Thursday, July 23, 2009

YBFF, Farmer Jim, doggy dog and his comments to Edgewater Park, NJ Happenings Blog

Please read YBFF's comment response (located at the end of this Post) to the 7/20/09 Blog Post. It is an example of one of the tamer comments that are sent from this same person who goes by many names such as, YBFF, BFF, doggy dog, farmer jim, just me, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Anonymous and many other pseudonyms.

The apparent reason YBFF likes to spend hours sending comments to this Blog, is to try and insult, impugn, misdirect and distort the Postings and readers of this blog.

As you can see from YBFF's comment below, this individual thinks, that the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog will die because when, and I quote him, "But soon Sparky you will see that it has been I keeping your blog alive, it's death will come when I get to tired of your follies".

Wow, what conceit!

YBFF also uses threats towards people he thinks are behind this blog or those besides himself, that comment on this blog, that he will expose them with any personal dirt he thinks will destroy them, because they dare to be critical of our elected and appointed officials. He doesn't get it, the people involved with this blog are not elected or appointed officials who are running our town and responsible for the finical condition the town finds itself in currently. If your comment is in agreement with a posted story, then in his opinion, it is written by The Reporter or the person is a moron.

I took the liberty to remove the initials of the individual who YBFF threatens in his last two sentences. The initials are of someone who works for the township and has never spoken to The E.P. Reporter or its staff about anything concerning the township except for official business.

I know it must be difficult for YBFF to understand, but it doesn't take much work to get the information legally, that is the bases of this Blog's Post Reports.

YBFF you can verify the information in this Blog by spending less time sending comments, and more time using the links provided in the Blog to check the facts posted here.

As far as the contributions by consultants to our local elected officials (in answer to your question YBFF), there are many ways to do this and not report it in the Elect Reports. An example of such a practice is being given tickets to attend professional sports events in the comfort of supper boxes and all the amenities that go along with them by our elected/appointed officials. The receiving of a gift that is delivered each Christmas to their homes.

You won't find these nice little expensive gifts and tickets listed on the NJ State Mandated Finical Disclosure Forms, nor the many lunches, dinners or social events paid for by professional firms (this includes consultants) but, each of our EP elected/appointed officials accept every year.

YBFF, it would not be too difficult for you to check this information out. If you attended any of the township meetings and asked meaningful questions, you would then understand how the public is treated in those meetings when they ask tough questions.

Below is the comment that caused me to publish this post . I altered YBFF's comment by removing the initials in the next to last sentence and replaced them with two ?? marks. If you are familiar with our township employees and their names, it would not be too difficult to figure out who's reputation YBFF is trying to smear, so I removed them. The comment below is one of the tamer ones.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

YBFF's 7/22/09 6:24 PM Comment (not posted to blog story of Mon.7/20/09)

You lack of wit is almost unbelievable. Furthermore you haven't got a clue about what you are talking about, but then again that is apparent every time you post a blog. I see you live by the rule "do as I say not as I do". You have yet to show recent evidence of this so called consulting firm donating money to the Dem's. Yet you still try to convince your loyal reading fools you have a point and it is I who can't face the truth, Reporter you haven't got a clue what truth is. I guess that is why you like to bring up the meds thing because you must be quite used to them and are a big part of your life, Admit it old fool I haven't used obscene language to proof you're an idiot. I need not try to hard. But soon Sparky you will see that it has been I keeping your blog alive, it's death will come when I get to tired of your follies. I am growing tired Bob Bob and Pat. Oh yea your little insider ?? without doubt is also a great waste or our taxpayers money playing on the net on our dime.She could also because a target of rumor who knows?

Isn't this last sentence a threat? Do you agree, meds are in order.--E.P Reporter


The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

It didn't take long, the following came from YBFF Anonymous:
"f*???ng pussy!!!! Now that you shouldn't post"

Sorry about the first word in the comment. I removed the letters and replaced them with question marks. YBFF did the *. Just wanted the readers to see an example of YBFF's comments that will not get posted.

YBFF, seriously you need to get back on your medications. You are going to blow a gasket. And for all of you're pontificating on who I/we are, I noticed you haven't given us your name have you.

As you have written in so many of your comments, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA , its the last time one of your comments will be posted.


Mike said...

WOW!!!!!!!This person is not only a deranged nut,but gives a whole new meaning to the word COWARD! Face to face this slug would urinate all over it's self!

The Undercover Lover said...

Na the YBFF guy is a City employee who plays guitar in a band that sings "In the Navy". He likes the idea of making the voters come to the Projects to vote and has big ambitions for advancement. He wants to be the Big Cheese. The Crispy Critter is his good budy and he likes the innernet, especally when the taxpayers are paying for it. But you better watch out E.P. Reporter, he has ways to find out who you are, because he has powers if you know what I mean. His friends can get your IP address and then turn your life to crap so consider yourself warned. Thats why I use a public computer when sending comments.

Anonymous said...

Splish splash the Feds are taking out the Trash, all on a Wednesday night.

YBFF's YBFF said...

On the City computer?
In the Hood?
Pounding out ghetto trash music?
Fixing DWIs?

Whoops I hear a siren, gotta go it could be car 54 or the Feds looking for YBFF Farmer Jim.

Anonymous said...

Did you see today's BCT and the article about EP's budget? Our illustrious Township Administrator told the paper that the budget passed unanimously!!! Was she asleep during the meeting? It was a 4-1 vote!! That isn't unanimous! What a dolt!

Anonymous said...

Who was the one against the budget?

Anonymous said...

I think Judy Hall voted against the budget.

Anonymous said...

And who is going to correct the administrator? She has the committee believing that SHE is omnipotent and has all the power and authority when in fact, the COMMITTEE is supposed to be in control but they are afraid to confront her.

the Edgewater Park Reporter said...

This is another YBFF comment I can pass on.

I'll give you my name when you tell us your moron!!!!!!!

Question for you YBFF. How can you expect a promotion to Big Cheese, when you speak and write like you do in your comments to this blog?

Talk about your ADD/OCD. Lifting a guitar and hanging out in the hood with Crispy Critter might make you strong in body, but from your comments, you are week in the mind.

I don't think there are any or enough meds that can help your condition. Maby when the Feds visit you can get some institutional help with your buddy.

Time to sign off Car 54, over and out.

Mike said...

With taxes,gas and electric,sewer,food,insurance,health care,college tuition,phone,cable,dental,and everything else going up,Who can I see to sell some body parts!!

Anonymous said...

Farmer Jim can do all this from his patrol car? I thought it was against the law to use a cell phone or any electrical devise while driving, even if it is only driving to the Diner for a meal.

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Car 54 is back and broadcasting. He continues to demonstrate his superior ability to as Mike commented, "WOW!!!!!!!This person is not only a deranged nut,but gives a whole new meaning to the word COWARD! Face to face this slug would urinate all over it's self!"
Car 54 keep sending your comments, they are more entertaining then reading the BCT. Keep them comming YBFF.

The Undercover Lover said...

If Car 54 is who I think it is, how can he be good friends with the Drug Salesman? Oh how foolish of me, Car 54 thinks its ok because the Prez is good friends with a terrorist!

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Still on duty Car 54 YBFF?

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Democrates rule!! Get used to it!

Anonymous said...

Car 54, you are parked at the Apt much to long. What are you doing, practicing on the drums? nothing to do after the all night ride with the drug salesman? I be so scard at night, knowing you are riding the highways and back streets of our town. I guess the drug salesman like the foot trafic from the rail station and all the boarded up homes on Cooper St.

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Car 54 must have worked (yea right) his four 12 hour shifts unless he is using City computers. Are you JB?