Thursday, August 13, 2009

Edgewater Park Prosecutor's Political Action Committee Tied To Corruption Scandal

Why is this man smiling?

Need we say more about the bad choices in personal decisions that have been made by our Edgewater Park Township Committee!

Wow you can't make this stuff up. It just keeps getting better and better. Just remember all of this when you finally get your tax bill this month and try and figure out how your going to pay for another increase that exceeds the rate of inflation.

After reading the story, those of you who cried about this Blog publishing a story on how the donations made to the local Democratic party for local elections have influenced our township committee's decisions and appointments, should now recognize the facts in the story were correct.

This reporter doubts that Car 54 and his buddies see anything wrong with influence peddling, just as long as it is their friends who benefit.

Just think those of you who have been successfully prosecuted by the Edgewater Park Prosecutor, you have something in common with him. You should also use his excuse; "Buono said he signed on as chairman of the PAC in 2006, but was never actively involved in fundraising or deciding who the committee donated to". He was Chairman and didn't know anything. Wouldn't he be responsible for signing the Elect Reports? And he didn't know anything? Oh yea, I can just see the Judge buying that story.

Could this be why Judy and Donna dropped out and are not running?

The Edgewater Park Reporter and Friends


Sad Sack said...

It figures

Anonymous said...

WOW Thanks BCT! It's interesting to hear about Hoboken. It has so much to do with EP. So you are telling us it took you 3-4 weeks to find a story about corruption in Hoboken and it proves what about our local committee? Nice touch adding the reason why maybe Judy and Donna are dropping out. Gee didn't you already tell us why?
I can't wait to hear what car 54 has to say about this!

Mike said...

I understand coming down on Buono. But please, unless there is proof, let's leave Judy and Donna out of this.I know about connecting the dots, but wait for the dots to appear, if there are any!!!AMERICA innocent unto proven guilty????? PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

Well how about that you found an article on corruption in NJ. Yea that shows our committee took bribes. Oh yea without doubt right? Give me a beak. Did it take you that long to find a Democratic scandle? Lord knows you wouldn't bring it up if it was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for proof of who gave our committee money. BTW in case you can't tell reporter. This doesn't do it.

Sad Sack said...

Looks like you struck a nerve again. Mike,Anonymous and Anonymous you do protest way to much. You should check the past campaign donation reports to see who gave what to whom and who got appointed or profesional contracts, but that would make way to much sense and would reveal the truth and you can't handel the truth!

DB said...

You mean i should have read the official paperwork that i signed? After all, i am an attorney, and attorneys never do anything illegal!

East Franklin guy said...

This Buono guy gaves the democrats the dough $$$.

In return, Buono got his plum job with Edgewater Park taxpayers footing the bill. Our $$$.

Now none of the dems know who he is. How can this be?

2008: Dean Buono? Oh, yeah I know him, he's our prosecutor!

2009: Dean who? I don't know how he got here? Don't know?

Mike said...

Sad Sack;easy bro,I read the report.Yea, something does not seem right, and there is no one who thinks the political system in this country is cracked more than myself!!All I'm saying is until there is absolute prove against Judy and Donna, what???What anyone thinks, and what you can prove, where charges can be brought to the criminal justice system, then why??This Idiot Buono gives excuses,and thinks the People are supposed to believe it.There's prove.Signing paperwork he says he did not read, an attorney,come on!!

Anonymous said...

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Two lessons here:

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Anonymous said...

Mike you are so right! AGAIN!! There is no proof. I have never seen the reporter give abosolute proof of anything he posts. He's the prosicuter and the judge and feels if he says it people will believe it. No wonder he is not a real person!

East Franklin Guy said...

AnonymousMike, the sky is blue, and you are the kettle calling the stove black!
Are you the lawyer, because you certainly are not the blond.
You must have smoked a little much of the weed growing up because it has effected your comprehension abilities.

Anonymous said...

Chicago politics in Edgewater Park