Friday, July 31, 2009

A Special Report from The Beverly City Reporter our Foreign Correspondent in the Country of Beverly City

A YouTube Broadcast from the Beverly Housing Projects, the very location that our Current City Council Democrat Majority tried to get as the new polling location for all elections in Beverly City.

A video that is better than a picture, and is worth a thousand words.

This is the location that was claimed by the City Council Members as a wonderful location for the Beverly City residents to vote during the hearing by the Burlington County Board of Elections. You can request a copy of the minutes of the hearing to see what City Council Members wanted to do this, then you can thank them in November for their concern about your safety. Nice people and really concerned for our senior citizens.

This location was said to be much more convenient and safe, then the Beverly School Building.

Click on the link below to view. Caution Strong Adult Language Spoken!

Do you think there was a method to the madness with this attempt by Council to change Polling locations?

Just wanted to show what the neighborhood is like.

The Beverly Reporter Special Report, for the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog


Anonymous said...

Car 54, Stupid is as stupid does.
Like not supporting a no tax increase school improvement project that is for items that the stat will require anyway. Now that is stupid right LC.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy in the video has a point but he dosn't realize it: knock em down and build nice town houses. I would like to see my property value go up in this town.

Mike said...

First off,I vote for the best candidate, no matter what Party, but this is beyond words!!The Projects are a Dem. stronghold,G.C. kingdom, no argument about it. To say the Projects are a better and safer place then the School to hold elections,is a insult to any thinking Human Being.
In such a small city, such as Beverly, a few votes,one way, or the other, can turn a election.
In early Nov. it is dark by 4:30.
Who is going to allow their wife, daughter, or elderly parents down there to vote!!!!
That is exactly what the Dem. are hoping for!!

Anonymous said...

First of all when are the taxpayers of this town going to have any say on the way things go down. How about we decide where we want to vote. When are we going to vote on the school budgetas taxpayers?? I think there are to many decisions being made by a bunch of idiots on city council. Another thing, In my opinion, someone that RENTS a property in beverly, and does not pay property taxes (the owner of the property does). Therefore the OWNER of the property should have the right to vote NOT the person who rents it. I feel that someone who rents a property shouldn't have the right to vote for city council. I feel that they couldn't care if Ronald Mc Donald was on the council. They don't pay taxes to live here and it pisses me off. I'm paying for thier kids to go to school NOT them. When they start paying the rediculous amount of taxes that myself and the other home owners of this town pay. Then thats when the renters should have a say. Till then let's keep the voting poles where they are. This year everyone needs to get out and vote for the better of this town that we pay so much to live in!!! Let's see some positive changes!! Stop giving the town to the renters. Let's give it to the people that pay to live here. The renters are just paying a slumlord rent and could care less about anything else!!