Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edgewater Park to lose another good resident

I received this message Sunday and have removed the senders name from the address bar

The Edgewater Park Reporter

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Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 10:08:01 PM
Just wanted to comment on your site for Edgewater Park. Being a resident here for almost ten years myself, my husband born and raised here. We are a 1 income household. It is tough in this day and age to do it but we have done it with struggles and sacrifices so I can be a stay at home Mom and raise my own children. But due to the economy these days and the price of our taxes we can not  and will not be residents of this town for too much longer or state. We will be heading south where my husband can make more money than what he is making here in this state and have a bigger home with less taxes than what we pay here in this town. Not to mention the school district here has much to be desired. Doing some research I found that our school rates a 4 on a national level  as opposed to where we will be moving is an 8. Well on that note, I only wish I had stumbled across your site sooner.


Anonymous said...

hows any of that related to this site? is there a southern usa real estate page i dont see?

River Line Rat said...

Ahh, another well educated Edgewater Park anonymous person commenting. You must be a moron if you don't see the relevance of the letter.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor must be reading the blog, because the anonymous comment sounds like somthing she would say. Didn't she tell a resident from Silver Park to move back to Philadelphia during a town meeting?

Anonymous said...

If you are not happy here, demand change. Go out and vote every incumbent out of office in this town, county, and state.
The politicians are ruining NJ for the middle class. If you have a chance, take a look at the statistics for how many people have left the state in the last five years. Why do you think this state has a 2% exit tax? They know people want out.
How about instead of us having to move, we vote the bastards that are ruining out town, county & state out?
It's time to do the old NJ tradition of not voting for people, BUT VOTING AGAINST PEOPLE.
We have to wait until next year to send Mayor Hall back to the cafeteria (where she belongs), but there are other lame duck, lame people with seats up for re-election. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!

Frm the other JB

julie said...

Well, all I can say is another one bits the dust!

Anonymous said...

riverline rat ought to poke its head out of the sewer and face reality! Its a statewide and national trend. People have been moving south for a generation. Its not related to any particular town. Its where the jobs and housing are. Earlier in the 20th cnetury people moved north for the same reasons. Things that make people move are run down houses like some of them along Cooper Street with faded peeling paint!

river line rat said...

Well anonymous, while I was down in the sewer with your friends, the current committee members and sewer bd members, I discovered that the only thing peeling on Cooper Street, was our Mayors makeup and the Dunks Ferry Inn. Wow what a shocker.

The reasons people are moving from Edgewater Park are because they are not happy with the schools, the towns continuous tax increases and the very apparent degrading of the quality of life issues being brought about by our elected officials.

If you want to believe that this town is no different than any other in NJ, well keep your head in the sand and you will find out what happens to towns like ours. Remember Pennsauken, Beverly and Willingboro were once nice desirable towns to live in, until they were mismanaged by their elected officials.

PU, there certainly does seem to be a stench of bad township management here above ground. I need to return to the sewer were the air's redolence is tolerable and be with the salt of the earth.

bluesblogger said...

I think anonymous 1:24PM needs some help. Either they are blind or stupid! But if we keep re-electing this bunch then I guess we are a town of stupid people. What else can account for them still being in office.
Did anyone see one of our candidates for township committee who lives on Cooper St cooking on his grill on his covered front porch. I can't believe that the township inspectors allow it. Speaking as a fireman, cooking on a covered porch is a major fire hazard. Talk about stupid people!

Anonymous said...

You sorry people must have been lost when there was a positive story about Spc. Buck posted. You had nothing to whine about !!!!

Anonymous said...

Your complaining about the schools here and your moving to the south? Haaaaaaa! Good luck with that.

DJ said...

bluesblogger, if you are truly a fireman then you should know that the township inspectors cannot enforce fire code on private residences except during a change in ownership. NJ Uniform Fire Code applies to Commercial Buildings and the Common Areas of Multi-Family Dwellings. You cannot regulate stupid.

gw said...

What can you say but; Stupid is as stupid does. Why would you elect someone who uses a gas grill on their covered front porch to cook. DJ is right, you cannot regulate stupid and look who is running the town. Do you think they know what is stupid.

Anonymous said...

It's Darwinism at its finest! Survival of the fittest! If he/she burns their house down by doing that then they get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the township web site shows houses on the main page? You would think we lived somewhere else from those pictures. It should show the homes and properties that need to be cleaned up. That might work better then fines.