact you just the same in the year's to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first of all let me say the library sucks. The hours are unorthodox and you guys should just shut up about that. We
secondly, the houses by the train do need work.I would love to live in a house like that, but can't. They are beautiful houses too. Third, does anyone realize that Beverly residents are talked bad about everyday? I go to Palmyra High school and you are constantly put down cause you live in Beverly. This hurts people. Riverton and Palmyra people see us as stupid and lesser beings. As do Cinnamonson and Riverside and Delanco and they don't even go to Palmyra!! This is due to uncaring parents and BCS. My sister and cousin are in BCS and honestly, Willingboro schools are better!! I never went to BCS and for good reason too. Has anyone realized that about 2% of Beverly students are in CP or Honors classes in Palmyra?? I am that 2% and it is annoying when people see you as dumb luck just cause I'm a Beverly honors student. This shouldn't be!! Beverly apparently had three other schools, what happened to them?? Beverly was also a booming town for 150+ years, what happened?? I notice vacant stores on Main street, why is that?? Why is that this town runs all the things that would bring Beverly back out? Do you guys not care that children are turning to drugs and sex for entertainment? Teen pregnancy rate is on the rise in Beverly as well as teens getting arrested for drugs or robbery. Beverly shouldn't be a mini Camden or called that for that matter. There should only be one Camden people!! I can't wait to graduate in 2014 and leave honestly. I will not be that Beverly teen who gets pregnant after graduation or arrested. I'm going to college!! Maybe U of Penn? But more teens should be doing this. I think Beverly residents need to get off their butts and start showing their kids how this town can be not what it is now. Help the next generation!!