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Dear Edgewater Park-
This heartfelt thank you is way overdue and for that I am sorry. I was just rereading the incredible story you printed about my son Steven Buck who came home to a "Hero's Welcome" last year. My family and I were amazed by the way our little town put on such a huge welcome home. There were soo many people that helped make it happen and for that we are soo thankful!!! There were so many neighbors, friends, family members, firemen, policemen, EMTs, Yellow Ribbon members, Warrior's Watch Rider members, and polical people to help show Steven we were proud and thankful for his service. This was all due to one phone call I made to the Yellow Ribbon club. They were able to put the whole celebration together with 10 days notice!!! They are truly amazing!!! So I am sorry I am so late, but wanted to let everyone we are soo thankful and to know I will never forget how incredible it was to see how our "little town with a big heart" was able to come together like that for us. And to Chuck Ryder, what can I say - you wrote the most wonderful post on here!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Sincerely Grateful-
Robin Arnold and family

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On behalf of Edgewater Park, Beverly and Burlington City Residents we thank you and all of the Veterans for your service to our country and it was a pleasure to express this thanks in such a manner.

If you are aware of any veterans returning home in the future, please email the information and pictures to; the ">EdgewaterPark Reporter . The Reporter will see that the requested information and pictures are posted.

You can also request from The Yellow Ribbon Club welcome home celebrations. As our Military Heroes return home, The Yellow Ribbon Club coordinates and attend celebrations in the Veterans home town community to welcome them home in Grand style. Typically these celebrations include the local fire department, local police department, emergency medical services, Warriors' Watch Riders, Patriot Guard and Last Patrol Riders, and of course the citizens of the community. Just our special way of saying "Thank You" to our Military Heroes.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

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