Thursday, July 2, 2009

To My Good Buddy- See Edgewater Park Had Community Days Prior To This Year

So 'MGB', do you now see the light on who makes up stories? I doubt it because you can't take the truth can you. You will never see the BCT retract the Headline Lie they Printed, "Town celebrates first Community Day" June 15, 2009.

Oh, 'MGB' did you also know that no politics was to be part of The First Edgewater Park Community Day------- ha, check out this political link and Mayor Mount's comments.

After reading the link, you should check out how much in political donations the Mayor and her fellow council members have received from Engineering Firms and Attorneys for their past campaigns (NJ Elect. Site) and then check out how much those line items in the budget have increased from 1999 (Try and ask for the 1999 Budget).

I doubt that you will take the time, because it would reveal THE TRUTH about our Elected Officials in Edgewater Park.

I wonder if this practice is a good example of "public leaders place their citizens' needs first, not those of their campaign donors and political cronies"?

Can you answer that 'MGB'.
I am waiting for your comment, but stick to the subject-THE TRUTH from our Elected Township Officials.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

I remember Edgewater Park Community day from when I was a child back in 1987 or 1988. I also remember they had t-shirts that said "I Love Edgewater Park", they were white with red lettering. Your right EP Reporter, community day goes way back. I even have pictures to prove it.

Those were the days when things were good in Edgewater Park, the town thrived, there was lots of involvement from the township residents, and the town was a great place to grow up in.

I have watched the town slowly disintegrate, long time families move out, the sense of pride to be a resident long gone, and year after year the same people who have put the town here get re-elected and just keep doing more harm than good.

It's a shame but I don't think Edgewater Park will ever return to it's hay day. I'm lucky I had the chance to grow up in Edgewater Park in the 80's and early 90's, it was a great place to live but now like so many other long time residents I have chosen to move out and raise my children in another town I can be proud of. At least I still have my childhood memories and stories I can tell.

Keep up the great job committee of the disservice you are doing to the once great township of Edgewater Park! Congrats! Your on your way to having another Camden or Willingboro on your hands!

William said...

Wow, lookslike the original community days were much more fun and interesting. I went this year thinking it was the first one and was really disappointed. Nothing for my kids to do that they thouoght would be fun. There was some good information available but that's not really the main scope of a community day. It would be nice to go back to the olden days of how things were done with the residents interests in mind first. I think there were more politicians there than residents because they were allover in groups introducing themselves. Again nothing of interest to kids. Better luck next year, maybe get somebody with young children to plan it and it would be better. Thanks, William

Anonymous said...

Wonder who paid for the earlier Community Days? Who financed those Township Committee members campaigns? HHHMMMMM Probably many of the same contributors.

Anonymous said...

rebutting your own blog again I see. well someone has to do it. BTW congrates are in order for you too! Nice job on the last two stories. I see you have lots of reponses to them.

Seadog said...

Why don't you prove your point by looking at the Elect Reports and see who donated and how much and give us the proof. No that would only work against your point wouldn't it excommitteeman.

Anonymous said...

We always had some type of event where folks could gather together for a good time in the past. Remember the J-Cee corn roasts, The fall fair at Magowan school, Octoberfest, and the past EP community days?
The point I'm making is, be happy that there is an effort being made to reinstitute a day for us to get together and don't worry about who is doing it.