Monday, March 17, 2008

Edgewater Park, What is causing us to think the town in headed in the wrong direction?

I found the last Poll results quite informative. The pole question was; "Has Edgewater Park become a better community to raise your family since 2000?"

68 people voted 
89% (61 votes) of the respondences said No 
10% (7 votes) of the respondences said Yes.

The results of this pole follow along with the sediment of most residents I have spoken to during the past 8 months. If this feeling continues to persist, it does not bode well for the future of Edgewater Park. 

We once had a sense of "community" and felt good about living here. As I stated in previous comments, many of us who grew up in Edgewater Park, stayed and raised our families here. Many of our children also stayed to raise their families until recently. This disturbing trend of our children wanting out, is an indication of problems with our town.

What are the problems that are causing families to want to move from Edgewater Park? I would like to hear from you and your thoughts in this. Please email me at I will list them in a future poll.

If we are going to reverse this trend, our elected officials and residents need to deal with the issues that are causing this flight.

At one time the towns of Beverly and Willingboro were lovely communities. What happened to them? Was it taxes, Bad government management, Schools or apathy? Do we want to end up like them?   I hope not.

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Anonymous said...

I think a lot of the younger people leave because our town doesn't have a "prestigious stigma" associated with it. People in our own county don't know where Edgewater Park is. There is no town identity. When you talk to people who don't know where our town is, we have to say things like, "You know where Pathmark is? or You know where the Big Wawa is?" There is no identity in our town, and no claim to fame. I don't know what can be done about this. We don't have out own high school, our town isn't bad enough to have a bad reputation like Beverly or Willingboro, and isn't wealthy enough to hold a level of prestige like Delran, Moorestown, or Mt. Laurel. I think it is up to our town council do get some decent business in town, spruce things up, and maybe hire someone to market our town in a proper light.

News Watcher said...

One could always say that Edgewater Park is the town where your children cannot play in the street in front of their own home. Or how about this..Edgewater Park is the town that has the National Cemetary. You know the one that gives away old gravesones. ROFLMAO!!!!