Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome Home Spc Steven Buck, Edgewater Park thanks you for you service

Saturday, July 26th 2008 Spc Steven Buck, Army, 37th Calvary returned home from a 15 month tour in Iraq. Steven is 20 years old and graduated from Burlington City High School where he attended ROTC for 4 years.

Steven was welcomed by his parents at the Trenton Rail Station and escorted to Edgewater Park by the Warriors Watch Riders and the NJ State Police. Yellow ribbons were hung along Stevens return route along Woodlane Rd and E. Franklin Ave to his home. The Beverly, Burlington City Fire Companies formed a welcome arch with their ladder trucks at the intersection of Monroe and E. Franklin Ave., with our nations flag donated by the Willingboro Fire Company hung from the arch. 

Steven's escort turning onto E. Franklin Ave. from Woodlane Rd.

Steven rode on the back of one of the Warriors Watch Riders motorcycle from the Trenton Train Station to Edgewater Park.
Members of the Warriors Watch Riders Motorcycle Club. 
This group also protects Servicemen and Women's families, from the Wacko Church Group that goes to the Serviceman's  funerals to shout obnoxious statements at the families.   
Steven with his Mom, Robin Arnold
Steven thanking the members of Beverly, Burlington City and Willingboro Fire Companies.

Steven receiving a "Proclamation of Thanks", from Burlington County Freeholder Stacy Jorden on behalf of the Residents of Burlington County and the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Beverly American Legion Post Commander Ed Gitto welcoming Steven with a gift of a free one year American Legion membership  
As you can see by Steven's expression, he was speechless with the greeting he received from everyone.

This is a group picture of the Yellow Ribbon Club Members, were responsible for this outpouring of welcoming support for Steven. This Club performs this function for any returning serviceman and servicewoman, at the request of the family. They can be contacted at their Web Site Please visit their Web Site and help them with their effort to see that every returning Service person receives a grand welcome home, and a show of appreciation for their service to our country.

We thank the members of the Yellow Ribbon Club for this service.  

Edgewater Park, you did a splendid job with Steven's welcome as well as the Beverly, Burlington City, Willingboro Fire Companies and all of the family, friends and neighbors who worked hard to see his welcome was splendid and that Steven knew we appreciated his service and to give our thanks. 

Chuck Ryder

Thank you Chuck for this wonderful story and pictures. I also will add a link for the Yellow Ribbon Club Web page

I would like to add that the show of support for this welcome was overwhelming from the Residents and friends, I was very disappointed that our local press did not bother to report on this welcome. I think they should be ashamed for their lack of coverage. If this was a negative story about a member of our armed forces I have no doubt it would have been a page 1 story.

Welcome home Spc Steven Buck and thank you for your service to our country.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


John said...

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

I can't believe that something as this important was not covered by the local press. As you stated shame on them for not covering this important event. It's wonderful that our freeholder Stacy Jordan and candidate Chris Meyers were there to welcome this hero home. This young man has been defending our country and all our loved ones keeping us safe and our country free and I give him my greatest THANKS!!!!!

Thank you Edgewater Park Reporter for keeping us informed and covering such an important event. Thank you also the Chuck Ryder for providing the coverage especially since our local media felt this wasn't important enough.

bill said...

Thank you EP Reporter for such a moving post. Thank you Spc Steven Buck for defending our country. I also want to thank Chuck Ryder for the splendid job that he did. We still have some great people in this town.

e franklin guy said...

Congrats to Spc Steven Buck. Thank you for your service to our country and thank god for your safe return.
When I read this article it made me so happy to know that our soldiers have an organization like the Yellow Ribbon Club and the Warriors Watch Riders Club to see that they are welcomed home and that we the citizens of the United States want to thank them. Remember that we sent them to do a job for us.

crabbyjoe said...

Thank you Steven and welcome back home.

I was glad to see the large turnout for Steven's homecoming. I was also disappointed that the BCT and other papers didn't see fit to do a story on it. I saw a story in the Sunday Enquire about a soldier from Camden who received a local homecoming. I think it is very important and the least we can do, to spend 30 to 40 minutes to say thanks and welcome home. The BCT doesn't seem to do much with local stories anymore, so they shouldn't be surprised that their circulation is dropping. I for one will not be renewing my subscription!
Sorry Steven, I had to vent a little about the lack of press coverage. I know the papers and TV stations were notified and if the circumstances of your return were different, they would have been there, but be proud and know that we town-folks are proud and happy for your healthy return.

robin said...

Dear Edgewater Park-
This heartfelt thank you is way overdue and for that I am sorry. I was just rereading the incredible story you printed about my son Steven Buck who came home to a "Hero's Welcome" last year. My family and I were amazed by the way our little town put on such a huge welcome home. There were soo many people that helped make it happen and for that we are soo thankful!!! There were so many neighbors, friends, family members, firemen, policemen, EMTs, Yellow Ribbon members, Warrior's Watch Rider members, and polical people to help show Steven we were proud and thankful for his service. This was all due to one phone call I made to the Yellow Ribbon club. They were able to put the whole celebration together with 10 days notice!!! They are truly amazing!!! So I am sorry I am so late, but wanted to let everyone we are soo thankful and to know I will never forget how incredible it was to see how our "little town with a big heart" was able to come together like that for us. And to Chuck Ryder, what can I say - you wrote the most wonderful post on here!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Sincerely Grateful-
Robin Arnold and family