Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Edgewater Park Loses a Good Citizen, Joh

Edgewater Park lost a good citizen and neighbor yesterday morning. John Burns after a long fight with illness, has moved on to his next life. John was active in many aspects of our community and a dedicated watchdog of our local officials. He was a past member of the School Board, Fire Commission and many other community organizations. He will be missed. Pearl we wish your and your family our prayers with your loss.

If John was younger, I know he would have created his own blog to inform the residents as to what our local officials were doing, and his thoughts on their performance. I didn't always agree with John, but he never took our differences personally. He always enjoyed a good debate. God bless you John and we will miss you.

Edgewater Park Reporter

I would like to add a few announcements pertaining to some local stories;

Tomorrow night 7 PM at the Ridgway Middle School, the local Republican Party will be having a Meet the Candidates Night with the Burlington County Republican Party Candidates, Chris Myers for Congress, Gary Woodend for County Clerk, Aubrey Fenton and Stacey Jordan for Freeholder. I hope you take the time to meet and ask questions of these candidates. I think this is the first time Edgewater Park has had candidates in town at the same time to meet our residents.

Township officials will be meeting today, with some Arthur Drive residents about complaints about the repaving project. It appears that the township is looking to cut cost and has decided not to replace all damaged curbs or driveway aprons.  It seems that standards for replacement are different for each property. You need to contact the Administrator if you think your curb and driveway are being overlooked.

The Township Committee will wait to introduce the 2008 Budget till July. Committee claims they think the State may reinstate the State Aid cuts, but the real reason is that they know the best time to announce a large tax increase is summer, when a lot of residents are away on vacation and can't attend a budget meeting. Committee will also claim the large tax hike, is a result of the increased school tax. The school tax increase is a result of the voters approving the School Budget in April and is added to your 2008 3rd and 4th quarter tax bill. If you have been following the budget announcement's for other communities, most have introduced their budgets. 

The Sewer Authority is moving to the shopping center on the corner of Cooper and Green Streets. I will be posting a copy of the Sewer Authorities 2007 Audit Report in a future post. You can see for yourself the increased cost of their operating and legal cost. This, along with the cost for moving, will require a large sewer rate increase in the near future. You need to attend the Sewer meeting and question members why they are letting this happen. This criticism on Authority spending isn't Democrat/Republican politics. The Sewer Authority has been controlled by the Democrats for the past several years, but Mayor Hall has replaced those Democrats who are not part of her click with Democrats who are. Mayor Hall appointed Jim Hall, Jim Daly, David Levay and Darren Atzert who resigned and replaced by Geraldine Wing. These new members are responsible for the increases due to their bad judgements and willingness to be controlled by the Township Administrator and Mayor. The Sewer Authority has always been independent since its founding in the 1950s. We in Edgewater Park have enjoyed one of the lowest Sewer Rates in the State, but this will change shortly. The Township Committee is also looking to increase the use of the Authority's money for their own spending and projects. So hold on to your wallet, you will now enjoy the Township Committee's increasing your Property Tax by a large amount, you can also enjoy Mayor Hall's appointed Sewer Board Member's large Sewer Rate increase, after all they think our taxes are not as bad as some other towns in the county. Just ask Tom Pullion.

The Beverly Bee will no longer be mailed to your home, unless as last month someone pays for it. I want to thank the person or organization that paid to have the May edition mailed. The township will no longer pay for the postage.

In the April edition of the Beverly Bee, Mayor Hall stated that "Edgewater Park residents are facing a state of emergency that was not anticipated." She further states that the Township Committee "expected to be rewarded for our efficiency". What efficiency? Just check the increased cost for operating the township and look at the increased borrowing. So much for Committee's definition of "efficiency".

I have also noticed when we have gun shoots fired or bad accidents in town the BCT no longer reports on them. Whats up with that. If we were Burlington City, well I will say no more, just look at your old editions of the BCT.

The Edgewater Park Reporter



Anonymous said...

I would like to know why nothing that happens in EP is in the BCT unless it comes from the adminstrator or committee? In the last month we have had 3 accidents at the tunnel and 2 drive by shootings, the residents of Church street have been plagued with buglaries since last summer. Don't the residents have a right to know???

Anonymous said...
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bluesblogger said...

I was getting ready to leave the house for lunch and a round of golf with my golf bums when I checked the blog. EP Reporter, you have been slow with the stories lately. Whats up?
I saw the comments to the last posting from anonymous (5-12 7:40 PM) & (5-13 10:05 AM).
I think anonymous is our Mayor because of comments she and her husband have made to my friends and their neighbors. Who is the new person at the Sewer Dept.? What happened to Mrs Dovey and why did she leave?
Well got to go now, please don't critique my spelling or grammar, I am in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

That's the big problem right there EP Reporter; the current local government bosses do not allow free thinking people on their boards or committees just followers and not leaders, hence you get a bunch of yes-men and yes-women that may know nothing about the disciplines or issues involved within the committees they serve on. The other thing that cracks me up is that new first year members often are made chairperson of the committes or boards they are appointed to like Committeeman Johnson's wife on the Planning board and Mr. Levay on the Sewer Board. Mr. Levay asked what "ONE CALL" was when reviewing the bills at one of his meetings. Most residents even know that "ONE CALL" is for the marking out of underground utilities to avoid damage before you dig. This applies to homeowners as well as contractors. One would think that with all the sewer pipes being underground that our Sewer Chairman should have at least known that one before being given the job. But in EP it's no longer about the best qualified people it's all about who will do what Township Committee bosses want.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Mrs. Dovey left because they wanted her to work 5 days a week instead of the 3 that she worked for over $35,000!1 Imagine that!

sick of the lies said...

To anonymous at 1:54pm:

You should get your facts straight before publishing false statements.

capital Hill Senior said...

Ha anonymous,
Shows what you know, She was allready working almost 5 days a week. The present Sewer Board Stoges didn't even think about the additional cost of keeping the Office open 5 days. Some of the Board members thought they can keep the office open 5 days with just one person to handle phone calls and the public in a new office on Cooper Street, with no security. They do except cash for sewer bills. But I guess since most of the Board Membors don't have the Bal-s to stand up to the Mayor and Administrator. They figure its ok to have a lone female handle the cash receipts by herself, in a Shopping Center on Cooper Street, where several stores have been robbed at gun point.
I would quit to, but maybe that was the idea. They would get rid of her one way or the other.

taxpayer said...

So who is the guy sitting at Mrs. Dovey's desk when I went in there to pay my bill? Where did he come from because I've never seen him around town before?

a resident nearby said...

Gee look what was found on the burlington county times web page..

Gunshots hit home in Edgewater Park

Burlington County Times

EDGEWATER PARK — Gunshots struck a home on Jamestown Road last week, but no one inside was hit, police said today.

The shots were reported at 11 p.m. May 7.

Police declined to specify how many shots were fired or to comment on a possible motive.

An investigation was continuing. Police are asking anyone with information about the shots to call (609) 877-4404.

curious said...

I hear the guy sitting at Mrs. Dovey's desk is the ex democratic mayor from Riverside who's been looking for his politician friends to get him a job somewhere to stay in the nice pension system. If Mrs. Dovey was leaving why was the job never advertised? And why do we have a Riverside democrat taking a township job that one of our own residents may be qualified for?

Anonymous said...

"For sale" sign will be up in 4 months (or as soon as work is completed)


There is more corruption here than in Philly.
What a bunch of assholes.