Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wed. Guest Post (sort of)

I received today, a copy of a letter sent to Mayor Hall and Council Members dated March 14, 2008. It was signed by "A very embarrassed Edgewater Park Republican".

The person who sent me this copy asked that I not mention their name, because they are concerned that the people who mailed it, will retaliate against them and their family. After reading the letter, I am sure you can understand their concern. 

I took the liberty to black out a statement made in the 5th paragraph, because I have no proof of the alleged facts. I left in the statements made against Mr. Dovey, because he was an elected committeeman, he is the Chairman of the local Republican Party, and he can respond to the comments made against him, via this blog, as he has done in the past. 

I must point out the following statements made in this letter that are outright lies and are a deliberate  attempt to damage the reputation of this Blog, Mrs Dimond, Mrs Donahue, Mr. Ryder, Mr. West and Mr. Dovey.

The statement made in the 4th paragraph, 1st sentence is a bold faced lie. See March 9, 2008 Post for the truth. Mr Daly's sons name was not used.

The statement made in the 5th paragraph, that "Mr Dovey informed all of us that Chuck Ryder and Dawn Diamond will be running for town council in the upcoming election", is wrong. Chuck Ryder and Joseph Galgoci are the Republican Committee Candidates according to the BCT, in its April 8th edition, page A3.

The statement made in the 2nd paragraph, that the Masonic Home is the "new hiding place mentioned on the blog" is wrong. I would be happy if they would let me use the facilities, but the truth is, I am mobile. After all the Committee Thought Police are everywhere.

I must tell you that I do not think this letter is the work of one person. It smacks of the efforts of our Mayor, Judy Hall, Jim Daly, Tom Pullion and John Alexander. I recognize the similar tactics in their campaign literature from the past.  Judy and Jim are masters in the "art of dirty gossip."

See the letter below,

The Edgewater Park Reporter

The reporter has learned tonight from an unnamed source, that a copy of this letter was read at the meeting of the Sewer Authority this evening, and Mayor Hall is calling people and reading the letter to them. I also learned that the Authority is going to spend $20K on the New Authority Office. So much for saving Authority money. More on this in a future post.


Anonymous said...

Can't view the letter, even saving it and trying to open in in another application. Please find a way to make this a PDF or something.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that our town council has nothing better to do than to bad mouth past committee members and republicans. With the state of the township they should better use their time in trying to find a way to fix the town than bad mouthing people. Not only that but they can't even get their facts straight.

I think if anything this blog has taught us that with the current committee it's just lies, after lies, after lies. Someone has really touched a nerve with these people because obviously they are retaliating by publishing mean, hateful, derogatory lies. Their actions alone make them look guilty. They should also remember that "people who live in glass houses should never throw stones". I'm sure Daly would not like it if people started digging up his family's past history and publishing that around town.

What an embarrassment to be a democrat right now. The current party disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that out caring Mayor who claims she cares about all residents of EP would not be calling around reading an unsigned and unsubstantiated letter because she may be a party to a libel charge by those named in the letter.

The Outsider said...

I know Judy Hall from the lunch room and I totally agree that she is the Queen of dirty gossip. That is all she knows, but she better watch out as things can come back to haunt her also. Her husband is just as bad. Ask the people that worked at the school just how wonderful he was!!!! They couldn't wait for him to go. These people are the worse example of human beings and all I can say is that some day they will get what is coming to them. Judy, stop whinning like a baby, wah, wah, wah. Please think about leaving town along with Jim Daly.

concerned voter said...

I have a comment to make. As a Democat I also saw the letter that was sent. I have to say that I don't personally know the individuals mentioned I do know of them especially Mr. Dovey. I can tell you that like myself other people know him to be honest and perhaps you don't like his frankness he truly cares about the town that he grew up in. Yes, he has had some bad luck, but who hasn't. Judy, Jim Daly & Tom Pullion also do not have clean records. We all know they have skeletons also. Let's not drum up old news and work towards fixing the problems that we have now. Let's not get personal as that will not help the people in town. Come on people let's wise up.

Anonymous said...

If someone is able to make this letter readable, please post how to do it. As another writer said: saving it and trying to open it and read it by making the print larger only distorts it.

fly on the wall said...

As making the letter bigger distorts the print the writer has distorted the truth. I think it's time to have the State Police do a real investigation! It would be great to see who's fingerprints are all over this one,

bluesbloger said...

Hay anonymous, why don't you post your phone number so the mayor can call you personally and read the letter like a bed time story. The mayor is also going around town telling anybody who will listen about how sick Jim is, but Jim seems to be doing fine and has been spending lots of time working on the new office for the sewer authority and screwing the employees who work for him. If the mayor is so concerned about his health why doesn't she resign as mayor and take care of him.
I know she will spin this as mean, but as anyone who truly knows her will tell you (privately), she is one of the biggest dirty gossips alive. She loves to slip in her lies during conversations with you, talking as if she really cares about the person. If her letter reading phone calls do not get the reaction she wants, she will take it to the next of personal attacks.
Keep it EP Reporter. They are squirming under the spotlight of truth you have shined on them. They don't like to answer for the results caused by their poor management and the resulting tax increases.

anonymous said...

when are you brillant people running for township committee?
So pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Obviously you must be one of the committee members or family/friends. How pathetic you people all are. You and your entourage have nothing better to do than to spread lies about others in this town? YOU are PATHETIC because your time should be better spent trying to fix the problems in town instead of wasting it (and tax payers money) by spreading vicious gossip and out right lies about people.

WAKE UP RESIDENTS!!!!!!If you think your taxes are high now just imagine what will happen if the township has to pay all sorts of legal fees thanks to committee and their lies about others in this town. It looks like some people may have a libel suit against committee members and who do you think ends up paying the lawyers fees????

Ignorant people are running this town and its time for a BIG CHANGE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi EP reporter!
I was hoping that perhaps you could copy and paste this letter as plain text to your blog. I, along with obviously other readers, cannot open it. I know that, with the big build up you've given it, we're all VERY ANXIOUS to read it!

albert said...

All this fuss over a letter that can't be read (April 9 post.) Either create a PDF or increase the resolution so the rest of us can be let in on the fun.

I also noticed that everyone posting is incognito, hiding behind an unidentifiable tag. The email I sent you was for your information only and contained my name. Nevertheless, you posted it on your blog with my name. It seems a bit cowardly for you and those supporting you to hide who you are while posting the identity of others.

bluesbloger said...


Call the mayor, she will read you the letter. I know that your wife is a member of the local Democratic Party so she probably was part of the group that wrote it.
I can read it fine, but I think you need the mayor to read it to you, so that she can tell you how upset she is and that how the EP Reporter is hurting the town by telling the truth on the blog. She will also tell you how sad that her sick husband is being picked on. I have not seen anything in this blog about her husband other then the fact that the mayor appointed him to the sewer board. I under stand that the sewer board members are paid, and that he also is receiving a pension from the state because he is retired from the Edgewater Park School District. He also worked for the township foe many years but I don't know if he is receiving a state pension for that.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to sue judy for liable statements......she has done it numerous times.

me said...

so if this letter was read at a the sewer authority meeting, can anyone get a copy of it from them?

Anonymous said...

I think the EP reporter may be correct claiming that the current town officials have their hands in the writing of "the letter". I did not read the letter but had it read to me (not by Mayor Hall) like everyone else. I think since it was signed anonymously by "An embarassed Republican" and was obviously anti-republican in its content, I asked myself, "Why wouldn't they sign their real name because they would have no worry about retaliation or intimidation from the town officials, because the letter only complimented them on the great job their are doing; LOL, I guess, emptying our pocketbooks???

Anonymous said...


Nothing in your email to the EP Reporter mentioned it was for "his information only." If you meant to keep it confidential then you should have put your thought down on paper first like the EPR and worried less about how grammatically correct you were. Every one that uses text messaging and instant messaging today spells phonetically and uses abbreviated wording, i.e. ur means "your" and u r
means "you are" etc. So don't assume we are all ignorant people if things aren't spelled correctly the traditional way, perhaps you are ignorant of some things too! Oh, and don't forget about the occasional type error from going to fast, oops that should be
too fast.