Sunday, March 16, 2008

Edgewater Park "Not my fault" Property Tax Increases

Are you ready to pay more for the privilege of living in Edgewater Park?
To quote our Elected Officials; "We don't have the highest Local Property Tax in Burlington County".
Not yet!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

$5/sq/ft $850 per month Net/Net/Net

Anonymous said...

Tip on Darren Atzert- I understand from a member of the Democratic Party that Darren resigned from the Sewer Board.
Is this true?
Does anyone know why?
I was told by this person, that his business is to get the paving contract, for the Edgewater Crossings retail project on Rt 130 by the RV store.
Is this true?
I don't see it as a conflict for Darren to get this work, because he wasn't on Township Committee.

tinytim said...

Check out the site anonymous sent in this morning. It has videos that show the Cooper St Farm. I didn't see any headstones but did see the Dunks Ferry Inn. The videos show what a lovely area Cooper St is.
I think the old bank could be used for the new Cooper St Theme Park Administration Building with a take out window for food to give to the Zoo animals at the farm.
This web site might be the marketing effort of our township committee. We probably paid a friend of the committee $20,000 to $30,000 to do this just like we did several years ago. You know pay $30,000 to a marketing company and we were going to get Bed Bath & Beyond, Up The Creek, Red Rooster and the Solar Panel factory. I went to most of those meetings and listened to the bulls--t, and what have we gotten? Higher Taxes. Thanks Committee.
Sorry about the rant but I started getting flashbacks.