Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fw: Hello EP reporter

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From: SS (Full Name Edited)
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 4:40:02 PM
Subject: Hello EP reporter

Hi, I just stumbled upon your the EP happeningsblog and am very interested in keeping up to date on the"goings on" within EP. I live here on Cooper Steet in EP and have been here for 20 years.I have a wife and three young children and so I am most interested in what goes on around me. I am a bit wide eyed by some of the rhetoric that I see on the website and feel as though I have been missing quite a bit. I would love to be updated, if that is possible, with anything going on that I might have a say in.
Thank you so much for your work
Best regards


Anthony said...

Driving to work today I just took notice to the sign advertsing "Edgewater Park Crossing" shopping plaza on Route 130 before the Wawa. What a joke! Who is going to rent space there? The new Abba Dabba grocery run by foreigners (who by the way can all move into the apartments w/ out of state license plates and not pay taxes)? Oh I know maybe committee can get businesses interested in renting by offering tax amnesty like the deal they cut with the Burlington Coat Factory. Hey there's an idea residents! Lets coax more businesses and promise them tax breaks so our's can go up! Hey but at least we'll have some foreign grocery stores to shop from.

ROFLMAO said...

Welcome SS to Edgewater Park Place!