Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Edgewater Park Mayor Said that Business Abatement Needed for RV Dealership

The Mayor stated during last nights Township meeting that the Abatement Ordinance was needed to allow businesses to freshen-up like the RV place because it is looking tired. That hopefully the Business Abatement Ordinance will encourage existing businesses to expand and attract new businesses to move here. 

I don't disagree, she is right. I question why the Mayor and Committee didn't do this long ago. The Mayor and Committee chose not to join with the County to jointly market Edgewater Park or to follow the recommendations made by the County to encourage the commercial development of Edgewater Park's Rt 130 Corridor. Instead the Mayor and Committee pushed for building high density residential housing. 

Thank god that deal died. But wait did it die, or is this Abatement Ordinance a way to bring the high density residential project back to life? I don't trust our existing Township Committee and Administrator to do the right thing for the taxpayers of Edgewater Park because of their past shenanigans. For an example just look at the Coat Factory Give-a-way Tax Abatement deal and the misuse of the Open Space Tax for maintenance of existing fields. By the way, did you know that the township is only receiving $115,001.00 dollars from the Coat Factory in-lu-of taxes this year? What a great deal for us taxpayers, and remember this is the same group that now wants to make similar deals with other businesses.

The Beverly Free Library Board will hold a public meeting tomorrow night, 7PM at the Library on Cooper St. Do you think that the Pharmacy will be repainted after the Political Party using the building is finished using it? Or will this become part of the local color for Cooper St. I admit you can't hurt the Cooper St. atmosphere much more than what you have there now. What a great gateway to welcome people to your town.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


Bob said...

Edgewater Park Reporter,

I love the picture and its symbolism. It appears the pig is happy and well fed. To bad the same can't be said for us taxpayers.

A Lee St Resident said...

I am responding to your comment about the paint job on the Pharmacy Building.

Our City Fathers are looking to make the Bloods and Crypts feel welcome and at home, as the get off the Light Rail to sell their wares and settle territory disputes.

Thats why Cooper Street looks like it does today. The City Fathers want Beverly City to be the destination choice for gangs and their friends because no one else is interested in locating here if they can help it.
The City Fathers know that as long as this group is living here, they will have no problem getting re-elected.

Hell, one of our Council is experienced with this type of activity. What a suprise.

Our Town Fathers also like to let speculators buy up single family home and convert those homes into apartments and what a suprise, with our city housing official that is susposed to watch over this.

I remember when Cooper St was a lovely neighborhood. Well thanks City Fathers.

Anonymous said...

Lee Street resident, you should know that single family homes being converted into apts is something that needs to go before PLANNING BOARD not Council.

And yes, I guess they are inviting the Bloods and Crypts into Beverly... Just as much as an AMERICAN FLAG does, as that's what the building with it's stars and stripes is supposed to resemble.

Common, gimme a break! Are you the same person that said that if you're against RB then you're for Bin Laden? If not, you certainly sound like a friend. I mean, you have the same logic and all...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should be "RG"

William said...

Hey EP Reporter,
Off the topic here but just read the latest Beverly Bee and couldn't believe that picture of Lunch Lady Judy and Camden County Democrat John Adler. They had to make a nice soldier homecoming a political event for them. Why else invite Adler whose not even from our County? Oh, that's right, he's running for Congress. What a shame, Adler couldn't hold a candle to Myers' record of service to our Country or his business savvy. And if the lunch lady really wanted to make a presentation why wasn't it done during the homecoming; and not so contrived at a township meeting. Shame on you Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Hey William
Because it was organized by a Republican candidate for office and no one else was advised of it so it could be made into a political issue rather than the homecoming and appreciation of service for a member of OUR armed forces!

Angie said...

Hey Anonymous 4:23 pm:

How can you say that no one else was advised of it when Committeeman Daly participated in it by driving a squad and Mayor Hall and Deputy Mayor Atzert were also present for the entire ceremony. The only one there politicking was John Adler and his entourage wearing Adler political stickers in very poor taste until they must have realized it and then they removed them. Get your facts straight next time before commenting. Touche' William, you were right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Since when does getting facts straight matter on here! HA HA

bob said...

It is you that confuses fact with fiction. You might want to take a close look at your town, then tell me you think it is something to be proud of