Friday, October 31, 2008

Fw: just a question

I received this question from Donna. If anyone has the answer please post your answer as a comment.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

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From: Donna
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:33:51 AM
Subject: just a question

Hello, I read your blog once in a while and I was wondering if you could answer a question that I have.  I see that you seem to know much about our town and I was wondering if you happen to know what is in the old bank building on Cooper and Green Streets.  If I am bothering you with my question, I apologize, however I just thought maybe you knew and would be willing to share the information.  I happened to notice the decorations in the windows of the bank, however I have not noticed a sign.
Either way, thank you for informing the community.


Anonymous said...

Dear EP Reporter:
I hear you and Chuck Ryder have really ruffled the Dem's feathers w/ the revaluation letter you published on this blog.

My sources tell me some people's jobs are in jeapordy b/c this letter was made public. I love it b/c it just goes to show how corrupt the democratic party is here in Edgewater Park. If the committee did nothing wrong then they wouldn't care if the revaluation letter was made public, but obviously it has them shaking in their boots.

The sad thing is most people who will go out to vote on Tuesday do not know how to split their ballot and will probably just vote straight down democrat. We really need some new blood on committee and Chuck & Joe are the perfect watch dogs to get on their. They truly care about the town.

Keep up the good work EP reporter on informing the residents. We need to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that it was purchased by the Loon Carol Moore.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it was purchased by the Loon Carol Moore

Anonymous said...

OMG..... I drove past this building... I almost wet my pants it looked so funny from the street. What is this going to be a **** shop?

Anonymous said...

I'm told that Carol Moore is opening a soup and sandwich shop.
She told someone that she bought the bldg. so that a tattoo parlor and porno shop couldn't buy it???

Hungry Man said...

I hope they have a naming contest for the new eatery. My entry would be "Moore Nonsense"