Friday, August 29, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Committee to give more business tax abatements

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The BCT posted a story today 8/29/08 that the Edgewater Park Township Committee will vote on an ordinance that would provide an incentive to businesses owners to locate in the township, or to improve and expand existing business.

This ordinance will be voted on for adoption next Tuesday, Sept. 2nd during the Committee Meeting.

The Mayor said that "We were trying to figure out why it hadn't been extended to the business". She was speaking about tax abatements. I guess Mayor Hall forgot about the give away tax abatement given to the Burlington Coat Factory by fellow committee members Tom Pullion and Jim Daly.

Most of the township's zoned commercial areas, already exist in the redevelopment zones that allows for tax abatements.

Administrator Dougherty said that "We are looking to stir economic development we feel that this is a mechanism to hopefully attract business to our community, Willingboro is doing a great job over there attracting business. We wanted to do the same over here."

The Mayor, Committee and Administrator had a chance to partake in the redevelopment help that was provided by the Burlington County Economic Development Office and Burlington County Freeholder Board, that benefited Willingboro's Rt. 130 successful redevelopment efforts. Instead back in 2004 Edgewater hired their own consultaint who was paid $30,000 (1 cent on the tax rate) to attract businesses to Edgewater Park. He produced nothing except another give away residental multifamily project that fell apart, thank god.

I like how this proposed abatement ordinance was placed on the township web site for the public to see and how the final vote will take place the evening after a holiday and the first day of school .

If approved by committee it will take place Sept. 8, 2008. I bet the vote to approve will be 5 to 0 by committee.

Do we trust this township committee with Tom Pullion and Jim Daly, who voted for the Burlington Coat Factory Abatement giveaway deal, Mayor Hall who defended the Coat Factory Deal as a great benifit for Edgewater Park and Donna (Atzert) Mount who's brother Darren Atzert was a member of committee that approved the Coat Factory deal, to look out for us taxpayers on future deals? I don't think so. Look for a deal shortly on the old Drive Inn/Kings property that will benifit from this abatement ordinance.

See you at the developer's feeding trough (Edgewater Park Committee) Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. 7PM.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


George Jefferson said...

Gee I thought our town fathers already had some type of business incentive because of all the Bloods, Cripps and Mohammeds doing business in town.

Your local drug dealer said...

We need another democrat bill in the legislature to pay for Heroin needles....we are almost running out.

Where did the $10 million in clean needles paid by taxpayers in 2007 go?

I am deeply disturbed at these democrats, they want us for our products and then forget us...shame.

Anonymous said...

Our Committee is so desperate for some new revenue to cover up their wreckless spending that they will steal from Peter to pay Paul. They are running out of creative ways to move money in the budget like a shell game so the residents can't figure out their deficit spending. But all the high paid positions still get nice raises that the average person doesn't get when times are tough. Hell, Mayor Judy Hall even admitted at the very first budget meeting regarding the salaries they pay, and I quote,"We've negotiated ourselves out of our own town." She was referring to the plan that Corzine wants forcing towns to merge to consolidate costs to offset his cuts in state aid to small towns. By the way this is the same Democratic governor that all Committee supported but now I bet they don't even know who he is. I guess they won't support Obama because he's for "CHANGE" in politics as usual and that would really include them too.

Anonymous said...

Copy and paste if you want to view the ordinance

the surfer! said...

Have you noticed that the article on the tax abatement has not been in the printed newspaper yet? Maybe they think nobody can find this stuff on the internet! it maybe archived at this point.