Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Edgewater Park Administrator's Edict

I have received information that the CWA, who represents the Edgewater Park Crossing guards, has received from Administrator/Clerk Linda Dougherty, an edict stating that the Crossing Guards are not to talk about, hand out flyers or have people sign petitions about adverting layoffs in the township or they will face disciplinary actions. 
This information was verified by a very reliable source who saw the document.

Isn't it time our Township Committee get control of running this town? We need to have checks and balances with those we entrust with running our town.

If you can't take the heat that comes with your decisions, then get out of the kitchen.

Speaking of getting out, there is a rumor that our Mayor will step down and that the Deputy Mayor will take her place. Is that why the Deputy was in the Memorial Day Parade, instead of the Mayor?

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


ROFLMAO said...

American Heritage® Dictionary: Description of totalitarian
ADJECTIVE: Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed: “A totalitarian regime crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul” (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.). totalitarianism

Is this what we've become? ROFLMAO... Animal Farm comes to life!

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty bad when a clerk is running any level.

Clerk, the vocational title, commonly refers to a white collar office worker who conducts general office or (in some instances) sales tasks. The responsibilities of clerical workers commonly include record keeping, filing, staffing service counters and other administrative tasks.

Jake said...

Eventually Ms. Dougherty's party will end let's just hope it's sooner than later! Remember what goes around comes around.

Feed up resident said...

I guess committee figures at the clerks very high salary she should just run the township instead of them having to do the work. What a deal for them. They sit back and collect their pention with having to do very little work while the clerk makes a huge salary, also doing nothing but hiring more office help to complete her duties. Sounds like a great place to work if your the clerk or committee person.

River Line Rat said...

Was Mayor Hall holding a township committee meeting tonight at her house? Does anyone know? I observed cars owned by committeeman parked in front of her house tonight. Maybe the E.P. Reporter is right, she is resigning as Mayor. I assume that she want's to do it before they raise our taxes again because of their incompetence. She can blame Donna. I can hear her now---How did I know the state was going to cut our aid and it is the fault of that Bridgeboro Rd Family because of their lawsuit holding up the construction of the retail development that required soooo many variances.
I also heard that Lou the Beverly turncoat is going around with a petition asking for support in combining the Police Depts. of Beverly and Edgewater Park. It has his and Administrator Dougherty's name on it. Does anyone know about this? If so, please comment on it.

big sow said...

The picture does look like her when she is out to get people. I thought the Cooper Street Farm was looking pretty crummy this past holiday. Where was the inspector with the township. I guess if you are running for Freeholder you don't need to follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

River Line Rat

Mayor Hall has to resign to devote more time to running the Cafeteria Authority.
BTW, the Beverly & EP Police Depts. should have been combined years ago. This may come as a newsflash to you, but in the next five years don't be surprised to see the Beverly, EP, Delanco PD.
It is such a waste to have multiple Depts. covering such a small area. The population density should determine police coverage, not town boundaries. If you knew how much a police car cost, you would agree with me too.
When I was a kid, our town was covered by the NJ State Police, and the population was about the combined size of the three towns mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Watching the cars coming and going at the Mayor's house? And you accuse the Mayor and cronies of spying on others!!! With everyone watching each other so closely how come so much nonsense goes on? Maybe you all need to spend your time more productively!

River Line Rat said...

Say anonymous, I have no power to have inspectors or the police look into the lives of those I disagree with. I was driving by and noticed the group. Are we a little defensive? Did we get caught? The Reporter is right, you are like roaches, you don't like the spotlight of the truth, you like to work in the darkness of your dirty deals and we the taxpayer have to payup. By using my time more productively, do you mean that I should make deals to benifit myself at the taxpayer's expense.

Anonymous said...

Paranoia to the degree exhibited by the river line rat is indicative of mental illness. A little less time on this thing here and more doing good for YOUR community could prove theraputic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Riverline Rat.... That's what happens when you take the word of others for fact, and then repeat it; you spread more lies, and you youself become part of the lies, and part of the problem.
I can tell you for a fact that Council Pres Crespo is NOT passing around a petition to combine the depts -even though it makes the most sense to have it done. Something like that would need more then just a petition to be passed around.
Instead of causing more drama, why don't you just go to the source (Crespo) and ask him yourself. Or are you only good for calling names and stirring the pot?
No there is no petition going around. Maybe you should start one. Then you could be responsible for saving the taxpayers of both towns tons of money. You'd be a hero.

speaking of being fed up said...

Wow. Everyone on here is amazing. If you don't agree with the other person's post, you're associated with the committee. What happened to just NORMAL PEOPLE having different opinions? Just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't automatically make them THE ENEMY or someone who feels guilty b/c the spotlight is on them.
Get over it, and stop trying to point the finger at everyone else. Be accountable for your own actions. Cleaning up the neighborhood starts in your own backyard, and being accountable for yourself -not pointing an accusing finger at everyone else. People disagree. All people. Even if they're on the same side. Not everyone is against you. They just happen to have a different opinion. Isn't everyone on here yelling about freedom of speech, yet when someone else expresses a different opinion they're blasted.
Hmmmm.... kinda makes it hard to have a different opinion, doesn't it?
Seems those pointing fingers, and accusing others of "feeling guilty" or "being caught" are also "guilty" of trying to shush others.

River Line Rat said...

To anonymous, mental illness is what you have when you continue to support the present township committee thinking they will change. But then according to you, I am paranoid because I don't agree with you. Well I am glad, because the township hasn't come after me because they don't know who I am like others they have slandered and persecuted. Wasn't the BCT full of those stories last year?

speaking of being fed up said...

Actually, RLR, I'm the one who wrote about people not agreeing, and someone else wrote about you being paranoid.
From what I'm reading, you're not being called paranoid because you're not agreeing, but because your getting your knickers in a knot because you see cars over at the Mayor's house and you're assuming things from that. You state that you were just driving by, but doesn't she live on a court? You have to make an effort to look down there when you're driving by. (Let's hope no kids were playing in the street while you were driving unless roflmao taught them the respect they need for cars.)
Also, you're saying that "you HEARD that Lou the Beverly turncoat is going around with a petition...." and you apparently took it for truth, for you're spreading it on here.
That's why you're being accused of paranoia -not because you don't agree.

river Line Rat said...

Oh anonymous, you are one and the same.
And why should believe you about Turncoat Lou.
It was the number of cars in the very well township maintained culdesac that attracted my attention as I drove by. It were not hard to notice as, I came around the bend of E. Franklin going to Cooper St.
I wonder if the streets in my part of town, east of Woodlane, will ever get fixed up like Johnson Pl or Lincoln Ave?
Gee all I did was ask two questions rather then make statements as you imply. Now who's paranoid???
Maybe you need to spend more time with you're reading skills, but I don't think you really care about facts, you only care about covering up the deeds of our incompetent elected officials. You may want to check with DCA about who was seeking a state grant to pay for a study to combine the two towns. That application was pulled after the word hit the street. Ask at the town hall about the Beverly resident who when asked what he was doing there, replied that he just wanted to see the new town hall.

speaking of being fed up said...

I assure you that I am not one and the same as the other poster (who is calling you paranoid), although, I do rather like their way of thinking. However, I cannot take credit for their words. I AM the same poster as who posted about Crespo and the petition.
Are you asking why should "I" believe Crespo, or why should YOU believe ME about Crespo? You kind of lost me with that one. ("And why should believe you about Turncoat Lou.") Not that you stated that as question, so...
And yes, you DID make a statement about him going around with a petition. It was not stated as a question. ("I also heard that Lou the Beverly turncoat is going around with a petition asking for support in combining the Police Depts. of Beverly and Edgewater Park. It has his and Administrator Dougherty's name on it.")
Your question was "Does anyone know about this?" Followed by, "If so, please comment on it." I know about it, and I commented on it -just like your question asked me to do. I'm sorry that you don't believe me about the truth.
However, if you still think that I'm lying, or that you shouldn't believe me, then perhaps you can obtain a copy of this petition that you say you've heard is being passed around. It shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of, right? After all, you want as many people as possible to see (and hopefully sign) a petition, so like I said, it shouldn't be too hard for you to get a hold of it.
My reading skills are just fine, thanks. You DID make a statement about the petition. Pay attention to what you're writing

gracie said...

In this blog posting, you failed to mention that the letter stated that they were not to do the aforementioned things WHILE ON TOWNSHIP TIME.
They're free to talk to people about it, hand out fliers, make calls ect, but not while on the clock. You failed to mention that part.