Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Former Edgewater Park Township Employee Comments

I received the following email message last week, but felt that the post on Spc Steven Buck by Chuck Ryder was more important to post. 
The Township Committee will be presenting a proclamation to Steven at tonight's Township Meeting. The BCT has a nice story and photo in today's edition, Section B, page 1  . To bad they didn't send a reporter and photographer to the actual homecoming. It would have shown Edgewater Park Residents showing their appreciation for Steven's service to his country, but better late than never. 

If you are aware of any returning service personal, please contact the Yellow Ribbon Club with the soldier's name and address so that they can contact the family to see if they want a community welcome.

The following message, just supports the other comments posted on this and other blogs on how our town is being managed and governed.

I am investigating information about the repaving project being done on South and North Author Drive. One of the items has to do with the quality of the work and the lack of oversite by the township engineer on the contractor. One comment I was told about was one of the subcontractor's telling a resident to stop complaining about the workmenship, that "this was freaken Edgewater Park not freaken Moorestown"!

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

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Dear Reporter,
       I used to work for the Twp.  Linda Dougherty always talked about getting rid of the Sewer Authority.  People are under the impression that Council has a vote but Linda is their puppeteer.  She pulls the strings on  everything.  I was forced out of my position and that is ok because I hated seeing the things going on in there. 



Anonymous said...

If you hated it so much why did you wait so long to leave? If she/they made life so miserable why stay?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many present employees are happy?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the sewer lord has spoken

A Neighbor said...

Where was the Twp when Buck came home last Saturday? Where was the media then?

Bravo to the Yellow Ribbon Club, Warriors Watch and the fire companies for the GREAT WELCOME HOME!

Anonymous said...

if, like they told us, the sewage authority had to move because they needed a file room, how come when i went to pay my property taxes was there a desk, computer and a township worker calling it her new office?????

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Linda in regard to the Sewer/Slush fund Authority.
We do not need a board to manage crap, and this case, they actually get paid to watch Willingboro manage crap.
Sounds like a real crappy idea to me? Just my opinion.

A Neighbor said...

Gee, why would any EP resident be surprised that our Mayor would lie about the use for the old sewer office. She isn't used to people exposing her lies so quickly. She was always successful getting people to feel sorry for her by using her gossip network to plant stories that made it look like who ever was questioning her was really trying to make her look bad.

Take last nights township meeting. The township committee was embarrassed when they saw the large turnout for Steven Buck's homecoming. Being unprepared the Mayor rightfully decided to present Steven with a proclamation last night.

The only problem with this presentation; the Township Committee and Mayor, never did this for any of the other of our returning vets.

They also made a political event out of the meeting presentation by inviting State Sen. John Adler and Assemblyman Jack Conners, but didn't ask State Sen. Diane Allen.

Do you think the Mayor and committee did this on purpose? You bet.

What a shame for our returning vets, to be treated as a political object to make our elected officials look good to the residents. The Vets deserve our heartfelt thanks for their service, not to be used foe a political prop.

Shame on you Mayor and Committee for using Steven in this manor, but the word of your actions will get around.

Thank you Steven Buck, for your service to our country. I am proud of your service as I know many of your neighbors do. Best of luck and keep safe in your future.

Anonymous said...

My my, I wonder why we have not heard from the Sewer Lord?

Anonymous said...

EP Reporter,
Regarding your investigation into the Arthur Drive construction. At least from N.Harrison to Cleveland along N. Arthur Dr. the backfill along curb lines was done with crushed stone for most of it and only about 4 to 5 inches of dirt for the topping. Notice I didn't say topsoil because it appeared to be uncleaned fill not dark in color as is being used now on S. Arthur Dr. It had stones and some broken glass was found by some residents. Also there is nothing but weeds growing in it after being covered with straw, no sign of any grass if indeed they claim to have seeded under the straw. Homeowners will also notice that when wet you will sink into the dirt because it wasn't tamped or compacted so be careful when mowing; two residents have already turned their ankles when mowing around it. Also,dig down a few inches and see if it is all clean soil like was removed or stone & dirt. Watch for glass if bare handed. Where was the ERI supervisor/inspector while this was being done; sitting in his truck on his cellphone discussing his denture issues . Also, why did the Lincoln Ave. street project have all of its curbing replaced which does look much nicer than the crappy look of the piecemeal replacement being done on Arthur Dr.? The two projects were started within weeks of each other with regard to our budget woes so how come Arthur Dr. got all the construction reductions which I say again does look like CRAP. Could it be because Deputy Mayor Atzert lives on Lincoln Ave and no one on Committee lives on Arthur Drs.? It's a real shame that one of the biggest circles in EP will not have the nice new look of N.Garden & N&S Harrison because of all the old and new curbing and driveway ramps mixed.

Anonymous said...

The reason is more Democrats live on South Arthur than North Arthur.

The following are some musing questions that I have about our community.

Who is the Sewer Lord?

Why does the Edgewater Park side of Rt. 130 look so depressed compared to the Willingboro side?

Why are our taxes going up again? Tom Pullion said the Coat Factory Tax deal was such a good deal for the town because it was going to offset future tax increases. Did Tom Pullion lie to us?

Why do some property owners never get sited when other owners get notices for the smallest infraction?

Why is our Township Clerk paid so much compared to other towns?

Why does the Emergency Squad have three ambulances when emergency calls are usually handled by other towns? Do we support them with our taxes?

Why didn't they put new sidewalks along Cooper Street?

Why is the Riverside Mayor running the Sewer Dept.?

Why do we keep electing the same people to office, expecting them to improve our community, when they keep screwing it up?

Is there a connection between Mount Construction and our Deputy Mayor Mount?

Are we going to continue to be dumb in November?

John said...

To anonymous at 9:13am:
These are very good questions that I too would like to know the answers to. Maybe this would make for some good election literature? Or maybe someone can raise these questions at the next town meeting? Please E/P Reporter take these questions further, the residents need to know.

Publius said...

Linda is just like the kooks running Beverly. Both communities collect taxes and turn them over to the Beverly Free Library. Now, the Beverly Free Library is subsidizing and supporting the Democrats running for election by GIVING THEM FREE RENT IN A BUILDING OWNED BY THE LIBRARY. My taxes, your taxes, and everyone's taxes are being spent to suppport a political group in violation of the law! We have already informed the IRS that the Beverly Free Library is in violation of its tax exempt status and seeking its revocation. We have already posted a letter of complaint to the Attorney General of New Jersey regarding this illegal activity and asking that the head of the Library Board be charged.

Anonymous said...

Is there any real proof to what Pubius posted about the library?

Quite an accusation to make without any thing to back it up.

Thought EP reprter was more careful. I guess this site is republican run, not objectively run as many thought.

Easy to hide behind an anonomous name.

I know I am hiding as I post this but I didn't trash anyone either.

John said...

To anonymous at 2:11pm:

The edgewater park reporter has nothing to do w/ what publius posted. Before accusing the edgewater park reporter maybe you should check your facts first.

Oh and P.S.: I am trashing you anonymous in my post since you don't have your facts straight and I'm still man enough to sign my name.

Publius said...

This is to the 'anonymous' who questioned my facts.

For you information, my post and other activity has led to an emergency meeting of the Library Board tonight. They will meet executive session at 7:00PM and public session at 7:30 PM.

If you don't want your tax dollars going to the party in power, be at the library tonight!

And since you obviously have no knowledge of US History, let me tell you about Publius.

Publius is a Latin name which means Friend of the People. It has been used by men such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, etc., etc. to bring important facts to the public.

Anonymous said...

I am not quite sure how this is any benefit to the people who pay taxes to support the public library. People need the free access to books more so than the so called "important facts" and actions that might revoke tax exemption status.

Isn't this contrary to the spirit of the aforementioned Americans who have used the name of Publius?

I don't think the rhetoric used in this space is very constructive. It's vitriolic.

It doesn't matter what the legal name of Publius is. But I hope he or she can garner a sense of decency to respect people.

Many people may not have the education that Publius had or the intellect he or she possesses. But those same people have feelings and compunctions.

We have this space to have constructive arguments. Personal attacks should be done face to face.