Friday, January 18, 2013

The King and his record are front page again

Well Beverly Residences, King Five Finger Discount Louie is again the Front Page News in the BCT.  1/18/13 Friday
And more!
Boss Hog is gone 1/18/13 Friday

(additional information & comment from The EP Reporters; We were just informed that the King had his Court Jesters pack the meeting last night to make comments against the actions of the New Council Members. We have to believe he is upset about loosing his snitch/stooge he placed in positions of authority while he was Council President that allowed the King to do what he wanted without accountability. We are surprised that a person who holds the positions of authority, Public Safety Director and City Administrator, would drive into work in a Dukes of Hazard Orange pick-up truck with the Confederate Flag on the tailgate. Shows real consideration to the African American residents of Beverly. ) 

Looks like his credibility and history are starting to catch up to him.

For those of you who think our blog stories are wrong, read the following public record comments that are included in today's BCT article.

"Crespo’s statement also claims Boettger blamed the councilman for a 2010 incident, when the stretch of Broad Street that includes their homes was evacuated after someone phoned authorities to report an “unknown device” connected to a vehicle parked at the councilman’s residence. The New Jersey State Police bomb unit, officers from the Prosecutor’s Office’s Major Crimes Unit, and more than a dozen police officers from several towns responded. No bomb was found.
In the spring, the prosecutors closed their investigation into that case, citing insufficient probable cause to file criminal charges against anyone.
In a letter obtained by the Burlington County Times, an assistant county prosecutor informed the city’s police department there was no evidence that an “identifiable third party placed this (inoperable improvised incendiary device) on Mr. Crespo’s vehicle.
“On the contrary, there is some evidence to suggest that Mr. Crespo himself may have attached this device to his own truck for reasons that remain unknown,” wrote Thaddeus E. Drummond, the prosecutor’s supervisor of the Special Investigations Unit in the May 1, 2010, letter.
The letter didn’t elaborate on the evidence and a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office declined to comment on it.
When asked about the letter in July, Crespo said he didn’t know about it and didn’t believe the case had been closed. "  

Beverly, we have to ask, is this bad penny ever going away?

Maybe! when the fire investigators are finished with the investigation of the King's Duplex House Fire.

Are you readers starting to see a common thread of personal action that seems to follow the King year after year. 

Now maybe you will understand why people are afraid to confront him about his actions.

The Edgewater Park Reporters


Anonymous said...

Hope they made gerber clean out his desk while he was being observed, turn in his key, and escorted him out of building never to return, no more inside info for crespo, Kate the drug addict is gone, now gerber, crespo has nothing to do with police dept except his eventual arrest, no more coffee breaks and smokes together for those two, much less reason for crespo to be around city hall, and maybe he will be expelled for his trickery and will only go to city hall to pay his taxes(that's a joke)

Anonymous said...

January 18, 2013 at 1:26 PM

Pay his taxes. hahahahahaha
Thanks I needed that laugh !

Anonymous said...

..and the kingdom crumbles....the man-child has nothing to show for himself but a burned out wreck of a house, a town ransacked by him and his cronies....that ride down sure is a bumpy clean up that mess you made.....boy!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for a clear headed judge who gave no credence to LC's claims about Sgt. Boettger. Truthfully, no one in town would have cared if the Sgt. did punch him out. If LC started towards the Sgt.s wife in a threatening way, he deserved whatever he got. I understand this was in the middle of LC's place burning down and the Sgt.'s home at risk - emotions run high, people. Inappropriate laughter as well as anger are both not surprising when people are in shock. Yet, LC had the nerve to try to turn this into something to take attention off of him. Apparently this is typical behavior for him.

The Dukes of Hazard said...

We have to ask Fire Chief Al Desjardins how in the hell did a fire that started in LC's duplex home burn the attached duplex next door with the same intensity as LC's home with a fire wall between them.

Could it be that Al's best friend Mr. Gerber who as City Administrator allowed the City Fire, Building and Tax Inspectors to ignore the flagrant building, zoning and fire violations carried out on both properties by LC, thereby allowing the fire to spread into the duplex that is next to Sgt. Boettger's home. This allowed the fire to damage Sgt.'s home and put his family in danger.

Why wasn't LC made to follow the Building, Fire and Zoning Codes?

As Fire Chief Al, why did you do nothing about this. to bad Council can't terminate you for this oversight.

Explain to the neighbors of LC, how could a duplex home have both units fully engulfed in flames minutes after the fire started.

Could it be that all of the illegal building modifications like openings cut in the duplex fire wall caused this to happen.

Mr. Gerber as Public Safety Director and City Administrator was responsible to see that the City Inspectors did their jobs. He didn't and that is one of the reasons he was terminated besides allowing the continued harassment of City employees by LC. The last comment can be checked by looking at the court records and the types of lawsuits filed against the City naming LC in them.

Anonymous said...

....and for all you crespo/gerber supporters, let's see how many of you show up at city hall this wed night at 7 to see how badly we're all going to get screwed by five years of crespo and three years of the properly departed want a dose of reality...there will be plenty for all to if the reassessments didn't hurt us enough....even you renters will pay when your landlord has no choice but to up your rent to pay for what crespo has done to us all....remember, he's the only one who's been in charge for the last five years.....bend over beverly, here it comes......what's really cool is he thought it would be a good idea to stay on is a good idea, now he can be there to explain what he did to us....or lie to us like he always does....that's if he even has the guts to show up.....the true luis crespo is a coward....that's why he only gets away with using and abusing women and weak minded people....thank God there are enough good people in Beverly who know better.....God bless democracy! See you on Wed!

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Gerber you piece of shit!! You had to be the worst Director to date!!!!

Atlantic Development said...

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Anonymous said...

Edgewater Park Happenings yet everything on here is about Beverly!!! Edgewater Park is run by perfect people? HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

Look what happened to the former mayor of Chesterfield in BCT today, he used his position for his own personal gain, the same things the old members and crespo and his pals did in Beverly regarding tax amnesty to let them off the hook, go away crespo and cook and gerber and kate and the rest of crespo's pals, including the current mayor, stand up for what is right mayor Randy, set an example for the young black people of this town instead of being in bed with crespo and cook , listen clearly mayor Randy, the Afro-American people in Beverly want to be proud of their first mayor of color, don't ruin it with who you hang out with and support

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing references to former members of Council but has anyone seen even one of them? Hal, Gail, Scott Williams, John Newsome, Crespo's mother-in-law? What - once you are off Council, you don't give a ***(*( about this town? Maybe they all moved out during a dark, stormy night?

Anonymous said...

Well said by the young black person. What a relief to hear the voice of young member of our community. Randy Miller has to rise above party politics and personal support of those people who took advantage of Beverly for their own gain. Elected and appointed officials are supposed to work for the good of the town as a whole. How nice it is to see a young resident of Beverly see clearly what has happened. Why can't some adults see the same?

rebecca boettger said...

well all of you people that are crespo followers you need to get a job our home that was terribly damaged by the fire that happened to crespos home the our insurance company came today to replace the wires that were on fire from his fire jan 7th mr crespo and his wife karen came and told our insurance man to get his ladder off of his property so needless to say our guys could not do their job now if any thing happens electrical fire etc quess who s gonna be at fault???can you believe that crespo and his house caused the damage to our house and he like a little kid told the men to get off his property ,in actuality it seems according to land records we are missing 4 feet of land we wonder if its crespo s driveway which means it is our property time will tell but what a heartless son of a b---- but then again look what hes done to his whole family!!!i no longer feel sorry for his wife shes just as bad as he is after what i witnessed this morning!!so all you crespo followers i feel sorry for you all you have no idea what kind of animal he truely is!!

Anonymous said...

crespo and his wife are both jerks, used to feel sorry for his wife but not now, the first fire truck on the scene to fight the fire was from Delanco, the same fire company that crespo kicked out of this town when they were doing a drill by the River, the Delanco Fire Dept responded to help, first on the scene, to help a jerk who through them out of this town, feel sorry for the Boettgers that they have to live beside these people, check your land survey records to see if crespo is on your property, hope the fire investigators discover his violations of fire and building codes in his burned out house and kellys side too as she could be held responsible for letting the construction -fire code violations be done on her property[common wall]..and she could be gone after in a civil suit and her assets attached, would serve her right for enabling crespo, karma will get you barbara[ by the way, let it be known that barbara kelly is not karens mother..karen's mother is a different kelly: Judy i believe]

Anonymous said...

He must be some kind of animal, no I take that back, animals or good friends. I would get the property surveyed. His fire causes your house to get damaged, stops the inspector from doing his job. He is a low life.

Anonymous said...

.....he should be run out of town.....the old days were a better time when your word and your character meant everything, when if you couldn't be trusted everybody knew and no one would have anything to do with you.....what has happened to people that this monster is allowed to affect so many, so badly...

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Rich Wolbert in undertaking the jobs left open by Gerber's termination. Rich is a good man dedicated to this town's well being. I hope others know this and give him full cooperation. I don't want to see his spirit of fairness crushed by the tasks he has to face.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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