Thursday, May 15, 2008

Edgewater Park Budget Talk

It looks like the Governor will reduce the proposed state aid cuts to Edgewater Park by half or $144,000 and not $288,000.  This should reduce the proposed tax increase by 4.8 cents per $100. dollars of assessment. The increase numbers being thrown around were 14¢ to 24¢ and now they should be 10¢ to 20¢ with out additional cuts.

Say, talk about salaries, did you know that our Administrator will be making over $100,000 with the proposed employee increases this year. Maybe Bob Dovey doesn't want the job but I think we can get some pretty good talent for that price, maybe the person will have a college degree.

I found a green flier in my mail box this week, that talked about calling Township Committee and telling them "No Layoff's Of Crossing Guards" and to "Stop Playing Games With Your Children's Safety", to call 609-877-2050 to complain. Why do you think Council cares about our children? The Mayor and Council went along with her, vetoed the grant to install sidewalks along the last three homes on East Franklin Ave. proposed by former Committeeman VanBrunt. The proposed sidewalks would have provided a safe route to the School Cut-threw for the children living on the west side of Cooper Street. The children now have to walk along the West side of Cooper and then cross at the Hendrickson Ave intersection making the route to school twice as long. Whoops, I forgot that the E. Franklin homes without sidewalks, are personal friends of the Mayor.

I still like my idea of the Committee taking over "The Cooper St. Farm" and turning it into a theme park. It could be like the Miniature Golf Course proposed in Burlington City. Did you know that Organic Eggs are still $3.00 at "The Cooper Street Farm"?

Why hasn't the Township Committee made Bob B. Police Chief yet? Could it be that someone screwed up and didn't get the paperwork in to the State on time? Wouldn't be the first time.

Did anyone suggest at the budget meeting, that the Township Committee forgo their pay and Atlantic City 4 day Municipal Convention to help lower the Administrative cost? I think this would be their first choice, rather than laying off office staff. If you think it takes a long time for the meeting minutes to be produced now, just wait when they layoff office staff. Oh buy the way, the State Public Records Act requires that the meeting minutes by available as soon as possible, no later then the next regularly scheduled meeting.

I am anxiously waiting for more mistaken facts in "Taxing Tom's" June's Beverly Bee Article.

I think that the Edgewater Park Committee should take a lesson from the Delran Election. The voters will get even when they think politicians don't care about taxes.

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A CITIZEN said...

Who would actually vote and say they like that the sewer authority got EVICTED? It's a friggin MUNICIPAL Tax!! Are you for real? IT SHOULD BE IN THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING YOU MORON! You shouldn't be allowed to vote in ANY election!

Anonymous said...

WOW! So much for tolerance

a citizen said said...

There should be no tolerance for idiocy!

Anonymous said...

and a citizen will surely see to that! guess you define what idiocy is too. how convenient!

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