Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guest Post Fw: The Sign at The Dunks Ferry Inn at Whitebriar & The Farm On Cooper Street

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From: Carole Moore <>
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>;
Sent: Friday, March 7, 2008 11:09:36 PM
Subject: The Sign at The Dunks Ferry Inn at Whitebriar & The Farm On Cooper Street

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

    Although I find your "blog" a wonderful asset to the folks in Edgewater park, who cannot get to Township work sessions, etc, I do feel that you have a responsibility to the Public to "get your facts" correct before printing them.  You have given out alot of "incorrect information", and I fear that is why you are "Mysterious".

The sign I placed out front of The Dunk's Ferry Inn at Whitebriar B&B, what you call the "farm" and the "zoo", was challenged at one time in court by E.P. Township, only to have the judge throw it out.   Since the Good Men and Women of the Township Committee know better than to "throw" good money after "bad", the sign has remained as an "expression of my constitutional right" Freedom of Speech.

Although there is no "cost" to "advertise" on the sign, it is "first come, first serve", and the rental cost is:   "A bag of animal food for these abandoned farm creatures" who live on "the farm".   Stop by any time or call 609-871-3859 to see which feed is needed.  We welcome the interaction.

The message on "The Cooper Street Sign" was changed to read: "Anonymous Words Have No Meaning and No Merit".  This sign was directed to you, the Edgewater Park REporter, and to those who "Blog on" Anonomously.  You see, dear friend, you are really doing a "great" service to the community.  Your technique is "wonderful", and you are truly educating the EP public, and this is all a good thing, BUT, by hiding your identity you loose credibility.

Many people know that I am famous for writing letters to the editor of the Courier, the Burl. Co. Times, Inquirer, pro and con, against many controversial issues!  People either love me or hate me, according to the "topic of the editorial", but I have one thing that you do not have, and that is the Courage to put my name at the bottom of my letter.  You really "do" have a good "knack" in writing. You should do it "legitimately".

                         Carole Moore, The Cooper Street FArm Lady.


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E Franklin Guy said...

Is that the same Courage you had taking gravestones from the Cemetary employees, Carol?

Or is it the courage you have to step of the gravestones of Veterans to get into your zoo?

Which one is it???

Anonymous said...

You say that people either love you or hate you;but I have yet to meet anyone who has a nice thing to say about you. Perhaps all those "controversial issues" have led the locals to think of you as just a little TOO eccentric.

Anonymous said...

Boy, did you get your butt kissed by the pony lady. As soon as she finds out who you really are, you will be slapped with all kinds of lawsuits to make your head spin!!!

The sign is out of ordinance & looks like hell! So now you have to pay to advertise? Hmmmmmmm
Maybe we should all get signs for our lawns.