Sunday, February 3, 2008

Edgewater Park, The Beverly Bee and our Mayor

I received the February Issue of the Beverly Bee yesterday, but read it today.

I have to remark on the differences between how the three towns (Beverly, Delanco & Edgewater Park) contribute to their Feature Sections.
The Beverly and Delanco Sections are about informing their residents with general information, town events taking place, spotlighting township employees, residents and institutions in their town. I do not recall seeing any articles that smacked of politics.

Not so for the Edgewater Park Section,  just review the last four years of Bee editions, to compare the differences and tone between the articles.

Did you know that if you have any announcement or point of view, you must submit it to the Township Administrator before it can appear in the Edgewater Park section, and fat chance if you do not agree her point of view or have been a pain in her a--.
The only way you can contribute a story, point of view, organization information that is not approved by the Administrator, is too send your article to the Bee Editor and hope she has enough space to print it. I will say that as long as your article is to the point and factual the Bee will print it, but not in the township's section of the Bee.

An additional observation I have is how our Mayor always is able to insert her little digs and comments while she tugs at your heartstrings with emotional issues. Now don't get me wrong, I think the anecdotal-hart warming stories are appropriate for the mayor to write about, but I do not think that it is appropriate for her political digs to be part of the same message. This is a subtle tactic she uses to cover her true political intensions. The key to spotting this is when she uses the terms, "I heard", "I was told", "That family", "I just want to help," "I am new at this","why are they picking on me", excreta, to take swipes at those she has a difference with. Most long time residents are afraid to publicly differ with her, because they know how she uses her "gossip network" of family, friends and acquaintances, to whisper rumors and gossip to undermine her critics.
I have to hand it too the mayor, there is no one better at this tactic.

I hope that you will take what you read including this blog, with a grain of salt untill you check out the facts and you will find it difficult to get the facts from the township, but if you use the OPRA and Sunshine Laws and your own perseverance, you should be able and get them.
This fact checking and questioning, is what is no longer being done by township residents, reporters and newspapers, unless it is a large controversial story.
Remember, our troops and your involvement are what keeps us free.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


EP Resident said...

After reading my copy of the Beverly Bee I have to make mention of how pathetic it is for our township administrator to be advertising her business in there especially when her business is not even located in our own town. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the purpose of the Beverly Bee to represent the towns of Beverly, Delanco and Edgewater Park? Since when is Burlington City part of the Beverly Bee and why is the Beverly Bee advertising Burlington City Businesses?

The Beverly Bee was created to be an informative publication based on the towns of Beverly, Delanco and Edgewater Park. It is meant to inform the residents of those towns and to help patronize the local area businesses located in those towns. You don't see Edgewater Park businesses advertising in The Town News.

Granted I'm sure our administrator paid for her ad in the Beverly Bee, but come on couldn't she advertise in the Burlington paper? It's not like her business is supporting or helping the township of Edgewater Park. Burlington City is benefiting from the success of her business, not Edgewater Park.

averagejoe said...

The BCT has an article today in it regarding Beverly and the politics in their town (Ghouls, tapes are spicing up Web sites with Beverly ties). Let's get Lauri Sheibley to write an article on this "blog". This way, maybe everyone in the community will join in.