Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beverly Cities Queen Witch with Car 54, La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie, Police Scribe Snitch and Which Way Did They Go Good Ol Boy, Meeting on TP

Photos of the 'Beverly Queen Witch', 'La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie', 'Car 54 Wanna Be Chief', 'Scribe Snitch' and 'Which way did they go good ol boy' colluding on how to get Officer Pearce as well as photos of Car 54 street patrolling Locust St .

The Beverly Queen Witch

'La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie' getting the latest intel from the Scribe Snitch. It appears that the King has his finger stuck in his nose. Old habits die hard I guess.
'Car 54' with 'Which Way Did They Go Good Ol Boy'
Who is giving orders to who?

'Car 54' and the 'Queen Witch'

The 'Queen Witch ' listening to 'Car 54'. Did you feel the stab in the back TP?

The 'Queen Witch' blowing Car 54 a kiss after listening to him stab TP in the back

Whoops! we were spotted, put the window up!

'Car 54s' new speed trap location on Locust St. Wait, isn't that right behind his house? What no one is in the patrol car? Afternoon delight is it?

Notice the movement one hour later! Must have been lunch delight. I guess you residents of the east end of Locust St never have to worry, your street is well patrolled!

The Edgewater Park Reporters want to thank Undercover for the photos. Just shows who runs the town. I guess you have to park on the sidewalk if the patrol car is parked out back.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie's" Burning the Midnight Oil, 12:38 am on Friday, March 19th

The City Council President's Office Lights were on 12:38 am this morning. What was the King, Five Finger Louie doing in his office at that time of the morning?

Planting Bugs King Five Finger Louie?

You investigating authorities looking into the Kings activities, check the shredding bins! We know that he had a visitor with a police escort yesterday and his BlackBerry was silent all day as well.

The King Showing his True Personality (note the mind controls in each hand)

City Council, I would change the locks on the Building Department's Office Door.

Could this be one of the reasons the Chief Financial Officer quit?

Fire Company # 1, watch your new fire truck savings, the King wants it and your building for his own.

Fire Companies 1 & 2, looks like you have a new Chief (King) in town and King Five Finger Louie knows whats best for you all so have fun.

Look for rental apartments coming soon to the Bank and the Masonic Hall Building on Cooper Street.

Queen Cook and King Louie like the new tenant activity in the house across the street (reminds King Louie of the Gardens) hence the push for the Convent Affordable Housing Slum King to get the Planning Bd approvals for more slum housing.

Just what Beverly needs more low income housing. But the Queen and King know that they can count on the low income residents of this housing to keep voting for them no matter how bad they screw up Beverly because they have no vested interest to see that things are well run. Hell it keeps the Cripts & Bloods in town and attracting more of the same.

Thats why Officer Tony Pearce had twenty some charges brought against him by King Five Finger Louie and why only one charge is remaining. You can't have the City and Prosecutors look like they made a mistake, so there is one remaining charge that keeps a good officer from the city streets where he is needed and because he was first in line for Police Chief, this keeps him out so that King Louie can place Car 54 as Chief instead of Officer Pearce.

We see that Car 54 still is parking his auto on the sidewalk across the street from his house, but understand from King Five Finger Louie's comments not published, that Car 54 is special and married to a City Council Member, he doesn't need to follow the City Ordinances like the King, like the rest of us city taxpayers. But we forgot, the King not only doesn't have to get his building permits closed out, he doesn't have to pay his taxes, because he is the King.

Now we also hear that the other special Beverly person, GC is a little bit miffed about the King and Queen giving all the zoning breaks to the Convent Affordable Housing Slum King because it will drive down the rents GC charges for his slum apts. One has to wonder if we will have a rumble in the jungle at the riverfront between the "Italian Stallion" and "La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie". We would pay good money to watch that fight.

Thanks for the City Hall photo of La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie's Office and establishing that la cucarachas do come out at night so that they can avoid the light of day (truth).

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do meeting minutes need to contain a synopsis of public comments?

Information from John Paff on Municipal Public Meeting Minutes- TEPR

From: John Paff <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:07:28 -0400
To: <>
Subject: Do meeting minutes need to contain a synopsis of public comments?

I sometimes receive questions that I think may be of general interest.


Usually several people address my Township Council during the portion
of its meetings set aside for public comment. Yet, nothing of what
these people say is captured in the minutes. While I don't expect a
verbatim report of the comments, I would expect something to the
effect of "Mrs. Jones commented on the proposed raise of ..." or
"Mrs. Jones inquired about ....". The minutes do not even capture
the fact that Mrs. Jones spoke at the public session. Is this lawful?


N.J.S.A. 10:4-14 require public bodies to keep "reasonably
comprehensible minutes" of its meetings. Unfortunately, there is no
published case law addressing the question of whether recording the
identities of public speakers and substance of what they said is
within the definition of "reasonably comprehensible."

The only New Jersey case that I know of where this question was
addressed is O'Shea v. West Milford Township Council, et al, (Passaic
County, Docket No. L-2229-04, Passero, A.J.S.C.). Copies of the
relevant case documents are available on-line at

The second page of Judge Passero's order requires the sued public
body to include within its meeting minutes "the person's name,
address and a summary of the comments made." On pages 15 and 16 of
the transcript (page 10 and 11 of the PDF file), Judge Passero
explains why this information is important. "A summarization [in the
minutes of what members of the public said is important] because it
alerts the public as to the issues framed, or, for example, a board
said, we had no notice of this. We had no knowledge of this. Here
are the minutes where somebody said, I want to point out this, this,
this. It also goes to notice. So make [the minutes] a little more
comprehensible and you say [sic] stay out of court."

So, according to Judge Passero's reasoning, including a summary of
what each member of the public said prevents the public body from
later claiming that it had no knowledge of the issue. For example,
if a member of the public, at the June 2, 2010 meeting, publicly
complains of stop sign obscured by vegetation, and on September 4,
2010, there is a fatal accident caused by a motorist not being able
see the obscured stop sign, it is important that the minutes of the
June 2, 2010 meeting reflect that the body was on notice of but
failed to correct the problem.

Judge Passero's ruling is an unpublished, trial court decision and is
not binding precedent. However, it might persuade other courts to
rule similarly. I suggest bringing the ruling to the attention of
your public body and ask them whether they will act in accordance
with Judge Passero's ruling even if they are not bound by it.

John Paff
Somerset, New Jersey

------ End of Forwarded Message

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A new comment on Beverly City corruption and control

Five Finger King Luis's New Training CD

A comment sent from a reader on Boss Crespo's latest power grab.

"Well, the du-g cranium Crespo really did himself in this time. He decided to put himself on the Fire Commission by writing in his own name and getting 13 or so alimentary canal holes whom he controls to do the same. Well, he got the most votes and didn't win because he cannot hold both a council job and be on the fire commission. See that would be holding two elective offices which is against state law.

But by ignoring the law and waging this write-in campaign, he deprived the voters of the election of a fireman who got the next highest vote.

The law governing fire commissions say that if the winner of an election cannot or will no serve, the remaining members of the commission appoint a replacement until next year.

Now since the head of the fire commission is also the Democratic Party head in Beverly and since Luis must be doing some obscure favors for her, guess the people's choice will be denied again thanks to corrupt politics.

Luis is not the only du-g cranium on council. Most of his cronies qualify including Five Finger Louie's choice of City Attorney Skippy."

------ End of Forwarded Message

Additional comment from The Edgewater Park Reporter

A response to "farmer jim"," jb", "car 54","ybf" , "ybff", "R(R)B".

I know this is a hard concept for you to try and understand, but Don Arter and Robert Dovey are no longer public officials and so any personal issues that you try and bring up with your comments about them (not published), has no baring on the fact that Luis Crespo, who is your good buddy, along with his wife (School Board Member) are current elected public officials thus making their personal records relevant.

The fact that you see nothing wrong with an elected official who votes on City issues effecting someone who employees them as a contractor, or who owes back taxes on City property, or who conducts a write-in campaign for City Fire Commissioner knowing that he could not serve both elected positions by state law and who campaigned to get his wife elected to the City School Board, shows that you along with your good buddy, have some serious ethics problems and are a detriment to your qualifications for the position of City Police Chief.

When you are an elected official, your life is an open book for the public to examine so that the public can determine if you are someone they want to represent them in spite of your record. In many cases the public will elect you even with a tainted record, as in the case of Marion Barry in Washington DC.

After emailing both Don and Bob to see if they were intending to run for any public office and receiving the answer of no from both, the Edgewater Park Reporter has determined that their personal history has no baring on our publishing of LC's record, because he is an elected public official.

We also want to point out that there is never any excuse for public corruption, the personal use of government property or influence peddling. We will expose anyone who is an elected public official and carrying out these practices while in office.

If you really want to be Police Chief, I would be careful as to whom I am associating with and remember, when you try and damage someones reputation who you see as competition, well many times it comes back to bite you in the ass.

The Edgewater Park Reporter