Monday, January 5, 2009

The Edgewater Park Reporter Is Back! Happy New Year

Edgewater Park Home Sales for the past six (6) years 

I hope everyone had a healthy, safe and enjoyable holiday season and I hope you have the same for your new year.
I was away for the past month and now that I am rested ready to resume with keeping the residents informed and entertained with the happenings in Edgewater Park as well as our neighbors.

Upon returning this weekend I found the following story and thought you would be interested in this item from

It is just one example of  how we are losing control of  our government. The next thing you will see is the elected officials will approve unemployment payments and Family Leave to undocumented (illegal) immigrants.

I thought that if you entered this country illegally, you were breaking the law. If you are breaking the law, why should you receive a "driver privilege cards" from any state. 

This is just another example of our elected officials trying to buy the votes to stay in office, at the expense of hard working legal taxpayers. I hope those of you who have lost your jobs or your savings understand our Governor is more interested in getting re-elected this year and not in your plight.

My congratulations to Donna Mount (Atzert) and Kevin Johnson on being appointed Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Edgewater Park for 2009. I hope that they will have better success in controlling the Administrator and the mismanagement that has caused the Willingboro like tax increases of the past ten (10) years.

Oh, did you get your new Sewer Bill? Gee, Mr. Sewer Authority Chairman, what is your definition of  "no sewer tax increases"?     

Tomorrows story; The Cooper Street Farm Gets Bigger! 

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! It's great to have some good reading back. I was starting to get worried that you let committee chase you out. It's good to have you back EP Reporter. Keep the information coming........

Anonymous said...

Is it tomorrow yet? Can't wait to hear about the farm. Still waiting for informative reading not just one sided opinions written by a dummy for dummy followers. I just can't wait!

your neighbor said...

welcome back! missed the ep reporter.