Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Edgewater Park Committee Not Supporting the Memorial Day Parade

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It is a sad state of affairs in Edgewater Park when we pull our sponsorship of the Memorial Day Parade which honors those who gave their lives for our country and our community. I have been a participant in the Memorial Day parade, first as a child and again as an adult leader of a youth organization.  Having grown up in Edgewater Park and currently a resident of this town, I am ashamed of this decision not to fund the parade and the fact that it will no longer end at the NATIONAL Cemetery which is located for the most part in Edgewater Park.

My family have always volunteered their time for charitable and civic organizations and I can not believe that other residents would not have responded to a call for help.  As it stated in the paper, the main reason was the overtime our town would have to spend on police.  Were any of the police asked to volunteer a few hours for this most important community event?  Or better yet, were any township employees or officials willing to volunteer to help on this a paid holiday for them?
Civic duty is the reason most people site as their reason for serving our community, so were they willing to volunteer to preserve our parade?

I still feel that if the community were informed that volunteers were needed to help control the parade route or any other task, many would respond (that is if the Beverly Bee was still mailed to the residents of Edgewater Park so they would know about it!)

It was offensive to read about this crisis in the Burlington County Times.  It put not only our community in a bad light but it also dishonored those brave heroes who served our country honorably.

I will proudly attend the parade in Beverly, although I usually watch it as it approaches the NATIONAL Cemetery and I will cheer for the bands and stand and applaud for the service units that protect our country.  I wonder where all of the people responsible for our non-participation will be?

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This e-mailed comment, reflects most of the views we have received at the Blog, from Edgewater Park Residents, Veterans, and Family Members who's loved ones are buried in the Beverly National Cemetery as well as people who have attended the Parade in the past years and look forward to showing their respect and thanks to the Veterans by attending.

A big thumbs down to the Edgewater Park Committee for the decision not to support the Memorial Day Parade in Edgewater Park. 

Gee, when Chris VanBrunt served on Committee, he donated his salary to pay for portable defibrillators. Why can't the Township Committee donate part of their salary for the Memorial Day Parade? The Mayor has time to do this, thus saving the Parade, if she is as appreciative as her BCT letter to the editor stated. 

Put your money where your mouth is, as Chris VanBrunt did. It would set a great example, and would help in getting you re-elected.

The Edgewater Park Reporter  


Anonymous said...

Could have said it better....
When will the residents of EP wake up and see what this township committee and adminstrator are doing to our once great community.

Anonymous said...

If you could have said it better then what is it you would change? Do you mean could not have said it better?

Disgusted said...

Maybe the mayor and committee should propose they cut out the money budgeted for their annual Atlantic City trip in November.

Why do we, the taxpayers, have to foot committe and their spouses bill to stay over night and party in Atlantic City during the League of Municipalities convention?????

That's a no brainer cut right there. Hell just cut out letting their spouses go who eat and stay for free on the taxpayers dime. That should save some money right there. I guess thats asking too much though, asking committe to give up their FREE vacation which us the taxpayers pay for.

It's a shame when partying in Atlantic City is more important than honoring our towns Veterans.

Anonymous said...

In reference to asking the police to VOLUNTEER for the parade.
Sorry, but the police who used to work the parade without compensation all retired a long time ago.

Family of a Veteran said...

And from our Township Mayor, Committee and Administrator, what do we hear?


This silence shows the disregard of respect they hold towards our country and the veterans who are serving and have served to keep us free and safe.

The Memorial Day Parade has for 79 years, ended at the Beverly National Cemetery with a Gold Star Mothers Ceremony and prayer service (Gold Star Mothers lost a family member in the service to our country).

Shame, shame on you Miz Mayor. Your excuses for not supporting the parade, and the respect and thanks the parade demonstrates to our veterans, are poor excuses indeed.

Your actions clearly show that you (Mayor), the Township Committee and the Township Administration have not been forthcoming to the taxpayers on the 2009 township budget. You did not have any public meetings on the 2009 budget that would allow the residents of Edgewater Park to comment on your decision.

If the Committee and Administration is planning to go to the NJ League of Municipalities Convention in November on the Taxpayers dime, then you should be tarred and feathered, and run out of town on the Light Rail!

Anonymous said...

Who are the creeps that think this story is funny. See the boxes below comments, funny, interesting and cool.

Disgusted 2 said...

Check out the sign board at the municipal building. It list all tthe activities for May except for the Memorial Day Parade. That should tell you what our committee and admin think about the Vets. NOTHING!!!!! Yes Mayor, the parade did end at the gates of the National Cemetery, out of respect for those who are buried there and the memorial services held to honor those veterans who lost their lives defending our country and your/our freedom.
We will remember you and your comments and excuses in the paper. Speaking of the BCT, have you noticed that they are not publishing any letters to the editor about the parade being canceled in EP.

Disgusted 2 said...

Well Anonymous 5-16-09,don't we have police officers on duty during the parade? I think so, so the fire police can help to direct traffic, at no cost. I think the Mayor is Anonymous 5-16-09.

bff said...

I think it's funny! As a matter of fact I think it's more than just funny! To think there is that many people here in EP that stupid to think whining here is going to do any good at all. Oh yea that's funny! BTW the parade is going to be great this year! Don't need EP to honor our veterans. See you in A/C !!!!

Beered said...

Lookie here, KH is back making comments as anonymous again. He just can't get Big G out of his head. Well I must bee getting on down to da Projects to get in line to vote in the Primary. I hear da Dems are paying out Corzine money to vote-even dough no one is running again him.