Monday, March 24, 2008

Edgewater Park's mayortom needs your vote this November

Mayortom is counting on your vote this November, so that he can continue the runaway municipal spending and runaway Property Tax increases. Mayortom is counting on the fact that the voter registration in Edgewater Park is overwhelmingly Democrat and that most Democrat Voters will vote straight party lines in a Presidential Election.

Mayortom showing his appreciation for your support in electing him to Township Committee
Now he counting on your vote this November

Do not let mayortom's strategy of taking your vote for granted keep him in office, to continue his policies that are causing your property tax to increase at a rate far greater than the rate of inflation.

Mayortom will tell you of all the great things he has done for the town. He will tell you how he attracted the Super Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, Jonathan Motors Used Cars, Auto Zone, Burlington Coat Factory, and Silver Park Phase 2 & 3.

What mayortom doesn't want you to know is that with all of these wonderful ratables, our taxes still increased faster then any time in our town's history. Now he will tell you the only way to stabilize or lower the tax rate is for the town to encourage residential development. Mayortom will tell you new residential development will lower your taxes, but lets examine the facts.

Did your taxes go down when mayortom gave the Burlington Coat Factory the 30 year sweetheart tax deal? Did your taxes go down after the completion of the 160 homes in Silver Park? Did your taxes go down after the completion of the Super Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, Jonathan Motors or Auto Zone? The answer is no!

Now mayortom is pushing for a developer to build 350 Condo/Town Houses that will have rental units included. This project is slated for the old Drive Inn, Old Kings site and Commercial Lots along the entrance to Silver Park. Do you think this 350 residential will lower our taxes based on the tax history after Silver Park was completed?

Don't be taken in by mayortom's strategy, you can split your vote in November and vote for your parties presidential candidate.

Mayortom has been on Township Committee since 1999 and the only accomplishments he can point to, are the bad deals he pushed and voted for. Not one of his ideas lowered your taxes. You can send a message to mayortom, the Township Committee and the Township Administrator that you will no longer support this type of government, by not reelecting mayortom.

Jim Daly is supposedly moving to Delran, and/or hiring himself as the Administrator of the Emergency Squad, so he may not run for re-election. Jim Daly is as responsible for the tax increases as mayortom because he is supportive of the same policies.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


bluesblogger said...

How do we get mayortom to move to Delran?
Why do you call Tom Pullion mayortom?
It might cost less if we just pay this committee to move, then pay for the results of their decisions in taxes.
Do they think that just because we are registered Democrat we will blindly keep supporting them.
Why did the Cooper St Sign disappear from the Farm?
I am just full of questions today and it is time for a change.

Anonymous said...

yea, what's up with the sign. Did they run out of organic eggs? maybe the five finger discount headstones borrowed for door steps were also used to keep the sign from being blown over.

another anonymous mouth said...

But I hear we hire people even if they live in Delran, so what's the difference if they live in EP or Delran!

Anonymous said...

oooh, oooh i know what happened to the sign.

Anonymous said...

Whenever the pony lady goes away to visit other places & spread her good will she moves the sign to the back.
Maybe she is afraid the EP Reporter will post a message there while she is gone.
Don't worry, the sign will return when the pony lady gallops back into EP.

Truth Teller said...

Jim Daly hiring himself as the Emergency Squads administrator? Say it isn't so!

Anyone read the article in the Beverly Bee about our wonderful squad? They're going to start charging for services. So now all of our wonderful seniors are going to get bills for calling for the ambulance. Isn't that great! Now all of our seniors and their insurance companies can pay for Daly to live comfortably.

Speaking of the squad, I guess Daly finally got his way by chasing out all the good EMTs so now he has to cry and say he needs to bills for service to hire people. I bet he hires his little clique first!

While we're on the subject... did any of you know that our town's ambulance are frequently running calls WITHOUT having any NJ EMT's. It's very very true. To make matters worse, apparently last year there was a smart ass guy from the squad that was making an issue out of this until Daly and his pack of rejects threw him out for making them look bad.

Maybe Mr. Edgewater Reporter you need to take a close look at our corrupt emergency squad.