Friday, July 31, 2009

A Special Report from The Beverly City Reporter our Foreign Correspondent in the Country of Beverly City

A YouTube Broadcast from the Beverly Housing Projects, the very location that our Current City Council Democrat Majority tried to get as the new polling location for all elections in Beverly City.

A video that is better than a picture, and is worth a thousand words.

This is the location that was claimed by the City Council Members as a wonderful location for the Beverly City residents to vote during the hearing by the Burlington County Board of Elections. You can request a copy of the minutes of the hearing to see what City Council Members wanted to do this, then you can thank them in November for their concern about your safety. Nice people and really concerned for our senior citizens.

This location was said to be much more convenient and safe, then the Beverly School Building.

Click on the link below to view. Caution Strong Adult Language Spoken!

Do you think there was a method to the madness with this attempt by Council to change Polling locations?

Just wanted to show what the neighborhood is like.

The Beverly Reporter Special Report, for the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Edgewater Park 2009 Budget

The 7/24/09 BCT Story on Edgewater Park, talks about how the owner of a home assessed at the township average will see an increase of about $72 a year to their municipal taxes.

The BCT call this "In exchange for a modest increase in the local purpose tax, township officials were able to adopt a budget that postponed planned layoffs and furloughs, at least for this year."

Our municipal tax rate will increase 7¢ from $0.981 to $1.054 per $100 of assessed value.

Go to the Edgewater Park Web Site link by clicking here, and when it opens you then click on 2009 budget. You can download a pdf copy of the 2009 budget to your computer and review it.

The following points are items I think need to be addressed by the Edgewater Park Township Committee because of the percentage increase each of the items represent in this 2009 budget.

1. Surplus Anticipated is down $115,207 from 2008, $989,793 in 2009 $1,105,000 in 2008.

2. In the 2008 budget the township collected $366,526 (6.4%) more in revenue then projected in the 2008 budget.

3. Municipal Clerk Salaries & Wages up $15,170, $76,855 2009 $61,685 2008 a 24.6% increase.

4. General Admin dropped $20,906 because one employee moved to Financial Admin. which increased $10,481, and a decrease of temp employees.

5. Audit Services increased $2.000 $27,500 to $29,500. This is an outside Auditor who donates to the election campaigns of the Township Committee members.

6. Employee Group Insurance increased $32,500 from $449,000 to $481,500 a 7.24% increase.

7. Police Dept. Salaries decreased $36,397.

8. Public Works Salaries decreased $8,316.

9. First Aid Squad-Contribution increased $7,000 (28%).

10. Park & Recreation Functions decreased $23,300 (63%).

11. Municipal Court Salaries decreased $4,286 (3.9%).

12. Senior Citizen Transportation decreased $500 (33%).

13. Environmental Committee decreased $5,700 (85%).

14. Reserve for Uncollected Taxes decreases $5,493 (1.3%) in a recession, uncollected taxes increase not decrease. The municipality collects taxes for the School District, County and Fire District and must pay those taxing districts even though the municipality doesn't collect the tax. The reserve is to protect the municipality from having to take money from other budget line items if the tax collections are less then what is projected.

15. The Open Space Tax revenue is $31,032. It has been the practice of the past Township Committees to use that revenue for field maintenance, $24,785 in 2008, and not the purchase of properties to be preserved as open space. I don't know if this means that the 2009 Open Space Tax Revenues collected will be used for field maintenance because it doesn't say so on sheet 43 of the 2009 Budget, but in the 2009 budget the Park & Recreation line item decreased by $23,300. After 8 years of collecting $210,655 for the Open Space Tax, $141,352 is left and that is included in the Surplus Account of $989,793 on Sheet 4 of the 2009 Budget .

16. The Municipal Debt Service increased $53,500 (16%).

17. 2009 Budget Revenues are down $18,654 (.00324%) from 2008.

18. 2009 Budget Appropriations (spending) are down $34,654 (.006%).

Check the 2009 Budget against the 18 highlighted items shown above. Comment on any items we may have over looked so that we can all understand why our local municipal Local Purpose Tax keeps increasing at a rate far greater than the rate of inflation.

The Edgewater Park Reporter.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Google Video: beverly n.j. dodge city

As we were visiting the Beverly Housing Authority Office Building to check out the location to see if it was a good location to relocate the Voting Polling Location for Beverly City, we met the local residents out for an evening stroll.
beverly n.j. dodge city
Apr 28, 2008 - 02:11
nigga chillin
Beverly, NJ Video

Didn't see Car 54! Click for theme song.

Let us and City Council know if you think this is a good idea.

beverly n.j. dodge city
Apr 28, 2008 - 02:11
nigga chillin

Browse more videos on Google Video

Thursday, July 23, 2009

YBFF, Farmer Jim, doggy dog and his comments to Edgewater Park, NJ Happenings Blog

Please read YBFF's comment response (located at the end of this Post) to the 7/20/09 Blog Post. It is an example of one of the tamer comments that are sent from this same person who goes by many names such as, YBFF, BFF, doggy dog, farmer jim, just me, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Anonymous and many other pseudonyms.

The apparent reason YBFF likes to spend hours sending comments to this Blog, is to try and insult, impugn, misdirect and distort the Postings and readers of this blog.

As you can see from YBFF's comment below, this individual thinks, that the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog will die because when, and I quote him, "But soon Sparky you will see that it has been I keeping your blog alive, it's death will come when I get to tired of your follies".

Wow, what conceit!

YBFF also uses threats towards people he thinks are behind this blog or those besides himself, that comment on this blog, that he will expose them with any personal dirt he thinks will destroy them, because they dare to be critical of our elected and appointed officials. He doesn't get it, the people involved with this blog are not elected or appointed officials who are running our town and responsible for the finical condition the town finds itself in currently. If your comment is in agreement with a posted story, then in his opinion, it is written by The Reporter or the person is a moron.

I took the liberty to remove the initials of the individual who YBFF threatens in his last two sentences. The initials are of someone who works for the township and has never spoken to The E.P. Reporter or its staff about anything concerning the township except for official business.

I know it must be difficult for YBFF to understand, but it doesn't take much work to get the information legally, that is the bases of this Blog's Post Reports.

YBFF you can verify the information in this Blog by spending less time sending comments, and more time using the links provided in the Blog to check the facts posted here.

As far as the contributions by consultants to our local elected officials (in answer to your question YBFF), there are many ways to do this and not report it in the Elect Reports. An example of such a practice is being given tickets to attend professional sports events in the comfort of supper boxes and all the amenities that go along with them by our elected/appointed officials. The receiving of a gift that is delivered each Christmas to their homes.

You won't find these nice little expensive gifts and tickets listed on the NJ State Mandated Finical Disclosure Forms, nor the many lunches, dinners or social events paid for by professional firms (this includes consultants) but, each of our EP elected/appointed officials accept every year.

YBFF, it would not be too difficult for you to check this information out. If you attended any of the township meetings and asked meaningful questions, you would then understand how the public is treated in those meetings when they ask tough questions.

Below is the comment that caused me to publish this post . I altered YBFF's comment by removing the initials in the next to last sentence and replaced them with two ?? marks. If you are familiar with our township employees and their names, it would not be too difficult to figure out who's reputation YBFF is trying to smear, so I removed them. The comment below is one of the tamer ones.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

YBFF's 7/22/09 6:24 PM Comment (not posted to blog story of Mon.7/20/09)

You lack of wit is almost unbelievable. Furthermore you haven't got a clue about what you are talking about, but then again that is apparent every time you post a blog. I see you live by the rule "do as I say not as I do". You have yet to show recent evidence of this so called consulting firm donating money to the Dem's. Yet you still try to convince your loyal reading fools you have a point and it is I who can't face the truth, Reporter you haven't got a clue what truth is. I guess that is why you like to bring up the meds thing because you must be quite used to them and are a big part of your life, Admit it old fool I haven't used obscene language to proof you're an idiot. I need not try to hard. But soon Sparky you will see that it has been I keeping your blog alive, it's death will come when I get to tired of your follies. I am growing tired Bob Bob and Pat. Oh yea your little insider ?? without doubt is also a great waste or our taxpayers money playing on the net on our dime.She could also because a target of rumor who knows?

Isn't this last sentence a threat? Do you agree, meds are in order.--E.P Reporter

Monday, July 20, 2009

And We Wonder Why NJ is so Screwed Up

NJ's slogan is 'The Garden State' and many outsiders traveling thru the state wonder how that slogan applies.
Read the linked story "Feds subpoena governor's office" by Bob Ingle in his 7/19/09 Blog, Politics Patrol-The Bob Ingle Blog, and you will understand why NJ probably grows more corrupt politicians than any other state in the Union.

You will find all of the names in this story very interesting. What does this have to do with our town you ask?

Just watch the Edgewater Park Township redevelopment deals now being worked on by our Township Committee and Administrator, for the old Kings Dept. Store/Drive
Inn properties as well as the vacant property along Delanco Rd, between the Coat Factory Warehouse and The Courtyards Apt Complex.

Aha, the piggies are at the taxpayers feeding trough again, so you shouldn't be surprised with your tax bill, after all keeping the pigs well feed takes money and as Committeemen Pullion stated in a Bee article, "you have to spend money to make money" his justification for giving a consulting company a $30K contract to market Edgewater Park.

By the way, the consulting company did not bring one new rateable to Edgewater Park, but did produce campaign contributions to the local Democratic Club and the members of Township Committee.

Happy reading.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Edgewater Park Family Opens Geraghty's a New Pub & Restaurant in Burlington City

The Peak Family of Edgewater Park has opened Geraghty's a new Pub and Restaurant, 148 West Broad St., Burlington, NJ.
The inside has been completely redone and the atmosphere around the bar and dinning area is very comfortable and family friendly. Geraghty's has 13 draft beers on tap as well as 52 different bottled beers. The food menu has Starters, Salads, Quesadillas, Mussels & Clams, The Featured Geraghty's Burgers and Sandwiches. You get free refills with Beverages (Soda & Ice Tea) and ask your server for a list of desserts.
If you are looking for a nice place to eat and drink that is not overbearingly loud with a nice crowd, I recommend you try Geraghty's. You can park along Washington Ave and enter the Restaurant on the Washington Ave entrance or enter the Pub via the Broad St. entrance.
I hope you visit Geraghty's and enjoy the people, food, drink and atmosphere . The Peak family is always present to make your visit enjoyable.

The Edgewater Park Food Reporter

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th Gift to Edgewater Park and all NJ Communities from Gov. Corzine

Wake up Edgewater Park! Your Township Committee is making a deal with a developer right now to allow Apt/Townhouse high density housing to be built on the empty land behind Pep Boys and the Building Supply on Rt 130 (Old Drive Inn/Kings property).

As our Township Committee did with the former developer who's plans fell apart for the same properties, the Committee will tell you that this project will have no impact on our schools or municipal services because the homes will be age restricted.

Why is this bad for Edgewater Park? Well read this story (Gov. Corzine signs N.J. law allowing developers to challenge age-restricted housing designations) on the new law just signed by Gov. Corzine to find out what you are getting (it is like an enema only bigger) from the Governor.

The Gov. showing all of us how he will prep us for the insertion

This law will take the power of local planning out of local authorities and will give it to judges. Judges are the ones who have blessed this state with the COHA mandates that have not worked and are destroying communities like Beverly and Edgewater Park.

Any Governor who would sign this law, is in the pockets of The NJ Builders League. It explains why this state continues to have development without any concerns as to the impact the development will have to the communities in which they take place.

There is no such thing as 'Home Rule in NJ'. The Master Plan developed for your town means nothing, if it is at odds with what a builder wants to build and the power to override the master plan is now in the hands of a judge who probably lives in a exclusive expensive community that paid their way out of building any affordable homes (like Moorestown).

I hope the residents of Edgewater Park let the Township Committee know how they feel about any new Rt. 130 Condo/Townhouse/Apt project that the Committee is about to bless with their approval.

I also hope you think about this new law that was blessed and signed by Gov. Corzine, when you go and vote this November. He is really looking out for us isn't he!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, July 2, 2009

To My Good Buddy- See Edgewater Park Had Community Days Prior To This Year

So 'MGB', do you now see the light on who makes up stories? I doubt it because you can't take the truth can you. You will never see the BCT retract the Headline Lie they Printed, "Town celebrates first Community Day" June 15, 2009.

Oh, 'MGB' did you also know that no politics was to be part of The First Edgewater Park Community Day------- ha, check out this political link and Mayor Mount's comments.

After reading the link, you should check out how much in political donations the Mayor and her fellow council members have received from Engineering Firms and Attorneys for their past campaigns (NJ Elect. Site) and then check out how much those line items in the budget have increased from 1999 (Try and ask for the 1999 Budget).

I doubt that you will take the time, because it would reveal THE TRUTH about our Elected Officials in Edgewater Park.

I wonder if this practice is a good example of "public leaders place their citizens' needs first, not those of their campaign donors and political cronies"?

Can you answer that 'MGB'.
I am waiting for your comment, but stick to the subject-THE TRUTH from our Elected Township Officials.

The Edgewater Park Reporter