Monday, June 2, 2008

Vote Tomorrow in the Primary

I know NJ has more elections almost than TAXES. But it is important to South Jersey for you to vote tomorrow. 
In the Democratic Primary Election for U.S. Senate you have a choice between Rob Andrews at the top of Column 3 or Frank Lautenberg in Column 1. I would like you to try and think of when Frank Lautenberg was in South Jersey (not including now because he is running) . Rob Andrews will definitely work hard for us in South Jersey and I hope you will support him. There are no other contested elections for the Democrats.
For the Republicans You have Dick Zimmer Column 1, Joe Pennacchio Column 2 and Murray Sabrin Column 3 running for U.S. Senate. I don't have any ideas except to say that Sabrin has the Moore's on his ticket.
For U.S. Congress you have Chris Myers Column 1, Justin Murphy Column 2 and John Kelly Column 5. Chris Myers has the endorsement of Jim Saxton (Who is not running) and is a resident of Burlington County. With Jim's endorsement I feel Chris Myers is the one to support. Justin Murphy has the Moore's on his ticket-need I say more (not a pun) and John Kelly is a carpetbagger from Ocean County.
In the Freeholder Race, hope you will support Aubrey Fenton and Stacy Jordan (Farias a local girl). They have actually cut the county tax rate this year, so you county tax will go down from last year. You can use that to offset the increase in your municipal tax. Aubrey and Stacy's opponents have a record of always raising taxes when they were on municipal committees. This is the office that William and Carol Moore are running for.
County Clerk has Gary Woodend Column 1, Michael Carr Column 3 (I thought he was a Democrat and is running with the Moore's) and Lauri Sheppard Column 4. Gary Woodend would warrant your support. He is an attorney, ran his own business while getting his law degree and is presently serving on the Medford Lakes Committee. By all accounts he is the better choice because of his experience.

Well good luck to the candidates and please take a few moments to vote for South Jersey and Burlington County. We need the local representation in Washington and Mt. Holly. 

The Edgewater Park Reporter    

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