Saturday, March 6, 2010

A new comment on Beverly City corruption and control

Five Finger King Luis's New Training CD

A comment sent from a reader on Boss Crespo's latest power grab.

"Well, the du-g cranium Crespo really did himself in this time. He decided to put himself on the Fire Commission by writing in his own name and getting 13 or so alimentary canal holes whom he controls to do the same. Well, he got the most votes and didn't win because he cannot hold both a council job and be on the fire commission. See that would be holding two elective offices which is against state law.

But by ignoring the law and waging this write-in campaign, he deprived the voters of the election of a fireman who got the next highest vote.

The law governing fire commissions say that if the winner of an election cannot or will no serve, the remaining members of the commission appoint a replacement until next year.

Now since the head of the fire commission is also the Democratic Party head in Beverly and since Luis must be doing some obscure favors for her, guess the people's choice will be denied again thanks to corrupt politics.

Luis is not the only du-g cranium on council. Most of his cronies qualify including Five Finger Louie's choice of City Attorney Skippy."

------ End of Forwarded Message

Additional comment from The Edgewater Park Reporter

A response to "farmer jim"," jb", "car 54","ybf" , "ybff", "R(R)B".

I know this is a hard concept for you to try and understand, but Don Arter and Robert Dovey are no longer public officials and so any personal issues that you try and bring up with your comments about them (not published), has no baring on the fact that Luis Crespo, who is your good buddy, along with his wife (School Board Member) are current elected public officials thus making their personal records relevant.

The fact that you see nothing wrong with an elected official who votes on City issues effecting someone who employees them as a contractor, or who owes back taxes on City property, or who conducts a write-in campaign for City Fire Commissioner knowing that he could not serve both elected positions by state law and who campaigned to get his wife elected to the City School Board, shows that you along with your good buddy, have some serious ethics problems and are a detriment to your qualifications for the position of City Police Chief.

When you are an elected official, your life is an open book for the public to examine so that the public can determine if you are someone they want to represent them in spite of your record. In many cases the public will elect you even with a tainted record, as in the case of Marion Barry in Washington DC.

After emailing both Don and Bob to see if they were intending to run for any public office and receiving the answer of no from both, the Edgewater Park Reporter has determined that their personal history has no baring on our publishing of LC's record, because he is an elected public official.

We also want to point out that there is never any excuse for public corruption, the personal use of government property or influence peddling. We will expose anyone who is an elected public official and carrying out these practices while in office.

If you really want to be Police Chief, I would be careful as to whom I am associating with and remember, when you try and damage someones reputation who you see as competition, well many times it comes back to bite you in the ass.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

Good point EP Reporter, I dont know what it takes for the people of Beverly to wake up, its obvious that lc gets manic for more and more power and schemes...You are correct that the voters in DC brought back a criminal but why does Beverly insist on having at least two people with past records on city council? If you search the Data Base in Mt Holly you will see among the several charges each that rr and lc were convicted of that the one charge they both pleaded down to was"Creating a Dangerous Situation",,, how ironic that is exactly what they are up to in Beverly: Creating a Dangerous Situation...Another thing that should be brought up is the friendship and closeness between JB and LC,and if JB has abused his power as a policeman to help himself to information that should not be privy to the public to help himself and his buddy to the information highway, public record is one thing but a cop can get more info.from my point of view i hope he has because it would negate any of the info he has retrieved...having lc and jb work together is blatant conflict of interest...but it seems thats the way they operate in Beverly.

Anonymous said...

Since they are matters of public record, would it not be within the realm of reason to scan the criminal records of rr and lc and list them on the web site for the people who have not made the trip to MT Holly to pull up their records on the computer on the county clerks desk or obtained the Judgment of Conviction documents, also any and all info that is public record from Shamong on LC could be revealed for the public to be informed....Now jb its very important for you to stay out of this and dont use city computers, or remote database entry systems including text or email from your phone to help your buddy or wife out, very bad conflict of interest, and as you are aware all traceable, let somebody else decide if public record info can be revealed, should also mention that any of your work partners including PSD should exempt themselves from using their power to inhibit or thwart or intimidate private citizens from having valid information

Anonymous said...

You mention that LC is bypassing the will of the people by resigning and having the Dem boss appoint someone to the position he was elected to but can not hold. Isn't his election the will of the people?

flamingmadfirefighter said...

No anonymous JB, it was the will of 12 people who voted while attending a certain wedding reception at the very fire house that was the polling place for the Fire Election. Lets see you and the new bride, your best buddy and his bride, thats four of the twelve vote along with the bridal party. Not to hard to figure out and you took out a fireman who didn't have a conflict with the state law. What a guy what a great group of friends working hard to take Beverly down another notch as a place to raise your family.

Anonymous said...

Well said Flamingmadfirefighter, JB and LC turncoats against the people who protect this town, they show no respect for the Firemen who risk their lives with every call....its a joke to both of them, the wedding vote caper tells it all, unbelievable, a wedding party fused with a political trick, wow, wonder how long that marriage will survive, probably as long as luis is a fire commissioner...what a sick slap in the face to the people of Beverly and the Firemen

Anonymous said...

this is a cautionary tale....
vote at every election

Anonymous said...

Bad move jb

TheBeverlyMole said...

The pony tailed grease slug has to resign. He cannot hold two positions in the city. The #1 Fire Company made that perfectly clear when their attorney Richard M. Braslow ousted (ok....forced to resign...) Mr. Edge from the fire commission for doing the same thing.

Ohhhhh SLAP!!!!

Everywhere you turn pony boy.....
Everywhere you turn....

Now I gotta get to work for the city...see ya'll!!

The Edgewater Park Reporters said...

JB, Farmer Jim, Car 54, R(R)B you just don't get it. Bob is not an elected official. His problems are his problems and they don't impact the City of Beverly.

LC, King Five Finger Louie and R(R)B's problems and records are relevant to the King and R(R)B's positions as elected officials in Beverly.

Did the King and his Court fill out the state mandated financial disclosure forms for this year because as you know, it is required every year and must be on file for the public to view in the City Clerks Office. It will show the source of income and investments for each public official so that if there are any conflicts of interest, the public will be informed. Of course the public official must be truthful when filling this form out and if any information is missing or incorrect, that official is subject to penalties under the state law. Hope you listed all your income sources King>

DC Car 54 Wantabe Chief Fan Club said...

JB, Farmer Jim, Car 54, R(R)B, you are sooooooo funny. To bad you are so concerned about people who have no impact on your taxes and city services. We do know from your comments (not published) that you are more interested in your own career ambition, wantabe chief, misdirecting attention away from your "good buddy the Five Finger KING Louie's" record, and the record of your main squeeze but again we must remind you, your main squeeze and KING Five Finger Louie are ELECTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS. I guess you would be the typical voter who would vote for Marian Barry, knowing his record. Darn funny for a POLICE OFFICER, but gee the use of police investigative tools to get personal information the critics of your "GOODBUDDY" so that you can try and smear them, fits right in with your way of thinking. We should add to your "DC" to your nickname and call you DC Car 54. We need to ask how all that change is working for you DC Car 54?

teapot said...

JB DC Car 54, have you ever read the Kings squeezes facebook comments, gee makes you talk about BG look small. Is this the stove calling the kettle black? I think so Mr JB. Now that should making living next door real interesting. When will we read your next tidbit of information that has nothing to do with your BEST BUDDIES record, him being an elected public official in all. Did you only have 12 registered Beverly residents at the reception or did some of the Beverly residents not vote for the KING? Good to see that you are putting your off time to good use.

Anonymous said...

Financial disclosure forms for the elected officials including the mayor and members of council.....good point, remember ask newsome to make sure they match up with their income tax statements as im sure we have to get them cross referenced to make sure they are honest in their data...will make sure they are checked in state and federal income tax data bases, just have to call or email their respective tip lines

Anonymous said...

Hey LC. If you really want to help Beverly, then QUIT!! And take waana be Chief ( who has no arrest record- why, because he does not arrest anyone, too busy chasing RR!! Omg, I just threw up a little!) with you. Two losers trying to be someone. I for one will be asking how many actual arrests JB has ever made, and what schools has he gone too? I heard NONE! Yea, great choice LC. The two guys who were more than quilfied to serve, you chase. Hmmmmmmmmmmm- jelious? Or scared!

Anonymous said...

no doubt the criminal records of rb and lc should should also be published in some fashion, posted in city hall would be nice,or leaflets dropped from a plane flying over Beverly would be more dramatic

Anonymous said...

Just one more self centered attempt by LC for world domination, or at least Beverly domination. When will the good residents of Beverly wake up and run him out of town.

If that a**hole had any shred of moral decency he would have declined the position and saved the City and fire Department the cost of TWO ATTORNEYS to research something everyone else knew. Besides, if LC wanted a legal opinion why didn't he retain his own lawyer to give an opinion instead of his lacky, the Ciy's attorney Skippy. Oh that's right he only uses his own attorney to file suits against people that call him names; only to have the suits tossed out later on!

But then again, remember he was "swept into office" by 12 votes.

The Reporters said...

Oh my KING FIVE FINGER LOUIE, did you have a bad day today? If you could spend the time to send 35 comments that we didn't publish with all kinds of threats, don't you think your time would be better spent working and earning a wage so that you can pay the taxes on 625 Broad or PHH Mortgage Corp on 623 Broad? We love the hart felt concern you show towards BG, in the 35 comments we didn't publish to protect you, because your track record of losing lawsuits to BG isn't real good is it KING.
How did you find the time to compose 35 comments and make your rounds to visit your cronies to spread your tail of woe?
I bet you didn't know that BG did not vote in the Fire Election. We think the write-in votes BG received were from some of those guest at the JB/R(R)B reception, who know what kind of power hungry manipulative person you are and wrote in BG's name to send a message or just to make you feel good with the thought that you really showed BG by getting more votes.
We also want to share the threat you sent in but wasn't published. "Maybe you had better stay underground Bob the mole. You are safer there. You sure aren't safe here anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
LC does your GOODBUDDY CAR 54 know you sent that threat comment, because as a Police Officer he is charged with the responsibility to protect the public from bullies like you.

The Reporters said...

To answer KING FIVE FINGER LOUIE's request, we will post your comments when you THE KING pay the taxes on 625 Broad St, when you bring back Officer TP, When you return the security monitoring software, when you stop voting on issues where you have a conflict of interest and when you obey the law like any other Beverly resident. Thats when we will post your comments KING FIVE FINGER LOUIE! Oh yes when you stop threatening the people who are questing your conduct as City Council President.

Anonymous said...

Here- here! Very well put Mr. Reporter! You hit the nail right on the head. Tick tock LC/ JB and RR ( not to mention the ENTIRE City Counsel) your day is coming, and let's see-- I believe a certain trail too! Maybe the Attorney General(s) Office should be invited to sit in?!!!!

Not BG said...

Comment sent by Anonymous ie LC, JB,R(R)B and misc cronies.

From: Anonymous
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 12:17:59 -0800 (PST)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A new comment on Beverly City corruption and contr... ":

Here we go with some remedial help for you Robert since you can't understand anything.\

We don't care if you post our comments they were directed at you. The fact that you see them is all that matters. What till you see what else we have in store for you Germer. You havn't seen anything yet!

LC doesn't care either he had nothing to do with them.

We don't know anything about his back taxes but we do know if it were as bad as your buddy D---- his house would be up for sheriff's sale now wouldn't it sparky? So how behind could he possibly be?

No one can bring back TP from where he's going to be and besides 90% of Beverly knows he's an ass and don't want him back!!!!!!!
I say again. He is a liability and a jerk Beverly does not need any more of those. WE DON'T WANT HIM BACK!!!

The other crap is only your here say so it has no baring but you can't tell because you're a moron Gerber!

You also don't know the diffence between a threat and a promise. That's your problem Bob.

No ones conduct is worse than yours. We also won't be "questing" (are you so mad you can't see straight anymore Bob?) about anything. We are taking care of it ourselves. So don't bother posting anything. We don't care idiot!!!!!

What Anonymous, LC, JB, R(R)B and Cronies forgot to add are the facts on 623 Broad Street, that can be found at the County Clerks Office on Book 396 pages 106-108 and Superior Court of NJ Chancery Division Burlington County Docket No: F-7894-03.
The facts on 625 Broad Street can be found at the Beverly City Tax Collector's Office by asking for a list of properties listed for back taxes.

Now we have to ask, LC, JB, R(R)B Cronies,did you mess up with your comment,
"The other crap is only your here say so it has no baring but you can't tell because you're a moron Gerber!"? Is this a slip of the tongue and a reflection of your true feelings towards our part time Public Safety Director? Are you starting your campaign to get him to resign so that Car 54 can be made Police Chief?

We need to ask why did most of the Planning Board Members resign? Can you answer that?

We also understand that the CFO also resigned with the statement that if they knew when they took the job what they know now, they never would have accepted the job.

Wow what an indictment on how well the City is being run by our Mayor and Council President who have caused the Beverly City Residents to lose our best professional employees, due to the actions and interferences of our Mayor and Council President.

It appears to us Reporters, that as long as Beverly City is run by Queen Cook and King Five Finger Louie, our City will continue its slide into a Camden like condition, a city not fit for raising a family.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

With the most recent resignations of city professional employees, we now have a Mayor and Council President with absolute power. Good luck Beverly!

Sparky said...

Food for thought to be considered by the all the elected officials for Beverly City.

1. Why has there been no investigation or corrective action been taken on the miss use of a municipal vehicle by the Beverly City Housing Authority Director?

2. Why has the Beverly City Council President been allowed to not close out his old Building Permits with the required inspections or file for the appropriate building permits and variances, for the work he has done on the premises of 625 Broad St (Co owns) and 623 Broad St his main domicile?

3. Does the City Recreation Commission require a background check for Coaches participating in Beverly athlete programs? If so how can the City Council President qualify?

4. If you have a police record, can you hang around a public school or participate in public school programs?

Just a few items you need to think about Beverly City Elected Politicians! And just to let you know, more questions to follow as if the four questions aren't enough to open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"

The Reporters said...

Sitting at home today King Five Finger Louie with nothing to do but threaten BG? Try paying 625 Broad Streets Taxes by working, or are you to busy soaking up suds at the 45th Street Pub crying about us Edgewater Park Reporters, reporting the facts on you and your history.

Can't wait for the true story on how you were asked to run as a Republican, then even before you were elected how you were making deals with the Cook. Yes your true colors will come out and the bull story you have been passing around exposed for the lie that it is.

We can't wait for more of your threats. Oh yes, we do save them along with all of your comments.

Anonymous said...

You like to set yourself up don't you Bob? My goodness you surprise us with your dimness constantly! Well here you go:

1. there is no need for action. If there was a need something would have been done already. Maybe that should be your clue to how many people read your trash and how useless you are. All you did for us is ensure Beverly will get no more help from GC. Hope you're proud of yourself moleman Gerber. He's done so much more for Beverly than you ever did.

2. He has all the time he needs to do anything he wants. The permit system is bogus. It's all about revenue for the city who's liable if it falls. So shut up Bob no one cares. You have told us this at least 10 times now. At least he is trying to improve a home he ownes. How about you? Oh that's right you don't own one!

3. You are such an asshole!! Coaches are voluteers around here Bob!Something you will never understand. Maybe if you donated a ton of money and time we could do those checks you ask for. But it wouldn't matter in LC's case he did nothing in his past that would keep him from coaching anywhere! So just shut up old man!

4. You were grabbing at straws with the last one and frankly Mr Germer this is not worth responding to. It's just to stupid. Just that moronic even for you.

So there is your questions about things that no one cares about but your cranky ass. You know Bob it was almost like we heard all that before. How about that?

Anonymous said...

gary c and lc are keeping in touch, saw them talking in front of city hall on fri but gary drove off like he didnt want to be seen talking to better believe they are trying to figure out how to not let the obvious screw up by gc documented with photos have an impact on either one of them..gc the rotarian showing his concept of rotarian ideals, im sure rotary does not want to make gcs caper the theme for a parade float...cant believe no one has sanctioned him yet for unauthorized use of government be sure lc wants to protect his bud and keep things corrupt, nobody does anything to correct the the news today, there was a story about Jersey City abolishing its police dept.....whats the use? the good police officers we have are probably looking for job alternatives, what police officer would want to work in such a dysfunctional city hall? the planing board and cfo said adios beverly city hall[they were smart]...there is no doubt that they left because they did not want to work with a despot as council prez....what else is new in this town? slime balls want to work with slime balls ..thats the story

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:56 : Your reasoning is flawed and in your answer to question # 1 you state" All you did for us was ensure that Beverly will get no more help from GC"..first of all let me tell you that you need some "Ensure" for your brain to work a little better as Ensure is a protein drink. Pick some up at Acme the next time you are over that way...for you to make that statement means you condone the illegal use of government property to "help beverly" thats the problem, people in city hall think like you, and who knows maybe you are from city hall, that type of mentality permeates beverly city hall, so what if its illegal, do it in the name of helping the city and get away with what if its against the think like lc and your reasoning is just like his and makes anything else you said after that an example of what comes from a mind of a simpleton....start the Ensure .... and leave Mr Gerber the PSD out of this

Anonymous said...

Gerber, Germer, Gerber, Germer,Gerber, Germer, Gerber, Germer, Germer, Gerber. Gerber, Germer, Get it correct the next time 7:56, Drink up

Anonymous said...

Was the easier for you dimwitted brain to understand? looser?

The Beverly Mole said...

King Five Finger Louie your Anonymous 3/14 7:56 pm & 3/15 8:19 am comments show you for what you are and makes us wonder if you are sampling the meds you were known for.
Remember not to slip up and confuse Gerber with Germer because it is tipping your hand with the Police Chief Position.
Please also note that you really should be careful about commenting on how someone else treats their wife because the wife's facebook comments about you, are out there in cyberspace.

The Beverly Mole said...

King Five Finger Louie, the only losers are the Taxpayers of Beverly City when LC and GC meet and talk.
Yea thats right, you need to be a friend to read the facebook comments written by your main squeeze about you and your conduct towards her. Just remember how you have ended up treating people who befriended you, and then maybe you can understand the actions of those friends or should I say former friends! I would check your supposed friends who voted for BG in the Fire District Election during the wedding party.
Say King, how can you afford the internet connection when you owe back taxes on 625 Broad St and mortgage payments on 623 Broad St. Does Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, PC jiggle your memory?

Anonymous said...

lc has a blackberry that he is talking on and typing on all the time. Home internet connection would not be required for him to keep up his messages to the EP Reporter as he has his internet device with him all the time...I wonder if the device was provided to him by the city of beverly and i wonder who pays the bills for its use..if it is city provided, there is high probability that its use is being abused...he of course would justify the misuse, if any,because who cares, its just like gc and the truck....

The Reporters said...

King Five Finger Louie you are wrong (we did not publish his comment because of false information) when you send comments to the blog the information about the senders address, device and IP address is stripped from the comment. The only information received is the name you chose to ID yourself (in your case you use many names) and the time and date that your comment was sent.
We think you are using the BlackBerry you were seen with. Now the question is, who is paying for the BlackBerry and the wireless service that it requires to work. We hope for your sake that it is not the City of Beverly, because if it is, the wireless provider sends a report of usage along with the bill and that information is public information because the Beverly Taxpayers are paying for the service. So if you are using the wireless service and BlackBerry for personal use, well you are stealing!
BG, we sugest that you ask the City Clerk via an OPRA request to examen the wireless phone bills and see if King Five Finger Louie is one of the people who have a wireless device being paid for by the City of Beverly. If so then refer that use to the County Prosecutors Office for investigation.

The Undercover Lover said...

King Five Finger Louie, you have to have a good reputation to damage! And the KING, well lets just say his reputation was made long ago in the Gardens of Mt Holly so lets just ask the Mt Holly Police about the Kings reputation.

The Beverly Mole said...

Car 54 you need to put your time off to better use instead of sending comments nobody is going to read covering and making excuses for your GOOD BUDDY KING FIVE FINGER LOUIE.
FYI,Daly and Pullion had to pay back to the township the cost for the personal calls made on the township owned cell phones. Mr Pullion also had to make a career change because of his actions. Mr Daly had some splaining to do on the home front because some of the numbers called and calling were verrrrry interesting. That is all the news fit to print JB.

Undercover said...

JB did you forget about your deadbeat financial history?
Gee you love to talk about everyone else and look who is living in a glass house. Do you have a special parking permit to park your personal vehicles on the sidewalk across from your house, because if anyone else did that, they would get a ticket.
I guess you must be someone special and like your GOOD BUDDY KING FIVE FINGER LOUIE and we lowly taxpayers should be ashamed to question that right?
Oh but I forgot, if you are an elected official and are getting paid by the taxpayer, any actions you take that are in conflict with the law, those actions should be ignored by the taxpayers because you may have done something good in your duties as a public official, according to your way of thinking. Is this the justification you used for not taking any action against GC for his misuse of a municipal truck? What a wonderful way of thinking JB for a police officer.

Undercover said...

So JB why don't you ask TP why he wrote a check out to the township and in the memo area said what it was for? I have even a better idea, why not ask the former EP committeeman who is a retired police officer about TP and JD. I guess you just asked JD and as everyone knows he suffers from the same problem of truth embellishment, like KING FIVE FINGER LOUIE, but at least he wasn't a former pharmaceutical salesman in MT Holly was he. Oh yea Doc probably figures if you can park on the sidewalk he can keep a truck parked in his side yard.
Tell us the story again about how good the KING has been for Beverly, because you haven't explained why the Planning Bd members have quit and why the CFO quit, or for that matter what was the true story of why BS quit. If you did maybe we could how good the KING has been for Beverly City.

TheRealBeverlyMole said...

I did not write these comments. Im glad you wanna try and be like me but there's only be one mole that works so closely to the grease-ball in the city of Beverly. Please disregard these comments below as I did not post them. FYI to you too reporter. Seems you have a lot of impersonators on here. Thx.

@ March 15, 2010 8:54 AM
@ March 15, 2010 11:48 AM
@ March 16, 2010 11:57 AM

Cooper Valley Resident said...

For the sake of the truth-Tom Pullion came to my condo in the early the 2000s when he was running for reelection. He showed me photocopies of the checks he said showed that he reimbursed the township for calls he made using the cell phone. I thought this remembrance would clarify the facts.

undercover said...

Like them pictures JB? Now tell us again how you can't find them on the web unless you are FIVE FINGERS LOUIE'S BEST FRIEND. Please you have been using the police web access to try and get background on who you think is exposing your BEST BUDDY FIVE FINGER LOUIE former Pharmaceutical Salesmen MT Holly Gardens. Don't take our word for it call the Mt. Holly Police and ask. Ahh that would mean that your BEST BUDDY was a former scumbag stoolie right!
Please move that truck from the sidewalk so that the City Taxpayers can walk on it.orel

undercover said...

I forgot JB, did you pay the electric bill?

undercover said...

Yea JB I guess I should get a gastric bypass so I can look like you. Do I need to shave my hair or do you use Nair?

Anonymous said...

Talk about junk JB have you looked out your window at the driveway for 625 Broad St?

undercover said...

LC-JB why would TP come to 623, 625 or 627 Broad St. He was running for election in Edgewater Park. You had your Building Permit case was held in Edgewater Park.

Cramer Ave Resident said...

LC had his blackberry going full tilt the last few days didn't he. Can't pay his taxes but has the latest electronic tec gadgets and toys.
What I want to know is, how much is our taxes going to increase. I have not seen or heard anything on the new budget at council meetings. I know that the council must be talking about it but not publicly. Is this why the CFO quit?

Anonymous said...

You people make me laugh, go to the Council meetings and ask your questions, not here this just serves as a form one amusement. Are you all too afraid of LC?????

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:34PM: You spell like a follower of lc: "Form one amusement" sort of like that Meat Loaf song "Two Out Of Three Aint Bad"go back to grade school and learn how to spell, rr,jb or lc ..or you could be just another one of the sheeple that follow lc, you are his caliber of person

Anonymous said...

If Kathleen Phelan, the CFO of Beverly quit, the city lost another good individual. She came in 2009 after the last CFO, Marianne Hulme, quit. Kathleen worked many hours, often on Saturdays and Sundays, to finally resolve Beverly's audit findings which had been ignored for the past 5 years. If I recall, Hulme made about $2200.00/year and I never once saw her at a council meeting. I think Kathleen took the position for around $4000.00/year. She put in a lot of time at city hall, brought the city into compliance, and attended several council meetings last year to answer questions and give reports. I am not surprised if she left. City Hall does not seem to be able to retain good employees for a prolonged period of time. You can probably deduce why without thinking too hard.

As far as the budget goes, here is their plan:

1) Keep spending levels the same as last year;
2) Do not make any budget cuts;
3) Take the money we are overspending out of the surplus.
4) Blame everything on Beverly being a "poor city" as Mayor Cook so belovingly opines.

Don Arter

Anonymous said...

Don, thanks for the update and your analysis of the situation, things must be pretty bad for a dedicated person like Kathleen to quit, she sounds like a person who called it like she saw it and what she saw must have been so against the grain of common sense that she had to leave to maintain her own personal integrity..the cook crespo council mentality was just not acceptable to her and we lost a valuable person, the city hall people dont want to listen and are in denial..look at he cuts that Christie is making, the cuts are not popular but have to be done, Beverly should take a lesson from Christie, sometimes things have to hurt to get through the broken system that is currently running in Beverly city hall

Anonymous said...

Hey "Not BG"! Boy, you sure are a smart guy. So 90% of Beverly does not want TP back? Hmmmm- seems Like if you go by the signs around town- you are WRONG. And, Dr Dow has hundreds, if not a few thousand signatures from residents who signed.a petition stating that they wanted him back. no one forced anyone to sign a petition. Even people he locked up signed it. And a liability? How? If anything, sure did keep the citizens of Beverly safe- no doubt. Can JB say that? No! Instead he does just the opposite! Or perhaps Not BG you are just speaking for yourself. I know A LOT of people who do want him back, and know that his trail will prove that he was only a victim of the curuption that surronds Beverly. ( I hear he was too vocal I'm speaking the truth about the curuption and trying to stop LC so LC had to do something)

Anonymous said...

What were they doing to the water tower the other day at the old wall rope building? It looks like they were adding cell tower stuff or something. Maybe we will finally get some descent coverage around here! Does anyone know?