Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is Mr. Van Brunt Thinking About Running for Township Committee?

We hope so.

Chris VanBrunt has been selected to serve on the Edgewater Park School Board as a replacement for Raymond Rebilas who resigned. Is this a precursor to Chris running again for township committee? Stay tuned. 

When I called Mr. Dovey, Edgewater Park Republican Chairman, about Chris VanBrunt running, he denied any knowledge of this rumor, but told this reporter the Democrats will be running Aimee Belgard, Vice Chair of the Planning Board, as one of their candidates (2)  for township committee this year (2009). 

This means that either Mayor Atzert or former Mayor Hall are not running for re-election.  With this candidate selection, maybe we will get intelligent and honest changes with the way our township is run. To bad for your Republican Party Mr. Dovey, because the local Democrats finally are running someone with intelligence, integrity and leadership qualities.

Check out the BCT today (3/5/09) to see the names of the 4 candidates who are running unopposed in this years School Bd. Election.  Three Democratic County Committee Members (Alexander, Coyle & Daly) and one Republican County Committee Member (VanBrunt). 

The Township Administrator/Clerk and the Edgewater Park Democratic Party control all Edgewater Park Township Committees, Boards and Authorities, except for the Fire Commission, that have impacted your property tax increases for the past six years. Remember that when you vote.   

The Edgewater Park Reporter  


Anonymous said...

If so let's hope he doesn't quit this time!

Yessss We Can said...

Mr. Dovey,
How bout running retired Chief Francesco along with Chris VanBrunt. Then we would have politicians with the balls to take control back from the Administrator who has been given total control by the current bunch of committee folks. As long as she runs things, you will see no change and the bulling and bad management will continue. My god we have replaced one prima donna Mayor with another. Tony and Chris can along with Chris Christy can clean house of all the corrupt self-serving public tax piggies in Trenton and Edgewater Park!

Anonymous said...

Can we do a recall?

Tired Pirkins Resident said...

You can't take down the QUEEN!!!! She is QUEEN for life. Soon we will have her portrait on all the new Welcome to Edgewater Park Signs. Need to know who the leader is right. How else would the illegals who live here (you know the new houses with 20 people living in them) know who to listen to.

E. Franklin Guy said...

Anonymous, Chris left because he valued his mental health.
He would have lost it if he had to continue to listen to the decisions made by the morons running the town.
Stupid decisions like not accepting grant money to have sidewalks installed along the walking route, E. Franklin the children take to school because friends of the Mayor didn't want them in front of their homes. So who cares on committee about the safety of the school children.Make them walk an additional 1/2 mile along Cooper St.
I second "Yessss We Can's" suggestion, run Mr VanBrunt and Mr Francesco!

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned Chris VanBrunt was useless to the Republicans when he was on Twp. Committee. He did not put up a good fight. As far as the retired police Chief goes I wouldn't go there either as he is VERY FRIENDLY with the Dems especially the former Mayor Hall. The republicans better come up with something better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Chris tried to work with the Dems, but they ignored him because they didn't need his vote on anything. He didn't receive any support from the parents who's children are made to walk twice the distance to school along a very busy road, Cooper Street, because the mayor didn't want sidewalks in front of her two friends homes.
Chief Francesco is friendly with Judy Hall but that doesn't make him a but boy for her or Linda.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be fantastic if the former Chief ran along with Chris. This town is slowly going to s--t house. We have to get rid of the Dems.