Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Cooper St Farm and New Restaurant

The Corner of Cooper and Green Street (Old Beverly Bank Building) will soon be open as a restaurant, retail store and check cashing operation. The Edgewater Park Planning Board gave approval last month that will allow the owners Carol and William Moore to start operating the businesses 30 days after board approval. 
It will be good to see that Carol and Bill are following up on several of my suggestions made in Post I did last year;  and

To bad the township committee didn't and hence they blessed us with another tax increase.

Can anyone tell us if this new business applied for the new business tax abatement on improvements?

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

Oh great..a check cashing store. I know...just open a check cashing store closer to the lightrail so they can just jump on and off and get outa dodge easier!

Anonymous said...

I heard that the check cashing part of the request was not granted. What's the real story?

Anonymous said...

Concerned residents should really come out to the planning board meetings in order to learn what applications are being brought before the board, to be a part of the public comment and to become educated on what has and has not been approved by the board.

Unfortunately, as exemplified by "The Cooper St. Farm and New Restaurant" post, the public who rely on this blog are being misinformed.

guess who said...

Every once in a while I have to check out EP's foolish leading the blind website and I have to wonder about a couple things. First, if I recall correctly the idiot that calls himself the ep reporter said he didn't work alone. He stated there was a group of people in charge of this site. Question for you reporter. Did you go on a group vacation or something? You vacate for a month and the website stops. I can only guess that your claim of this "group" must be another one or your "fabrications". Huh Mr D ? I also wonder why your bringing up 8 year old phone bills didn't get much response. Could it be that no one cares like you do? Maybe it's because bringing up old dirt doesn't really change anything. Then again you clearly only want to stir up trouble and controversy not change anything for the better. Looks like your other posts aren't getting much response either. Guess you're hoping your new BS story of "Edgewater Parks royal families" will get things going for you again. Keeping yourself entertained by the way foolish people that think there is reliable information here comment back. Anonymously as you of coarse. That way anything can be said with no worry of how stupid it is huh? Your time will run out eventually. Someone will be able to prove who you are and get to write about you the same way that you do about others. Guess you figure if you mention yourself like you did back in May 15th 08 no one will figure it out. Only difference will be the it will be fact not your fiction. You are no good and we don't need your kind in Edgewater Park!

PS- Wow! now you are picking on the weather people too? Aren't you special.