Thursday, July 10, 2008

Edgewater Park Committee Embarrassed

I hope you all were able to read the story in the BCT today 7/10/08 by Lauri Sheibley; Beverly maintains tax rate.

The state cut Beverly's aid by $90,535.00 dollars. Beverly's budget for this year is $3,038,054.82. Edgewater Park's state aid was cut $192,584.00, and since the township committee has not divulged its 2008 budget as of this date, I cannot compare the 2008 budgets of both towns to see if the % of state aid cuts are the same for both towns.

Maybe we should merge with Beverly since their elected officials and professionals have done a much better job with their budget this year. 

How is it that Beverly can maintain its services to the residents and not raise taxes, when Beverly City is subject to the same cost increases as Edgewater Park.

I say we send our Township Committee and the Administrator to Beverly and take lessons on how to manage a budget when times are tough financially.

When Tom Pullion comes knocking on your door or calls you asking for your vote to reelect him to Township Committee, ask him why he has done such a lousy job with overseeing the township's finances. Ask him to explain why he has voted to raise taxes by so much. 

I am picking on Tom because, he is the Township Committeeman in charge of finances and he is running for re-election this year. 

Somebody on Township Committee has to take action and get control of the Administrator and spending, or we will all have to move because we can't afford to pay the taxes to live here. As a senior, my income is fixed and I do not get the % increases in my Social Security or my pension, that can keep up with the large tax increases we have seen in this town during the past five years.

Please read the BCT article, I have provided a link if you recycled your paper today or don't read the BCT.    

The Edgewater Park Reporter  


curious resident said...

What is going on with the Sewer Authority, does anyone know. I heard that they hired a woman to work in the Sewer Authority that the Administrator fired from the Township a few years ago and now I see she is working for the EPSA. Perhaps there is a story behind this. I wonder if the chairman from the EPSA could explain her employment. I am sure the residents would love to know the story behind this. Perhaps the reporter could look into this and let us know.

Anonymous said...

It was sad to see an advertisement in the BCT for where EP residents can find their Beverly Bees. I guess no one at town hall thought of that before they stopped delivering them to residents.
Pretty bad when the bickering Beverly council can do better then our own! Maybe a divided council with a mix of Dems & repugs can get things done FAIRLY! and out on the open, not behind closed doors.
Did you see the fire hydrants along Delanco Rd near town hall & our Ridgeway school. I guess you couldn't with all the weeds grown around them, hiding the hydrants. Well, I guess now they will be cut this week after the adminstation sees this post here at the evil blog site.
I think the EP reporter should have those signs made up along our roads with the adress of this website. Just think how much you could annoy them by posting them all over the twp.

John said...

I really like the idea of posting signs around town w/ this blog site. I think it would be a great tool in informing more and more residents.

Here's a question:
Why the hell is our township committee spending money on a new website if our township is in such financial dire straits? The old township website was just fine and personally this new one looks like a five year old created it. Money well spent (NOT).

Oh and I just picked up my copy of the Beverly Bee and read the BS letter Dave Levay wrote in regards to the Sewer Authority. Come on does he think we're all stupid! Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies.

Anonymous said...

Idiots! Don't you realize that the 3C's Coalition that rules Beverly only kept the tax rate stable because they used over half the surplus leaving us with a very little one. In case you don't know who the 3C's are, they are Cook, Crespo, and chaos.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was for Edgewater Park. Why is there so much on here regarding Beverly's political games? Isn't the Republican blog for Beverly still in existance?? Just curious.