Friday, May 30, 2008

Edgewater Park Mayor's New Office Soon to be Occupied

I have it from a good authority, a member of the Cafeteria Workers of America, the evicted Sewer Authority will be moving into their new office on Cooper St this weekend. You can expect the old Sewer Office in the Municipal Building to be converted into The New Mayor's Office.
When you get your new tax bill in July (may be extended till Aug.), you can thank the Mayor, Administrator and Township Committee for the 1/2 cent increase it will cost you because of their decision to evict and loose the $12,000 in rent they received.
Of course your sewer bill will also increase next year because of the increased cost of the new office space and moving cost. I wonder what the cost for the New Mayor's Office will be?

Also from the Cafeteria; Questions are being asked about why the Bee is no longer going to be mailed to our homes by the township? Is it punishment for the Editor allowing a few articles criticizing our Mayor and Members of Committee for their articles, and pointing out the misinformation in those stories? Where there is smoke, there is fire! Did the Bee Editor tell the Mayor, Administrator and Committee to tone down the political nature of their articles?
Will we ever find out?
You never know.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


e franklin guy said...

What silence from our elected politicians and their cronies (anonymous anyone)? Gee what happened to the need for more storage?
Oh I know, how did the Mayor know that when she made that statement, she was going to change her mind and besides, the Administrator didn't inform her that it would be her office.
This would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that this is costing us in taxes.

A Friend said...

E.P. Reporter
Where do you get the pictures? I love the sense of humor you have with them in your stories. I missed the pictures during the past month when you didn't use them. Keep up the with the blog, because based on the comments posted lately, it appears you are getting under the skin of our elected officials. They need to be exposed for what they are, insensitive to the taxpayer. Keep it up.

William said...

If the old sewer office is used for the mayor or anyone else forthat matter then I am convinced that the EP reporter is correct in the inferences portraying to our elected officials as outright liars beca use I was at the general meeting; I believe it was April's, when the mayor stated that she did not need an office and that the additional space was needed for record storage that were currently being storedon trailers. A gentleman from the audience asked the committee if they would reconsider evicting the sewer board in light of the current tax situation because the 12K rent is really needed now. The mayor commented that the administrator told themthat they didn't really make any profit from the rent but the administrator didn't have any hard figures to back that statement up. She would have to report back with that info and that will probably never happen because it's too late now. You can tell that they are not used to being questioned and when they are the answers are never really informative, just vague at best and sometimes just lies it appears. It's really unbelievable that they can get away with this,I guess we need to keep questioning maybe they get frustrated and start telling the truth or else they might just hang it up altogether which would really hurt to have the new blood in there.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone is upset about the Mayor having a nice new office?
Just because the town has raised taxes 70% in the last six years (mine have gone up 100%), does not mean the Mayor has done anything positive. She was forced to remove the Sewer Authority from the building to protect the "new carpets" she just installed. She did not want to spend money on new carpets, only to have some sewer guy make foot-prints on the new shag. Now that's what I call spending money wisely & looking out for the taxpayer!
BTW, I hear that the new fabric guard will keep things looking new even if the C.A. spills food on the floor.

Richard said...

Oh boy I can't wait to read what type of negative & derogative campaign literature the dem's will be putting out this election season. I have yet to find a good book I can get into but figure it wont be long before the dem's "lying literature" comes out. It will make for some good summer reading. I say this because obviously this blog is hitting a nerve and some names have been mentioned as being reasponsible and I'm sure they will be retaliating against those they feel are reasponsible for this blog.

Thanks E.P. reporter for hopefully contributing to my good summer reading. I'm sure committee and their "buddies" have lots of fiction writing to do. By the way William, thats why a question can never get a straight answer from them. They are too busy thinking of ways to spread nasty, ugly, untrue gossip about others, especially those who question them. Maybe a little less time spent on telling tales and more time spent on the facts will get this town somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY way this town is going to "move forward" is to get new, fresh people involved in the political process. The "old regime" politics by BOTH parties does not allow for new ideas and moving forward.
Just remember one thing, the "status quo" will keep EVERYTHING "status quo". So unless you like seeing YOUR TAX DOLLARS blowing in the wind while your greatest asset (your home) devalues because of a "negative perception" of the area and it's gov't, you better encourage better qualified people to run for office.
Movie quote #2: "Stupid is as stupid does." And that's all I have to say about that......

Anonymous said...

Here's another incident that hasn't hit the BCT yet. Apparently, 2 days ago a young woman was walking in the Cooper St area (at night)and was mugged, robbed and beat from her attackers. I'm not sure of the extent of her injuries however. Just thought you'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

I think the policy is-what you don't know about won't make you worry.

Anonymous said...

Take away the clipboard!