Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th Gift to Edgewater Park and all NJ Communities from Gov. Corzine

Wake up Edgewater Park! Your Township Committee is making a deal with a developer right now to allow Apt/Townhouse high density housing to be built on the empty land behind Pep Boys and the Building Supply on Rt 130 (Old Drive Inn/Kings property).

As our Township Committee did with the former developer who's plans fell apart for the same properties, the Committee will tell you that this project will have no impact on our schools or municipal services because the homes will be age restricted.

Why is this bad for Edgewater Park? Well read this story (Gov. Corzine signs N.J. law allowing developers to challenge age-restricted housing designations) on the new law just signed by Gov. Corzine to find out what you are getting (it is like an enema only bigger) from the Governor.

The Gov. showing all of us how he will prep us for the insertion

This law will take the power of local planning out of local authorities and will give it to judges. Judges are the ones who have blessed this state with the COHA mandates that have not worked and are destroying communities like Beverly and Edgewater Park.

Any Governor who would sign this law, is in the pockets of The NJ Builders League. It explains why this state continues to have development without any concerns as to the impact the development will have to the communities in which they take place.

There is no such thing as 'Home Rule in NJ'. The Master Plan developed for your town means nothing, if it is at odds with what a builder wants to build and the power to override the master plan is now in the hands of a judge who probably lives in a exclusive expensive community that paid their way out of building any affordable homes (like Moorestown).

I hope the residents of Edgewater Park let the Township Committee know how they feel about any new Rt. 130 Condo/Townhouse/Apt project that the Committee is about to bless with their approval.

I also hope you think about this new law that was blessed and signed by Gov. Corzine, when you go and vote this November. He is really looking out for us isn't he!

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

hmmm take the decision away from unqualified people and give it to the judge. we lose how?

Anonymous said...

NJBIZ reports E-Trade Financial will move its 171-person Jersey City customer service unit to Utah and Georgia. Archer Daniels Midland Co. will transfer its cocoa processing from Glassboro to Pennsylvania. That's 54 jobs. Assemblyman John Amodeo said, "For all their talk about us ‘turning the corner’ and being ‘ahead of the curve,’ the truth of the matter is our economy and taxpayers are now suffering the consequences of the administration's failure to govern prudently and responsibly." New Jersey has a national reputation as being one of the worst places to do business. It was like that before Corzine became governor and not much has changed since.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, what makes you think judges are any smarter? I also thought that Mayor Mount only appointed qualified people. Look at your tax bill to see how you lose and will continue to lose.

Anonymous said...

Yup---I feel the pain of the Gov's finger gouging more money from me. Now I can't even afford to drink because of the new tax!

Anonymous said...

A history lesson.
Our town has condos because they were supposed to be a cash cow in that they would pay the same taxes as homes and would pay for their own trash removal, street lights and maintenance. Several years later the law was changed and they now have services paid by their taxes. The lesson is that no matter what is done today, there is no guarantee that it won't be changed by the courts tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey,allI can say is Corzine said his first time out to hold him ACCOUNTABLE. So we should, Anybody could have done better for NJ's middle class than Corzine. He must have just been lucky on Wall St. because he certainly didn't show us he's the financial wizard he claimed to be that would help NJ out of its money troules.