Friday, April 25, 2008

Edgewater Park Rumors

A little bird emailed me a story that the Township Clerk allowed the Edgewater Park 6th district Democratic County Committee Candidates, an extra day to properly fill out their County Committee Petition's. She even sent a township employee to drop them off.

A story is being passed around that Linda Dougherty (Administrator/Clerk) was made to include the Anonymous Letter in the Public Information Packet handed out at the April Township Committee Meeting, by Mayor Judy Hall.

The new pending municipal budget is expected to raise the local purpose property tax by $420.00 a year on the average home assessed for $100,000. It is rumored that the proposed budget includes no layoffs of employees.

A redevelopment deal is in the works for the township owned Old Drive Inn, Kings Property and the front entrance to Silver Park. This will probably be another give away by our township committee, like the Coat Factory Tax Abatement deal.

The Silver Park Phase 2 & 3 Homeowners Association is allowing the Association Club House to be used for a Political Meet-N-Greet with Justin Murphy (Reform Candidate) Carol & William Moore (Reform Freeholder Candidates) on April 30th. I thought Association President Mr. Robbins said the By-laws prohibited the use of the Club House for political purposes.

Mr. Pullion stated he was at a disadvantage when questioned about his statement in the April Bee that "Our cost are cheaper and we will eliminate the use of outside vendors.". Tom was referring to the agreement between the Edgewater Park Sewer Authority and the Willingboro MUA. The question to Mr. Pullion, was he aware that the EPSA 2007 Audit Report stated a loss of $99,000 from the prior year and that the bulk of that loss was the cost of having the Willingboro MUA as the EPSA Maintenance Operator. He was also told that the same vendors that the EPSA used in prior years are used by Willingboro to do the work in Edgewater Park. Mayor Hall, who's husband Jim in on the Sewerage Authority, turned to Jim Daly (Sewer Board Member) and asked if this was true. Jim Daly's response was, "he couldn't talk about that". You can listen to this on the recording of the meeting, unless Rose Mary Woods is doing the transcription (Nixon Tapes). This is just another example of the incompetency and untruthfulness of certain members of committee.

There is talk that the township committee will stop paying to have the Beverly Bee mailed to the residents in Edgewater Park. Could this be in retaliation for the Bee editor asking the Mayor to tone down the political nature of the Mayor's Message?

Mayor Hall is threatening to have certain neighborhoods reevaluated, because she was mad that people she called to read the "anonymous letter" to, told others about the fact she was making these calls, and it was published on this blog. The best way to deal with this type of action is to report it. Like a cockroach, she likes to work in the dark. By the way, she can't do a neighborhood revaluation.

Did the Administrator submit a grant application to the State DCA, to study combining Edgewater Park with Beverly and then pull it when the word got out? Gee what great choices, Beverly or Willingboro. No wonder people want to move.

Well this post should give you something to think about this weekend.


Anonymous said...

What would make you think that either Beverly or Willingboro would want to merge with this town? Beverly would not be able to do their political infighting and merging with Edgewater Park would be a drag on Willingboro.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't those papers that Linda supposedly gave an extra day to fill out have to go to the COUNTY? She must have some really pull if she can extend the county's deadline. No wonder everyone is afraid to post under their real name.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Linda I want to know what town I can get an administrator job in? Not only is she getting a bigger office, new paint job and allowed to hire several new employees to do her work while she's busy with her family business, but her salary also affords her a brand new BMW! WOW! What do you think taxpayers! I guess our taxes going up aren't hurting her personal expenses. Oh yeh thats because I forgot, one of the reasons our taxes keep going up is so her pay can go up. Keep up the good work committee! Linda appreciates your intelligent decision making.

Anonymous said...

How do they expect seniors to pick up their Beverly Bees at another place? Will the municipal building have the couple thousand copies there for all residents? How will EP civic groups get the word out about their events? They finally have something half decent & they take it away while they waste money.
Maybe we will have to go to the pony ladys farm. OOOPPPS that's right, the pony lady doesn't like the Bee lady & tried to sue the Bee.