Thursday, February 7, 2008

E-mail From Carol Moore, This E-mail speaks volumes

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter. It is really great that you have caused such a 'stir' in EP. Our town folks have become complacent, and any attempt to 'invigorate' them is good. But you must check your facts. A blog yesterday was brought to my attention regarding the Whitebriar Bed & Breakfast Inn's Business that I have developed over the past 40 years. The 'blog' questioned the 'licensing' and 'inspections' for all my businesses, and before you 'Defame a persons Business' you should check out the facts.

I scrub floors, clean toilets, and make beds for a living, and I did this the whole time I was teaching full time. I have been licensed with the State of New Jersey for many decades, long before any ordinances in E.P. related to Bed and Breakfast Inn's. My Collectibles shop was approved by Edgewater Park many decades ago, and is inspected by various State Agencies some 11 times each year, and 12 times on a 5 year rotation. Although I have 'raised children in my home' for 40 years, as a 'certified Day Care Provider' by the County and State, it was only two decades ago that I became 'certified with the State of N.J.' as a 'licensed Day Camp'.

The next time you run down some one's hard earned business, make sure you check your fact and don't leave yourself 'open' for libelous action. Fortunately, I am 61, and am proud of the local Discounted Rate I Give to Edgewater Park/Beverly Residents who bring their friends and families to stay with me. As a matter of fact, why don't you 'make believe' your are a perspective 'customer' and come on over, and you'll see all the 'up to date' licenses hanging, framed, under glass in each of my buildings. I welcome your visit, and enjoy reading your blog....I am a first time reader, and wouldn't have found you unless some one called to say you had 'put down' my business reputation, thusly I am the 'only' Bed and Breakfast in Edgewater Park.

Also, if you have never 'run for office' or 'volunteered as a Public official', I think you might want to 'try it'. I did, when I ran for N.J. State Senate against Senatoor Diane Allen, and I learned the hard way that it is not easy. Seven Inspectors arrived on my porch, sent by my own Republican Party, to try to intimidate me from running for State Senate. I welcomed them in, and they left with a smile. After all, Honest people have nothing to fear from facts, figures, inspectors and the truth. It's only those who 'toss stones' without verifying the information that actually get hurt in the scheme of things.

I enjoyed your blog, and welcome any interaction.

P.S. Sorry I took up so much time, You probably have a ton of 'stuff' to read, but I did try to post on  your site information about the 50th Birthday of Willingboro/Levittown 1958-2008. If you find it inappropriate, you, as 'editor' may delete it, but we do have alot of Edgewater Park residents who grew up in WB during those years. It would be gracious of you to include it if you have the space. I will attach to this e mail the schedule of events, and the committee members, so you can know that we are sanctioned by the Twp WB and are legitimate.

Thank you for listening,Carol Moore, Owner Whitebriar, and Volunteer Secretary for the 50th Birthday of Willingboro/levitton 1958-2008. Thanks again

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Are you the Carol Moore that went to PS 119 in New York City, played violin and was a Mozart fan?

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