Friday, June 13, 2008

Fw: Edgewater Park Twp Tuesday Budget Meeting

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The Edgewater Park Reporter

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Hello EPR,
Was not sure if you had attended the meeting on Tuesday & noticed the Blog had no mention as well? If you did miss the meeting, here are the answers from our Mayor to most of the questions (after you read them you will understand why you don't need to know the questions, lol):
Corzine's fault, Corzine's fault, Corzine's fault, Corzine's fault, Christie Whitman's fault, Corzine's fault, Corzine's fault, League of Municipalities fault, Corzine's fault, Freeholders fault, Corzine's fault, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I take care of widows & seniors, we just foundout, I don't know x 15 more times.

What exactly does she know & why did she NOT ONCE say she was GOING TO FINDOUT?
I don't expect people to know everything, but when it is your responsibility to know, one would think they would make the effort to find out?
The Mayor also supports REASSESSING (re-evaluating as she called it) Edgewater Park, and has been urging Trenton to remove the Homestead Rebate program. She would rather have OUR money for real estate tax relief, given to her to waste.

Edgewater Park Reporter,

The following photo gives you an idea of what it was like to lisiten to our Mayor Tuesday!!

Vote for your city's best dining and nightlife. City's Best 2008.


JB said...


Reassessing property is necessary to ensure that people are paying "their fair share" of the tax value of their home, in relation to the newer homes that are assessed based on their purchase price at closing. That being said, it is assumed that the community has had a stable tax rate as most of NJ does, and that homeowners have not had dramatic increases in their tax burden between reassessments.
That is NOT the case in EP. As many of you are well aware, our taxes have gone up over 100% in less than ten years. The continued tax rate increases have had the same net affect as reassessing your property. That is what the Mayor fails to mention when she quickly pointed out that EP has not had a "reevaluation" of property values since 1991. The fact of the matter is, every time EP has raised the tax rate, they have artificially "revalued" your home.
Worst part: If you "revalue" EP right now, with the current tax rate, EVERY resident will be paying an overvalued premium for their real estate taxes at todays tax rate. In a market where homes values are expected to fall for the next three years, that is going to really hurt.
The people that purchased more recently, should be less affected than LONGTIME residents that have not had a valuation since 1991. So unless your home is now worth less than it was in 1991, you can expect another increase on top of what is already planned for 2008.
That is what our MAYOR is supporting.
Her quotes will be in the meetings minutes, and they should be out in the next six months (if we are lucky, lol).


bill said...

The mayor always blames someone else for her mismangements. She is good for getting people to feel sorry for her but not to worry she will get her day!!!

One who knows! said...

The minutes of the meetings will never have "true" quotes in them. This way the can always deny, deny, deny! It seems to be the way in this town.

Silver Park Resident said...

Read the Inquire this morning. The State just bailed out Camden again with more money to help with Camden's Budget.

I think our township committee and Mayor are just following Camden's and Willingboro's lead. If you spend the and budget irresponsibly enough, the tax revenues of your town, the State of NJ will bail you out and cover your mismanagement. The State Government loves to reward bad management with bail-outs and to punish good management with additional taxes. The new State Motto should be; Steal from the Competent and give to the Incompetent.

former EP resident said...

Stop whining!!! If you keep electing the bums, you deserve what you get; large tax increases.

I don't think anything will change, because Tom Pullion and Mr. Booker, got far more votes in the primary election then did Mr. Ryder or Mr. G.

If you want a change and a responsible government, you better move-----out of this town and soon, before the tax increase.

We saw what was happening 3 years ago and moved, so I don't feel sorry about your or you're whining.

Mad Senior said...

Why are you picking on Judy Hall our Mayor? She is trying so hard to take care of us Seniors and to treat her like this is disgusting. It is not her fault that Governor Corzine spent all the money that was to go to our town. She told me that the President also cut aid to our town. I know Mrs Hall would never raise taxes unless she had to, so stop picking on her, she is just one of five serving as council members.

me too said...

I agree with the last post. If you don't like what is going on you better decide to move on because if you look at the demographics of the town you will see that the Dems will most likely stay in power. The town is not what it use to be something along the way happened to the intelligence level here. Just look at what is moving into town!! Do not need to say more.

bill said...

See, this is what I am talking about. Poor Judy, bull!!! Mad senior has ovbviously been sucked in. I know for a fact that mayor is nothing but a lying backstabbing whinner herself!! Come on mad senior wake up and research the facts.

An Educated Voter said...

Mad senior, weren't you at the meeting where Mayor Hall made a comment about she would pay a gazillion dollars to live in Edegwater Park? And that is not a quote word for word, but she did make a comment to that effect.

We need to stop blaming everyone else and just blame ourselves because we haven't done enough to stop the madness! Let's get out there and support these up and coming new candidates.

You don't have to change parties...just change the way you vote. Use your heads and learn about all the candidates. Just because you may be friends with someone, doesn't mean you HAVE to vote for him/her. Learn their backgrounds/history/education. Vote for the QUALIFIED one.

JB said...

Mad Senior

You obviously have been listening to what Mayor Hall has been telling you, and not doing ANY research of the facts on your own. The current administration has not only shamelessly wasted our tax dollars, but has also done a poor job at developing EP. We had a six year window where funds were available from both private & public entities for development of a solid tax base in this town, and this committee & mayor DID NOTHING. Just look across the street at the other side of RT 130. Are your eyes open now? Believe what you see, before you believe what you are told. Mayor Hall is an excellent politician, but a terrible Mayor.
EP is in serious trouble, and unfortunately it does not look like either party is going to do ANYTHING to help the situation.
As a resident of EP you should be upset. Nothing that is going on right now, and the terrible tax increases & stagnant home sales that will follow had to happen.
It is the uninformed citizens that keep voting the status quo responsibility as much as the elected officials fault, and comments like MAD SR surely prove that.
GO OUT AND DEMAND CHANGE & ENCOURAGE QUALIFIED PEOPLE TO RUN FOR OFFICE. I tried to help this town and was shut-down & insulted by the ruling parties. BTW, when you see "party officials" posting on here, IT IS ALL FOR SHOW.
When this town declares bankruptcy in the next few years, maybe they will look back and see they had an opportunity to fix things?

Anonymous said...

See morrrrrrre WHINING, but I bet nothing will change. JB, what 2 parties? This town is only run by 1; the TOM, JIM and JUDY PARTY. Oh how could I forget to include DONNA, especially after he 1/2 page spread in last Sunday's "Love Reporter" of the Philadelphia Enquire. I can just picture our Mayor dressed-up as Elvis. Do you think she needed a shave, before she performed, according to the story, for the elder Mount's 25th wedding anniversary in 2005. Wow what an image, but now I understand the Elvis sightings in this area. Say EP Reporter, maybe you better be careful, if you see Elvis, it could be Mayor Hall in drag-- oh I mean in disguise. Didn't we get a big tax increase in 2005? I love this blog!!!! Mayor Elvis can't help but read it every day so that she can respond with her feel sorry for me routine.

Anonymous said...

It looks like everytown in the county as well as the County is facing tax increases and all are blaming the cuts in State aid. Maybe our town isn't the only one who can't manage money. Remember changing the tax rate is not the same as reducing the amount of money that comes out of your pocket. Don't fall for that garbage about "We lowered the tax rate". The bottom line is more money is being collected. Vote them all out.

unhappy taxpayer said...

The County did lower the taxes they collect. Check your tax bill in August and compare it to last years. Also not all towns raised taxes and most certainly most towns have not raised taxes as high as Edgewater Park has over the past 4 years and thats why I agree that we need to vote the existing committee out of office. EP Reporter can we do a recall on the committee members who are not up for election ? Can you start a recall petition?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the budget.
The committee is on the RIGHT track by saying that they will save money by layoffs. They're just on the WRONG train. They should be looking at employees INSIDE the building first, then move to those who work OUTSIDE.

Anonymous said...

Hey Unhappy Taxpayer! My county tax money is greater than last year. What towns' taxes went down? Let me know so I know where to move.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of employees inside, what happened to the two women in the sewer office? They were always so cheery and happy. Now they are not there? What happened?

Anonymous said...

I heard the sewer ladies quit when they found other jobs.

Anonymous said...

taxes are low as hell in edgewater park. Try moving somewhere else and paying the property taxes'll be crying even more...ha! bloggity blog blog. give me some blog to cry the blues and complain about what I refuse to fix. bloggy bloggy blog. what is this a township of 12 year olds name calling each other all day? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...


I guess your taxes are low? How long have you lived in a trailer? See, when you live in a house worth NOTHING, you will always pay low taxes. Guess you are just too smart for everyone?
I hope they reassess the hell out of you, you disgusting excuse of a human being.
Have a nice day scum-bag!

Anonymous said...

I heard that one sewer lady got a job in the county office building.
Wonder how that happened when the county is UNDER A HIRING FREEZE. Wonder how that happened.

Captain America said...

There is no hiring freeze at the county. Looks like another piece of misinformation from the Twp. Committee members. Looks like they are still hiring to me

Anonymous said...


How come two of the committee members were missing from the most attended/important meeting of the year?

bluesblogger said...

The Mayor and her friends are sure spending lots of time writing comments on this blog. Maybe if she and council spent more time working on the budget, the town wouldn't be facing a large tax increase.
By the way did you know that we are having quite a problem with gangs in Edgewater Park. You might be surprised at the amount of gun fire that has taken place durning tha past several months. You have a better chance of being wonded then seeing a tax decrease.

unhappy taxpayer said...

anonymous 1:14PM,
You must have been educated in Beverly or Willingboro because you sure can't read! I said check your tax bill that you will receive this coming August 2008 against last years 2007 bill, you moron!!!!! Learn to read.

Anonymous said...

I heard the ladies quit because they were dealing with both harassment and discrimination.

thomas Paine said...

A State Worker is sure spending lots of time commenting to this blog. I wonder if you have the time to comment to this blog while working, then your job can probably be eliminated and the savings passed on to the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Corzine would like to know about personal computer use and cell phone calls while working?

e franklin guy said...

My, are we quiet today. Must have been the State Worker comment.
What two Township Commitee Members didn't show up at the Budget Meeting last week?

Me said...

Yeah Thomas Paine must have hit a nerve up in Trenton! LOL

Anonymous said...

Kevin Johnson & the former Donna Azert attended the meeting. Both of our mayors were there (Hall & Dougherty).
Mr. soon to be living in another town & Mr. I screwed-up EP Pullion were MIA.
Really show their commitment to the town? When the Mayor was asked about the missing members, she had no response......