Monday, August 18, 2008

Fw: Library Board Runs Amok

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Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 9:43:12 AM
Subject: Library Board Runs Amok

The taxpayer supported Beverly Free Library Board is now engaged in partisan politics.  Despite holding a 501c3 tax status which prohibits any political activity, the board led by John Haaf have given the Beverly City Democrats free rent of a building next door to the library which the library acquired as a FREE GIFT!!!
Now, people, understand that if you pay real estate taxes in Beverly City, Edgewater Park, or any other community in Burlington County, part of your real estate taxes go to SUPPORTING THE LIBRARY.  Any competent tax attorney will tell you that a 501c3 organization cannot engage in political activity or they lose the status.  AND STATE LAW prohibits any taxpayer money going to political parties.  If you are a tenant, your RENT helps the landlord pay the library tax so it's really you paying for political purposes.
Haaf said that they didn't give the space away.  They bartered it for free cleanup of the space.  Barter is OK unless the beneficiary is a political organization.  Moreover, in a barter deal, the value received must equal or exceed fair market rent.  It took the Democrats less than a day to clean out the building.  Even if the effort was worth $1,000, that is nowhere close to fair market rent which Realtors tell us would be at least $600 a month on a long term lease and more for 3 months.  So even if the beneficiary were a private enterprise selling, for example, Halloween costumes, the deal would be illegal anyway!!!!!!!
I got a phone call from Haaf last night.  The Library Board was informed by ME of the illegality of the giving of the space to the Democrats.  I, Publius, informed  him that I would file a complaint with the Attorney General of New Jersey and seek revocation of the Library's 501c3 status with the IRS which would preclude it from receiving one more cent of our hard earned dollars.  The phone call announced that there would be a PUBLIC MEETING OF THE BOARD AT 7:30PM TONIGHT, AUG.18 AT 7:30 TO DISCUSS THE MATTER.
One more thing you folks in Edgewater, Delanco, and Beverly need to be informed about.  Until July, all three communities contributed money to the Beverly Bee.  In the new budgets only Beverly is still subsidizing the Bee.
Now this might seem not to be a problem.  BUT YOU DON'T HAVE ALL THE FACTS!
1.  The registered address of the Bee is Riverbank, Beverly.  Now for those who cannot drive along Riverbank since it is a 'private' street, let me tell you about Riverbank.  It is the site of several mansions all with direct access to the River.
2.  The address of the Bee is also the address of Haaf.
3.  Much of the text in the Bee is provided by the township clerks, members of township committee, etc.
4.  Haaf and his wife Bev are among, if not THE, richest residents of Beverly!


Anonymous said...

Lets stop supporting the wealthy! No more corporate welfare! Say NO to the extension of the Bush tax cuts!!!!!!!

Robert Germer said...

Well, well, well. The meeting last night turned up more interesting facts about the Library Board. Five years ago, Accent made a movie about Beverly and showed it at the Library and gave the proceeds of sales of the movie to the Library to allow it to get 501c3 status. To date they still have not done so!

Now I am told by my tax accountant that if I made any donation to the Library and deducted it from my taxes, I BROKE THE LAW!

The Library claims that they are a New Jersey Non Profit which my tax accountant says does not qualify for Federal IRS deductions.

Moreover, the board has allowed its "tenant" to occupy the space without getting a required Certificate of Occupancy. Haaf claims that they are not 'occupying' the property despite the presence of signs both inside and outside.

When I asked for a copy of the lease, Karen Van Hoy who is a member of the board and seems to be its chief mouthpiece and decision maker after Haaf REFUSED TO GIVE ONE TO THE PUBLIC! She allowed us to look at it but kept her hand on it like someone would steal it. (Aside to Karen - don't worry about the public stealing it. We are law abiding citizens.)

Now folks, I for one do not want to be in the position of violating US IRS laws. I will be in contact with the Burlington County Library and other authorities regarding the refusal to produce copies of the lease, the legality of taking taxpayer money via real estate taxes without apparent accountability.

Unlike Publius, I will post my name on this comment.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the money for the Beverly 150th celebration that Accent used? Does that qualify for a deduction or what would that be called? Guess no one in town is to be trusted when it comes to money.

Anonymous said...

Publius.....Maybe you should check your facts before you go running your mouth about things you obviously don't understand. Then again there is another reason for using a pen name and not your own. Sounds to me like there's a jelousy issue behind these comments. The Beverly Bee has about as much to do with politics as fixing flat tires.

I would ask you to explain exactly what you are were trying to say, but something tells me that would show your inteligence or do I mean lack there of? Makes me wonder if small town politics makes you stupid or does it happend after the election? Seems to happen to almost all involved. Bevery, Edgewater Park, wherever.

Those remarks and comments are right up there with your good buddy Tom Pullion, After all who wants money for a park that anyone could use? It's better to give away tax revinue (coat factory) to make yourself look better than to do real good for the town you live in.

And..... Mr Germer are you sure you got your facts straight too? Because it sure doesn't look like it. Oh and by the way I'd get another accountant before you break the law again.

More to come. Only anonymous for now!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, posted on August 19 at 1:13 p.m.:
Please, if you're going to attempt to bash someone using big (for you) words like intelligence and revenue, please try to spell them correctly. It's a good thing you're not a teacher (at least I hope you're not!)

Anonymous said...

Don't count on supposition and assumptions regarding the tax liability that the Free Library may have unintentionally opened itself up to by aligning itself with a political party. Hopefully, the Free Library didn't rely on the free "expert" advice of a failed accountant or others within the tenant's inner circle.
Please encourage the Board members to seek IRS help. It's free and they usually get it right.

Anonymous said...

Don't count on supposition and assumptions regarding the tax liability that the Free Library may have unintentionally opened itself up to by aligning itself with a political party. Hopefully, the Free Library didn't rely on the free "expert" advice of a failed accountant or others within the tenant's inner circle.
Please encourage the Board members to seek IRS help. It's free and they usually get it right.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that people would attack the library to hurt the opposition party. If Germer & co. cared about the library they would have asked to meet with the board & discussed their concerns. Filing charges is a vicious way to solve a problem and shows hard feelings for the library itself. I guess if the library goes under they will blame the democrats. All this for inflated egos & power hungry pony tailed fake kings.
Mr Germer made the same wrong assumption that the library was a 501-c3 just like publius. Is Germer publius?
Wasn't Accent the non profit community group that later admitted to being Republican? They had no meetings & no accountability. Isn't that fraud too?? Where was Mr. Germer then?
Still have to wonder why EP Reporter allows false facts (publius's lies) and personal attacks at his site. This site is losing its credibilty fast.
Maybe the pony lady was right!

gracie said...

Speaking of breaking the law....

Doesn't the Beverly School Board president have criminal charges against him?

Beverly's a mess. I thought it was bad here.

the edgewater park reporter said...

I have been a card carrying member of the Beverly Free Library since I was child, a long time ago and have enjoyed the services they provide to our community.

I published the post because of the poor choice made by the members of the Library Board in their decision to allow a Beverly Political Party to use the Old Wells Pharmacy Building for it's HQ building. I would have no problem if the Library Board let the Political Party meet in the Community Room, requiring the proof of insurance. My question to the Board is why would you damage the reputation of the Library Bd by agreeing to rent the Old Wells Pharmacy Building and only getting the building cleaned.

I think it is time for some oversight by the municipalities, who contribute tax dollars to the Beverly Free Library as well as the county. We do not need to lose such a wonderful asset because of stupid decisions by the present Library Board Members.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gracie,
Why are you trying to muddy the waters with an unrelated topic? Just trying to deflect criticism that hits too close to home? This is typically a refuge of the cornered.
It's sad when an adult can't stay focused. Please seek help.

gracie said...

Georgie Porgie Pumpkin Pie,

It is a related topic. Perhaps you need to sharpen your memory, as Mr. Germer stated that he broke the law by donating to the library.

Gerogie Porgie, are you really Mr. School Board Pres, or a close friend? You seem to be highly offended by the post. Read some of the other blog comments. You'll see that there are ones that are far more off topic than mine -which was related. (Hence, the "Speaking of breaking the law..." I put that in there for slower people such as yourself.)

Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts from a taxpayer:

The "political" activity in this town is absolutely DISGUSTING. I have lived most of my life in towns almost ten times larger, and although there were some "shady dealings" (including a Mayor that is now in jail), I have never seen such corrupt, partisan, dishonest people in my life. While I hate to include everyone, because I know a few honest people in politics here, there is such an overwhelming majority of dishonest people involved here, that it saddens me. Now the library is involved in politics? Will we see political banners on the trash trucks soon?
I think "ALL OF YOU PEOPLE" who are constantly telling me how much you luv Edgewater Park/Beverly, should look in the mirror and ask yourself if what you are doing is benefiting yourself or the town?
I see a diamond in the rough here, and the ability of a population to actually develop a community the way they want it, because we have the most important resource here - undeveloped land.
The current political atmosphere here and the "status quo" of the same people running for office, sitting on ALL of the boards, will ultimately lead to this town being merged & disappearing. I know that is the last thing that many of you wish to see.
My suggestion is that ALL of the currently politically active people in this town retire from politics. I know that will NEVER happen, because they are in it for the wrong reasons to begin with - STATE PENSIONS (just look at the who's who Sewer Authority).
Maybe some residents that don't have 20+ years history's with the opposing party (on both sides) will offer us something new?
Let's be honest, it's not working the way it is, and has not for a long time - we need a change now.


Anonymous said...

This is getting silly. Why don't you all just go down to St. Joe's parking lot and duke it out?

Robert Germer said...

Gracie said:

Speaking of breaking the law....

Doesn't the Beverly School Board president have criminal charges against him?

No, the charges were disposed of in court.

Beverly's a mess. I thought it was bad here

Yes, Beverly is a mess because of the "Good Old Boy" network of which most of the library board members belong to continue to disregard the law, the rights of the public, etc. in trying to impose their will on people. They can't stand intelligent people who demand that the laws be followed.

Anonymous said...

Someone should let the BCT know that the charges were disposed.

Anonymous said...

Germer, you are a troll! The Haaf's are wonderful people. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

William said...

Hey JB,

In case you're new to town, the Repulicans haven't been in control in EP for quite some time now. Many years, in fact, so why are you harping on them too? Many of the current republicans still active in politics have democrat friends from years gone by. It used to be what was best for the town and after an election everyone got along. These new democrats have even shunned some of their own party if they had their own opinion or disagreed with them. Opponents are removed from boards and committees; commissions are reduced to committees etc., so they have no real say or independent spending ability. They're ruthless and it's all about political egos not our residents' well being. I do agree with you, it is time for a change.

Me said...

has anyone tried to read the budget on the twp web page? You can't even read it .... the salary page is cut-off for the top employees. Come on...why can't we see the darn thing?

Anonymous said...


While I would agree that the current folks are following in the mold of Pelosi politics (as I call it), but there are some Dems in office that do not agree with the way things are going.
The fact of the matter is, the current regime & the people up for the next election are NOT the answer. Too much "bad blood" exists between both parties for this town to move forward in a positive way imo. It has little to do with qualifications, and everything to do with attitude.
I've said it before & I'll say it again; this is NOT the time to be playing around with tax money. If the average citizen knew how close this town is to DISAPPEARING FOREVER, they would be demanding change now.
I invite all of you to do some DD in regard to the state's future plans, and I think you will not like what you find out.
EP needs to be reinvented, Beverly
needs to be invested in, and the community needs to start thinking about how their actions affect their neighbors, their community, and their town. There are a lot of people that still want to live in a small "friendly" town, that are stuck in impersonal suburbs where they have no sense of community.
It's not too late to change the direction here, if people decide to "really care" what happens.


Kenton Haaf said...

I guess you can say anything you want if you're afraid to put your name on it. Of coarse there is the other side of that. Some poeple say ridiculous, inaccurate things and still do put their name to it...... Go figure.

I have read everything on this site from down right lies, accusations, bashings, and even a spelling lesson. Isn't there a better way to use this energy and media? Maybe making our towns a better place?

I doubt this kind of crap goes on in Washington. But here in our small and delightful towns, for some reason we have to put up with people who put their energy in all the wrong places. Instead of putting it towards making Beverly, and Edgewater Park a better place to live. Guess it makes them feel better about themselves somehow.

Anyone that really knows John and Beverly Haaf already know they do more for the town of Beverly by accident than some on council, and some in city hall have done on purpose. No reason to mention names they know who they are. It's not everyone. Some, if not most are tryng their best to make Beverly and Edgewater Park the best it can be. Then again their are some that care only about themselves, and whatever gain they are possibly recieving.

Have some guts Publius let everyone know who you are. If your going to point fingers and stir up trouble at least be man(or woman) enough to put your real name on the things you state as fact. Funny how I have to find out from you that the Riverbank is inaccessible to the public which is certainly not true. Sure it's a private road, but there is no gate or guard. Anyone can take a drive through and see the beautiful houses that were built when Bevery didn't have people like you living here..... Then to find out from you my parents are possibly the richest people in Bevery? Wow that's news to me. Hard working, good people get what they deserve in life. I'm sure you'll get what you deserve someday too.

Kenton Haaf

jeez said...

Who the hell invited all the beverly residents to this site?????? Tell Haaf, germer and all their other little friends to create their own blog site for their own town.

jeez said...

Who the hell invited all the beverly residents to this site?????? Tell Haaf, germer and all their other little friends to create their own blog site for their own town.

Anonymous said...

While I do half agree with you, here is a story for you to read...

A Mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife opening a package. "What food might this contain?" He was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.

Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. "There is a mousetrap in the house!; there is a mousetrap in the house!"

The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said "Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it."

The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house" The pig sympathized but said, "I am so very sorry Mr. Mouse, But there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured that you are in my prayers."

The mouse turned to the cow. She said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you. But it's no skin off my nose." So the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer's mousetrap alone.

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house like the sound of a mousetrap catching its prey. The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness she did not see that it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.

The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital and she returned home with a fever.

Now everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup's main ingredient.

But his wife's sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.

The farmer's wife did not get well. She died; And so many people came for her funeral the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all of them.

So next time you hear that someone is facing a problem and think that it doesn't concern you, remember that when one of us is threatened, we are all at risk. In the book of Genesis, Cain said about Able his brother to our God: "Am I my brother's keeper?" We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out for one another and be willing to make that extra effort to encourage one another and help one another.

Jeez said...

to anonymous at 11:37:
while your little fable was cute I don't want to read the daily fights between beverly residents. Let there be a Beverly reporter to report that.

William said...


I hear you brother, but even if two independents were to run and win in November; The bad blood would soon be felt by them also because the incumbents would see it as three against two. They would do everything from trying to buy them over to making the job as miserable as possible if they resisted and we will still be no where. Let's hope whomever wins whether it be independent or republican, that they can hang in their against all the B.S. long enough to take at least one more seat away. Then you'll see better days ahead.

Kath said...

I think this site is for anyone that wishes to participate, whether you are from EP or Beverly. Oh what the hey, we'll even take comments from BC because they've been included also in the past.

Maybe the reporter can change the heading to EP & Surroundings Happenings.

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Well Jeez,
No one is forcing you to read the comments, are they?

Anonymous said...

To Kenton Haaf,
Please understand that no one feels your parents would intentionally cause harm to Beverly. I don't believe that anyone is personally attacking them
They were used and taken advantage of by a person that didn't even graduate from special ed. I even seem to recall that he was a drug dealer that I remember from the Gardens area. He lies and is corruptive in anything he is involved in.
We know as you do that your parents are good people.
A friend.

KC said...

Hey Friend,
Can you back up your words with proof, or maybe even your name? No? I didn't think you could. If you did, then you know that you'd be liable for SLANDER.
If you're going to spread blatant lies, grow a set and at least sign your name... But it's easier to hide behind anonymity now, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey friend,
You really shouldn't talk about him that way. He's a big behind the scenes mahaff in beverly politics & doesn't tolerate this kind of stuff. Besides he grew up in Willingboro & likes starting community groups for fun & profit. You'll have RG taking pictures of your house if you keep that up.
And "friend" you should read the original post to the end, publius does attack the Haafs.
Bytheway RG, when is your next court case coming up? Talk about breaking laws...

Kenton Haaf said...

To friend,

Thank you for the kind words for my parents, but it makes me think you didn't read what this Publius fool or this Germer character had written. It was a direct attack. People like this only create more problems. They never have any solutions. They have lots to say about nothing relavent. Only thinking they are making themselves look smart or something. For example, this genius statement : "Yes, Beverly is a mess because of the "Good Old Boy" network of which most of the library board members belong to continue to disregard the law, the rights of the public, etc. in trying to impose their will on people. They can't stand intelligent people who demand that the laws be followed." I wonder who he's talking about? He can't mean himself. After all he did mention someone "intelligent". Apparently he is as intelligent as his accountant. Or does he do his taxes himself?

As for the other accusations of drug dealing etc. You should be careful there. That's a bad as this Publius goon talking about turning things over to the Attorney General of New Jersey. Like they'd be interested in this foolishness.

Now as for "kc". Well thats not a name either is it? You might as well be another anonymous. Maybe you need a "set" yourself. Seems like your hiding too.

Thinking further this EP reporter person doesn't seem to have a name either? Although he or she might mean well. It seems more likely to just be another trouble maker. As he quotes on his home page from the sign on Cooper street "anonymos words have no meaning or merit." Should we believe anything you say without a real name? Got any suggestions to make things better or are you just spreading poop whoever you are?

Anyone that knows my parents already know what good they do for the town. I'm not trying to convince anyone of who they are, or what they stand for. Their actions speak for themselves. I just can't stand people that spread lies and create controversy so they feel better about themselves as if they are accomplishing something constructive.

Anonymous said...

I hope all of the name calling, BS posts, and threats make all of you feel important?
The fact of the matter is, in the next 3 years there will be one regional library, one police dept covering EP, Beverly, Delanco, and maybe even Riverside, one mayor from all three towns, a governing body with reps from each township, more tax dollars to waste, and more tax dollars to pay to a more complex wasteful system. So have your fun bad mouthing your neighbors from the little computer room in your basements, and watch the world around you (that many of your grew up in) get destroyed.
This is not a possible future, IT IS THE FUTURE, so keep your heads in sand a little longer.
EVERY problem WE have can easily be solved. Did someone bother informing the library folks that there was a problem with them getting involved with politics?
Answer: NO
Does anyone show-up for the committee meetings in EP & Beverly and keep our elected officials accountable?
Answer: NO
Has anyone contacted EP and demanded that a whole budget be posted for all to view the outrageous salaries of some people?
So keep complaining on a blog about all of the wrongs being done. Keep bad mouthing your neighbors. Don't attend a town meeting. Don't vote. Don't participate in changing things & making them better.
If you do all of these things, YOU will all be much happier, because you will then have EVEN MORE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.


Karen said...

My name is Karen. The "Friend" who wrote about the drug dealings knows for what my initials of "KC" stand. I was not anonymous to them, and that was the point.

tired of the same old crap said...

Seems like this blog has run AMOK w/ all the idiots now posting to it!!!!!!!!!!

All this name calling and he said/she said crap does not get anything accomplished. We need to vote out the incumbents and get new blood into the twp. committee but the new blood has to have NO affiliation w/ the current people running the township now or we'll still be in the same old boat. New People, new ideas, new attitudes, that's what Edgewater Park needs.

Anonymous said...

If the new blood you want to put in is these people on here doing the name calling and finger pointing that won't help much at all. With all the postings I have not seen ONE (1) idea for improvement posted other than the cry "Vote them out!"

Kath said...

JB you are wrong in saying that people do not atttend the committee meetings or ask for full view of the budgets. I know for a fact that budgets have been asked for and questions have been asked. The answers that they get are "I don't know" or "this is all we have"...never was the "I don't know" followed with a Well I wil lookinto it for you and get you an answer. Just like them telling the sewer authority that the former office was needed to be a file room. It is someone office. WHERE WERE THE TRAILERS THAT THEY HAD FOR FILES. Personally, I do not believe they ever existed, but that is just my opinion!

I won't hide my name.

William said...

JB, Were you at he last meeting where the budget was accepted.

Anonymous said...

Bob Germer is a complete idiot and no one should listen to a word he ever says. The man is a pathological liar and should not ever be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Not only is Germer and idiot and liar, he is also quite stupid. The caption after his second picture of the Wells building should be "reflection of intelligence" Go ahead, click on it to blow it up. That's him alright!!!! What a fool!! Publius ha ha ha should be Stupidus!!!

Anonymous said...



Kenton Haaf said...

To anonymous D

Let me tell YOU! I don't feel bad at all about anything I have said about Robert Germer. Let alone ashamed. If anyone should feel that way it should be him! After all, he started all this with his accusations of the library board and my parents. NOT ME! Now to find out that he is Publius. Well let me tell you this. I have never met the man, but the only way we will ever get along is if it starts with an apology for the things he said about my parents and the things that have nothing to do with what he was complaining about with the Wells building. Maybe he is a "good sport" but at this point he will have to prove that to me because right now I feel the same way as the two posts before yours!

But speaking of apologies I have to say I am sorry to "kc". I had now idea at the time who you were. So please accept this. I am sure we have things in common about the goings on in Beverly.

By the way I loved the farmer story. It goes to show how things are connected even when they don't seem that way at first. Thank you for the insight.

Dan, a Edgewater Park Neighbor said...

Why didn't the Library Board get proof of insurance for the Pharmacy Building? When the Edgewater Park Republican Club asked to use the Library Community Room to hold their meetings, they were told that they needed to have insurance to protect the Library. This was very costly and the Club couldn't afford to purchase the required insurance protection. I think it shows a double standard by the Library Board if they didn't require the Beverly Democratic Club to show proof of insurance before letting them use the Pharmacy Building.
I understand that a local insurance agent is working on this for them. I have to wonder that if the rental wasn't exposed, would the Library Board ever require the Beverly Democrat Club to get insurance.

I also hope that the Pharmacy gets repainted after the election.

Anonymous said...



ihbg said...

Attn: all posters
Anonymous D is Robert Germer. Nice try Mr. Germer.

Anonymous said...

Attn: All

Anonymous D is Robert Germer.

Nice try Mr. Germer.

Kenton Haaf said...

Anonymouse D, HA HA HA Why you make me laugh! Although I do respect any man or woman that put his life on the line for our country believe me. There is great honor in that self sacrifice. But that was then, and this is now. Mr Germer started throwing the mud, not I. My previouse statment stands. An apology is in order. Although I do, and will thank him for his service to our nation. The things he stated as fact are still false and that's all there is to say about that.

And again sir. I am still the only one that has to guts to put my name up. So how can I be compared to the cowards as you have stated? I will not compare you to those people. I will leave that to your childish and bully ways.

Anonymous said...

D & others,
Being a veteran is not an excuse for acting like a jerk. Many people served, some R nice, others real jerks. Germer is a jerk by his actions. Just because you didn't serve in the military doesn't make you less or more of a person. NOR is it a reason for getting elected as president.

Thats the stupid Karl Rove/ Bush logic, if you don't support us you're no good. Look where that got us. Rove/Cheney never served & bushboy went missing, never seeing Nam.

Certain Beverly republicans are nothing but crybabies. EP republicans better hope they don't get linked with the Beverly repugs. Heard there was one sitting right with them. Not a good idea if we want to make some progress in EP. I'd vote for EP repugs but not if the nasty Beverly repugs are involved.

Anonymous said...


That's a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Here's the real scary question:
If I AM for him, with what do I align myself?

Anonymous said...

Dan, the EP got your facts wrong. According to good sources, the EP republican club never asked the board to use the library & were never turned down due to lack of insurance. This is another false claim that has turned up here. Not a double standard but a double lie.

Why doesn't the EP republican club meet at Grandma's Attic like the Beverly club does now??? Nice place, good coffee & right across the tracks.

This is another little trick to trap the library board into looking bad if they do turn them down. Sounds like a PP or RG tactic. Snakes in the shadows.

Careful EP republicans, don't get drawn down with your Beverly cousins.

This place has become false rumor central.

dan, a Edgewater Park Neighbor said...

Say anonymous 9/7 1:26am,
It is you who got your facts wrong. I didn't say the Library Board was asked. A member of the Library Board was ask by a member of the EP Republican Club. That club member was told that the club needed a certificate of insurance if they wanted to use the Community Rm for meetings. This information was given to me by the club member and I checked it out with other members of the EP Republican Club.
I guess you (anonymous) are part of the click that runs everything in Beverly. How can you be proud of what you have allowed to happen to a town that once was very nice. It doesn't suprise me that you want to hide the fact that there is a double standard in decisions made by the Library Bd. Also the man who gave the money for the Library to buy the Pharmacy wanted it to be torn down and turned into a parking lot for the Library.
Beverly's condition is the result of political inbreeding and the results inbreeding bring about.

Anonymous said...

EP Dan,
Once again you seem to be mistaken. If EP repubs were serious about using the library they should have submitted a formal letter.

The Wells building torn down? How many parking spaces would that have gained? They already had an adequate parking lot. You or your sources are very misinformed. The pharmacy was still open at the time so why would the library chase them out & tear the building down. The rent was bringing in operating cost money like the donor wanted. It doesn't make any sense to tear the building down. And this was all common knowledge around town at that time.

But I guess EP repubs never get their facts messed up. If they say something was said, then its fact? Not what I heard around city hall but people remember things differently sometimes.

Still, why don't they use Grandma's Attic?? Diane is a very supportive person.
How about the Weiman bldg?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

C,D, Bob, Robert, Publius, whatever.I would guess E is next. Seems to me that if you don't toot your own horn certainly no one else will. People around here know you to well. Anything to put someone else down is OK, but when the spotlights on you it's not so cool. Just another sign of a weak mind and desperate man. If you don't agree with the library board, then volenteer. If you don't like what the council does, run for election. But we all know you're no help. You've been there havn't you? So why don't you just stop waisting every ones time. Crawl back in your lonley hole and stay there!

Anonymous said...

Come on Germer!? how many different anonymous posts are you going to leave. You know no one, BUT YOU, is going to agree with you.

Robert Germer said...

I did write the Publius articles and I do not apologize for them. Every other comment I posted I did with my own name. I never used Anonymous or any letter nor will I.

As to the Haff baby, I will never apologize to your parents for the illegal actions they are taking as members of the Library Board. Legal action is actively being pursued.

And as far as I am concerned, supporting the Beverly Bee with taxpayer money is welfare for the wealthy.

Robert Germer said...


Almost a Doctor Cook in yet another of her partisan schemes (remember the dirty tricks which she tried and which backfired during her laughable run for a Freeholder seat last year) tied the Traitor and Liar Luis Crespo to her apron strings and seems to have induced Lyin' Luie to file completely worthless charges against me and against Bob Thibault, the highly regarded President of the Beverly School Board. You may not know it but Bob Thibault led the board which managed to oust Dr. Glen Gray after Gray's innumerable questionable and actually illegal actions.

Now the Cook, Crespo, Chaos cabal cannot stand any success by the Republicans at all. Crespo lied that he was a Republican and allied himself with Cookie even before taking his seat last year. This year he was repaid for his treachery by being named City Council President.

Not satisfied with their success in ousting a highly qualified City Attorney for a hack WITH NO KNOWN EXPERIENCE IN MUNICIPAL LAW, they added chaos to the mix.

First, they tried to discredit the School Board by filing worthless charges against Thibault. It cost the City Taxpayers well over $1,000 out of pocket for what amounted to a rump trial before a Democrat "Conflict Judge" with a "Conflict Prosecutor" to bring charges against Thibault because he dared to try to collect the money owed for work Thibault performed for Crespo. The hand picked "Conflict Judge" did find Thibault guilty in Municipal Court despite the fact that the law was not violated. Bob Thibault appealed to Superior Court which dismissed the charges in a hearing lasting less than a minute thus clearing Thibault's good name.

Flushed with apparent success after the initial Rump, er Municipal Court trial of Bob Thibault, Cookie and Crespo conspired again to bring charges against me, Bob Germer, of harassment because I questioned whether or not he had paid his municipal real estate taxes. Claiming that I called him a "heaping pile of manure" and that this was racial (!!!!!!!!), he had me tried by the same Democrat "Conflict" Judge and prosecuter again costing the taxpayers well into four figures! Not even the Democrat Judge could swallow this buffonery and found me NOT GUILTY.

Almost a doctor Cook (She passes herself off as Dr. Cook but never says that she is a doctor of Psychology or some other psychobabble wannabe profession) is desparate to get elected Mayor since she wants to get rid of the first School Board in 20 years to actually take control of the Beverly School and replace the members with political hacks like Mayor Jean Wetherill's predecessors did. It was the Louden and Cookie crowd which appointed a school board which allowed a Superintendent to rent St. Joe's so that the super's alleged girlfriend who wasn't even a qualified teacher would have her own school to run. It was the Lowdown and Cookie crowd which appointed school board members who gave the school bus contract to a relative of the Board President who had been found to be running with a driver with a suspended license and WITH NO LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR NEARLY AN ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR.

So when Cookie needed a new ally, she set he sights on Lyin' Luie and together they brought Chaos into the mix running Beverly.

More to Come. Keep tuned for the dirt on a couple of the Dems running for Council as well as a couple elected last year.

Anonymous said...

Attn: Bob Germer

"Unlike Publius, I will post my name on this comment."

Sound familiar? It should; you wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Germer could you lie some more. This is all so very entertaining. Stay tuned for the next episode of Robert Germer's Lie's and Accusations.