Monday, May 19, 2008

BCT Notice of Edgewater Park Special Meeting (Held Last Week)

I checked the Public Notices this morning in the BCT and saw on page B8 a "Notice Of Unscheduled Emergency Meeting" held on Friday, May 15th 2008 at 4:15 PM.
The stated purpose of the meting to the extent known involves consideration of the following:
Resolution No. 2008-92 Resolution Appointing a Temporary Deputy Mayor.

I just love notices of meetings that are published 3 days after the meeting was held. Hell we can't get the agenda for the Township regular meetings ahead of time, so why expect the Meeting Notices to be advertised before the the special meeting is held.  I checked the Township Web Site and found that the April Meeting Schedule is still posted. Maybe the May Schedule will be posted when the meeting minutes are available to the public for the last 6 months of meetings.

I can see that our Administrator/Clerk is on the ball. 

We need to keep our antenna up, because the 2008 Budget Meeting just might be announced after it was held.

I have a question. Do we have an active Town Watch anymore? It seems that with the number of gun shot incidents and break-ins, the police could use the help. 

I will be posting in the future, the campaign fliers from the past campaigns of the candidates running for township committee. Only Tom Pullion (elected three times) and Chuck Ryder (ran and lost once in 2006) have campaign records. I will also detail the campaign donations made to those campaigns, so that you know who is trying to influence the candidates. You will not get this type of information from our daily newspapers. It should be very interesting and informative.

The Edgewater Park Reporter



Anonymous said...

So would anyone care to explain why we suddenly need a temporary deputy mayor? I'm sure there is someone out there reading this that knows the answer!

Anonymous said...

Could the Deputy Mayor be on her honeymoon?

Anonymous said...

well I guess if she's that important...then a "temp" must be needed! OMG what a waste of time and money spent on the advertising costs.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Deputy Mayor is "that important." You need at least two cafeteria moms to monitor the kids. Do you really think Mayor Hall can do this job alone? Who is going to vacuum the new carpets? Who is going to help Linda Dougherty spend her $100,000 clerks pensioned salary? Who is going to help Linda Dougherty pronounce the word "municipality"?
You see, we need lots of help in this lunch room we call Edgewater Park.
BTW, I heard a rumor the real reason the sewer authority was removed from the Municipal building was because the Cafeteria Authority was being created. The Cafeteria Authority is set to rule the land, by collected what's left of your lunch money, and wasting it on the mayor's pet projects.

Anonymous said...

When is the Cooper Street beautification going to take place? Maybe they can get some of the homes along there with fading peeling paint to comply with the property maintenance too. Then Cooper Street would look even nicer. HA HA

Average Joe said...

I guess the beautification will happen once the sewer office moves there.

River Line Rat said...

If the local taxes increase as much as the EP Reporter thinks, then the honeymoon is over. Time to kick out whoever is running for reelection.
When is enough, enough!!!
I am tired of excuses, if you can't find areas to cut then you don't belong in office. With gas, food, and tax increases, I have to make adjustments in my spending, why can't the politicians running our town make adjustments.

I understand it is tough, but if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along? I am new to this blog thing and can't understand how anyone could say such mean things about our Mayor or the nice lady who runs the rooming house on Cooper St. I hope that everyone takes care of animals the way she does. I hope she keeps adding different animals to the meadow for our children to look at, feed and pet. I would like to see sidewalks could be installed so it would be safer to visit.
Our nice Mayor doesn't deserve the mean things said about her. She tells me that she is new to politics and that all the finical problems are the fault of the Federal, State and County governments cutting aid to our town. She doesn't have any control over this. She also said that the school tax goes up faster than the municipal tax almost every year, but she get blamed for it.

I hope you print this

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, are you an idiot? The mayor is nothing but a back stabbing lier. She isn't new to politics. The first lie. In fact she probably wrote that herself. Come on you can't be that naive. You never know what she is saying about you behind your back. She would like you believe that everything is everyone else fault. You are living in a fantasy world. Wake up to reality!!!! By the way why don't you sign your name like I am?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is a nice lady?
New to politics?
THAT'S FUNNY! So is Nancy Pelosi!

BTW, I have a beautiful bridge to sell you in Burlington City, some swampland in Florida, and some EP bonds.
Keep electing the same morons, and watch your house values drop while your taxes rise.

taxpayer said...

I wish my salary would increase at the same rate as my taxes. Does anyone know where I can get a job like that?

Another taxpayer said...

To taxpayer:

Sure, you should apply for the administrators job. I hear she'll be making over 6 figures this year. Oh yeh and don't forget the mayor and her husband. They both double dip from the township. He gets paid for being on the sewer board and she gets paid for her position on committee. Plus they are in the pension system. Isn't that great! Maybe you can become buddy/buddy with them and they'll place you on a board.

Anonymous said...

Hey Naive Anonomous,
Having a rooming house is not permitted in EP ordinances. Having all kinds of animals on your property is not permitted in EP ordinances. Just let someone else try to do it & they will get all kinds of citations. The pony lady says her place is a farm but its not because of the amount of land needed. She says she is grandfathered in but when she bought the land it was not a farm & hadn't been for many years. Why should one person be allowed to make her own rules? She threatens to sue people so they leave her alone. Don't believe ANYTHING the pony lady tells you!

Anonymous said...


The cafeteria Authority has just decided to continue the EP tradition that all of the rules do not apply equally. Apparently, they are using two very different menus. While some get to sit at the adult table, many are left with kids meals. When the queen/mayor of the Cafeteria Authority was questioned about this, she replied, "let them eat cake."
Wow, I thought, I know I heard that somewhere before? I wonder how those residents handled those comments before, lol?

Anonymous said...

We need a maid to clean up this town! Anyone know one?

Anonymous said...

The scenario of the cafeteria "ladies" is brilliant! I'm voting for you, I like how you think!
I have had some dealings with the Edgewater Park group and find alot to be desired.
I was the *A Master Gardener* that helped in redesigning, redeveloping, researching and the instillation and maintain of the Beverly & EdgewaterPark Rail station. I made every meeting (except one, the week I was installing my display at the Phila Flower Show)
I spent endless hours doing research,printing out designs and plant information, accomplishing every task(work) Dave Leavy put forth to me.
I even entered the R&R station for a very prestigeous award, it's one of the most impressive awards given through the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society, which the R&R station won in 2007(due to me).
Linda Doughtery took time out of her busy schedule to pat herself on the back for this award and even put in local New Papers about the win, AND,, the 5 thousand dollars they won from Pennsylvania Horticulture Society(Which was untrue, with this she also got a reputable and reliable news reporter in trouble, for printing NON- Truths).
In return my husband and I felt the heat from this prominent organization, which we have been a active member for 26 years.
I am a Master Gardener--WHOM does not live in Beverly or Edgewater and gave many free hours of work--with no form of "Thank You".
This is really a very small minor detail--of what is really happening behind closed doors in Edgewater Park.
*WATCH YOUR STEP* in that town, for the rusty knife is already at your back!

P.S. the Mayor of Beverly, not only took me to lunch, gave me a wonderful card with heart felt thanks and always remembers my name and says hello--and THANKS!
UMMMMMMMMM and the EP mayor?? not a gosh dern thing!!

If your mayor has not enough class to remember to thank those that came to her community to preform such a large task for ""nutting""!! You think she cares about the rest of her community? She also allows her council to carry this *low class attitude also*.
A Non Thanked Volunteer
A NJ Master Gardener

NOw the other oxymoron
WOW--Linda is making a good salary!! She and her hubs own a bar in Burlington.
Got a story the other day from one of my customers about someone leaving that bar and the Burlington Police sitting out front of the bar and gave this person a DWI?? UMMMMMMMM working with the police? or is it a conflict of intrest!
Hang on Edgewater Park,, there is alot lurking in them dark waters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this blog and being brave enough to say what you have said.
I believe you have an area where the good citizens of Edgewater can vent and share their thoughts and to evoke others to do the same.
A Master Gardener

Anonymous said...

NJ Master Gardener

Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately, live flowers are not permitted in the cafeteria, lol.
As for Ms. Dougherty: she can find this quote in a recent "best film"....."the days of praising yourself will soon be at an end, heiness".

me said...

three cheers for the "Gladiator"...guess if i am capable of figuring that out..I am capable of most anything!

Anonymous said...


Very good! You get a cookie!
Not sure what kind of cookie, guess we will have to call the C A (Cafeteria Authority).