Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guest Post from Albert Straser "Clean up your act"

Please note that I deleted the email address and mailing address from Albert's email. EPR

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Albert Strasser
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 12:13:25 PM
Subject: Clean up your act

I find your comments very informative and, at times, even interesting.
However you can do yourself (and me) a great service by using your
spell checker and remembering some of the rules of grammar you learned
in school.

One particularly outstanding screamer is the uneducated use "your" when
you mean "you're" as in "you are." It makes you look ignorant.

Another deplorable error is the excessive and unnecessary use of commas
that you indiscriminately sprinkle throughout your essays. It's
something the unschooled do to make themselves appear more educated.
What would your old English teachers say?

American usage places the period after a sentence when followed by
quotation marks. British usage does the opposite. Are you English?

While typos afflict most of us from time to time, your comments are
rife with them. This is simply slovenly laziness and greatly lessens
the impact of your thoughts. Remember, "you're" using our common
language to communicate "your" thoughts and careless usage implies
careless thinking. No one wants to read the thoughts of an ignoramus.

Nothing stops most thinking people in their tracks than the misuse of
language and grammar in what ought to be a thought-provoking item. It's
like making a thoughtful speech with a piece of spinach on your teeth.

Albert Strasser

Edgewater Park

P.S. Carole Moore is the last person to comment on writing. Her
"writings" are so replete with all kinds of errors that it would be
laughable if not so embarrassingly awful. She is famous in her own

Thanks for the suggestions Albert. I don't claim to be a writer, and know my spelling is bad, but I was taught to get the idea on paper then go back to make corrections. I will work to improve the spelling of my posted comments.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

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I opt for Anonymity said...

It's sad to think that all you’re worried about is the spelling in this blog. What you should be concerned about are your taxes on the rise. Go to the meetings...all of them; Planning Board, Redevelopment Committee, Sewerage Authority, etc. If you attended any one of these meetings, you would understand what the Edgewater Park Reporter is trying to get acrossed to each and everyone of us. We can't all be blessed to be English majors or be perfect with spelling or grammar but at least the point is getting acrossed.

Thank goodness this is America and we have the privilege of "Freedom of Speech" whether it's through anonymities or real names. This is also our freedom to choose how we sign a letter.

Anonymous said...

Power to the EP reporter!
The administrator and committee members must be worried....they are defending their actions to anyone who will listen. In their desperation they are unknowingly promoting this blog. Keep up the good work!

I opt for Anonymity said...

Oh I'm sorry I forgot to put the "quotes" around "acrossed" as you pointed out your corrections.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but do you remember when the EP reporter so kindly pointed out the typos in another persons response to her post? That was okay, but this isn't?
He didn't critique her postings publicly like she did of the other response. She chose to post it for all to see... Making herself a "martyr" perhaps???
We are all afflicted by typos. Some of them are more annoying then others. I doubt that "Clean up your act" was intended JUST for the EP reporter, but as a message to everyone posting.
However, I am lazy, and I will not run this through spell check...

i opt for anonymity said...

We may be losing sight of the whole blog idea here. One of the things the EP Reporter may be trying to do is get folks to come out to the meetings. So please, check the calendar on the Edgewater Park website (link on the left) to see when the different meetings are being held and attend. If don't believe or like what you read on this something about it..come to the meetings! What are you afraid of?

Capital Hill Senior said...

I hear that Albert Straser is a big loyal fan of the Democrats, shame on you Albert!!! Instead of worrying about typo errors I think it makes you look like an idiot for not caring about the important issues of the town. Wise up